The Babysitter

[Submitted by Johnny D]

My wife and I live in the valley, just outside of the city. We thought it would be a nice place for a younger couple to raise a family.

We bought a two story house with an attached garage. It needed a few minor cosmetic repairs, but nothing major. After some paint and building a new deck out back, it looked really nice.

My wife Rose, is the manager of one of those upscale resort hotels. She likes the money, but doesn’t like the long hours or the snobs that stay there.

I on the other hand work as an auto technician, so I have the luxury of having set hours.

This was working out very well for us, until one day we decided to have a baby. We’ve been wanting to start a family right from the beginning, that’s why we moved to this area. The problem that we now faced, was finding a babysitter. We both wanted keep our careers. My Mom is able to baby sit for a few hours, but then she has to leave for her job.

Our next door neighbors, Bob and Gail Thomas, have a daughter named, Jenny. She is eighteen and kind of shy. When Bob and I were talking, I told him that I was looking for a babysitter, for our six month old son. He said Jenny was looking to make some extra money, and that I should ask her.

Later that day, the school bus drove up and dropped Jenny off. She went to one of those Catholic schools. She hopped down off the bus, dressed in her schoolgirl uniform. Little black and white saddle shoes, white knee high socks, blue skirt and a white button down blouse. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail.

“Jenny! Would you come over here for a minute, please?”

“Sure, Mr. Smith.”

Jenny came trotting across the lawn, carrying her books. She looked so innocent, but yet so damn sexy at the same time.

“Hi Mr. Smith. What could I do for you?”

“Jenny, your Dad told me that you’re looking for a job to make some extra money. My wife and I are looking for a babysitter to watch little Joey after his Grandma leaves for work. It would only be for about three hours each day. I could pay you $50.00 per week.”

“Yes, Mr. Smith! I love little kids and I could use the extra money! I’m saving to buy a car. Every little bit helps,” Jenny yelled, with excitement!

“Okay, you could come over tomorrow right after school and take over for his Grandma.”

“Okay Mr. Smith, I’ll be there. Thank you!”

When my wife got home and we sat down to eat dinner, I told her about Jenny. She agreed that it would be both a convenience to have Jenny babysitting, plus we’re both able to continue working. We felt that Jenny would be the perfect babysitter.

The next day, Jenny came right over after getting off of the school bus. She took over and fed him and changed his diaper. Later, she put him down for his nap. This routine went on for about two weeks.

During those two weeks, Jenny and I would talk a little when I got home, about Joey and school. My eyes were starting to wonder all over her sexy body, dressed in her Catholic Schoolgirl uniform.

“Jenny, you look very nice. I wish girls looked like you, when I was in school.”

Jenny blushed and put her head down.

“Thank you, Mr. Smith,” Her voice quivered.

I didn’t want to push it, so I left it at that. I told her that I could take over from here, and thanked her. She left and I waited for my wife to get home.

Over the next few days, I flirted a little more with Jenny. I’d compliment her body, her hair and I’d give her a little pat on her ass when she was leaving. She thought it was harmless, nothing to worry about, until one night when she was here babysitting

Jenny sat on the sofa watching television, Joey was asleep upstairs in his crib. I just came home from work, and walked into the house. I sat down on the sofa, next to Jenny. I made small talk with her about school and asked how Joey was for her. I told her that I knew about what she had done, a few weeks ago at school. She was shocked by what I said.

Now I’ll be honest, I had no fucking idea what I was even talking about. I figured that most girls her age, usually do pull some kind shit. Jenny, not knowing that I was making this up, told me everything that I needed to know.

“Oh, please Mr. Smith, don’t tell my parents? Please? They’ll never let me get a car if they find out. Please,… Mr. Smith?”

I patted the top of her head, playing with her ponytail.

“Why don’t you just tell me the whole story, Jenny? I already know, but I want to her your side of it. Then I’ll decide if I’m going to tell your parents.”

“Oh,… okay. I’ll tell you, Mr. Smith.”

I sat back waiting to hear her confess. I could only imagine what she was about to say.

“I was failing two subjects in school, and I got caught smoking in the girl’s lavatory. Sister Mary told me to go to Father Nick’s office. When Father Nick read the note that she had sent with me, he became angry. He said that I needed to be punished for smoking and if I don’t study to bring my grades up, I’ll need to repeat this class next year.”

Jenny was very embarrassed. Her face turned red, as she told of what had happened.

“Well, what happened? What did Father Nick do?”

“He told be to bend over and put my hands on his desk, so he could spank me. He has a wooden paddle in his office to punish students. He flipped up my skirt, then pulled my little white cotton panties down to my knees. I felt Father Nick’s hand lightly rub my ass. Then I started to feel the stinging of the paddle, whack after whack!”

I was getting hard, picturing Jenny in the way that she was describing.

“Continue, Jenny. I want you to tell me everything.”

“Yes Sir. Father Nick spanked me until I was crying. The stinging on my ass hurt. He told me that I had a choice. Either I could continue that spanking, or I could avoid it by doing him a favor. Of course I said I’d do a favor.”

“What did you do, Jenny?”

“Father Nick told me to turn around. When I did, I seen his hard cock in his hand. He told me to do, what bad girls do, and suck it. I knelt down in front of him and put my mouth on it. I never did it before, but heard about it. It felt kind of weird, but then I liked it. He told me what to do and how to do it. I gagged a couple times when he shoved all the way in, but he said that guys like that.”

As Jenny was talking with her head down, I slowly opened and unzipped my work pants. I pulled out my hard cock and guided Jenny’s hand to it. She was stroking it while she talked, not even realizing that it was in her hand the whole time. She tuned her head to look at me, that’s when she noticed it and let go.

“Oh my gosh, Mr. Smith! What are you doing? What am I doing? I had no idea! Oh, oh my! Oh, Mr. Smith, you have a big,… cock! It’s so big, and hard!”

Jenny couldn’t take her eyes off of it, she was amazed. She licked her lips, then looked up at me and smiled. I pulled Jenny’s head down, closer to my cock.

“Suck it Jenny. I want you to put your mouth on it and suck, just like you did for Father Nick. Nice and slow, baby. Come on Jenny, don’t be shy.”

Jenny gave it a few licks, then slid her mouth over the head of his cock. Slowly and steadily she lowered her mouth down over it.

“Ah, good girl. That’s my good girl. Suck my cock nice and slow. We have plenty of time, my wife won’t be home for about two hours.”

Jenny was sucking Mr. Smith very nicely. Up and down her head went, as she gave him a blowjob. She gagged a little, but Mr. Smith loved that. In fact, he even pushed her head down further, just to make her gag.

“Good girl. Gag on it! Gag on my fucking cock, Jenny! Oh, oh baby you suck so good. I love the way your hot little mouth feels on my cock.”

After a few minutes, Mr. Smith pulled Jenny’s head up from his cock, by her ponytail.

“Stand up, Jenny. Pull up your skirt and hold it there. You look so fucking hot standing there. Take off your little white cotton panties and give them to me.”

Jenny slid them down her legs, stepping out of them. She picked them up and handed them to Mr.Smith. He held them to his face and sniffed the scent of her young teenage cunt. They smelled so good.

“I’m going to keep these. If you tell anyone about this, I’ll show them your panties and they’ll never believe you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mr. Smith.”

“Open your blouse. I want to see your young tits.”

Jenny very nervously unbuttoned her top, and pulled it open. The bottom was still tucked into her skirt. Jenny stood there in front of Mr. Smith, with her firm tits exposed.

“Come over here and lie down on the sofa. Pull up your skirt and spread your fucking legs, baby.”

Jenny did as she was told. Mr.Smith loved the site of this hot little Catholic Schoolgirl, as she lie back with her legs spread and her tits showing. He got between her legs, and placed a condom on his cock.

“Mr. Smith, I’m a virgin. Please be gentle?”

He slid the head of his cock in until it hit a barrier, her hymen. He pulled out some and then shoved it in, breaking through it.

Jenny yelled out, “Ow!”

Mr. Smith waited for her body to relax. He wiped a lone tear from her cheek, before he started to fuck her.

“Oh, Jenny. Your pussy is so tight, baby. Oh, oh, I can’t believe how good you feel, princess.”

“Oh, oh, oh, ah, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me, Mr. Smith. Oh, at first it hurt, but now, oh, I love it.”

“Mmmm, do you like my cock inside of you, Jenny? My big hard fucking cock, sliding in and out of your cunt. Say it. Tell Daddy that your cunt feels good.”

“My, my cunt, feels good.”

Jenny never talked so dirty. Those words never left her lips before.

“Say it again, Jenny. Who am I? Tell Daddy.”

“You are, you’re,… my Daddy. You make my,… cunt feel so good.”

“That’s right, baby. Now keep calling me Daddy, and talk like a whore for me. Do you know how to talk like a whore?”

‘I,… I think,… so.”

“Go ahead, do it.”

“Fuck my dirty cunt! Shove your big cock deep inside of me, Daddy! Split me in two! Fuck it! fuck it! fuck it! Oh, yes,… you’re my fucking Daddy!”

Jenny was really getting into this. In a matter of minutes, this little Catholic Schoolgirl was turning into a whore.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me, Daddy! I’m a slut, a whore, a cocktease! Oh God, I wish you really were my fucking Daddy! I’d let you sneak into my room and climb up on top of me, and fuck my hot wet dripping cunt while Mommy was asleep!”

Mr. Smith couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Jenny really was a whore, she just needed someone to bring her out of her shell. She had him so turned on, that he was ready to cum.

“Oh Jenny. I’m going to cum, baby. Daddy is going to fucking cum!”

Jenny didn’t care, she knew Mr. Smith had a condom on.

“Do it Daddy! Cum! Cum Daddy! Fuck me and Cum! Cum for your little whore!”

“Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!”

Mr.Smith came, holding his cock all the way inside of her.Jenny knew something didn’t feel right. She felt hot streams of liquid hitting her insides. When Mr. Smith pulled out, she noticed that condom had broke.

He asked Jenny when her last period was. It turns out that she was lucky, It was the time of her cycle when she wasn’t ovulating. As he kissed Jenny, they heard little Joey start to cry. It was time for his next feeding.

Mr. Smith told Jenny to take the bottle up to him while he cleans the living room before his wife gets home.

Jenny stood up and got the bottle, walking through the living room to head upstairs. Her top was still undone and Mr. Smith’s thick white cum was trailing down her legs.

As Mr. smith watched her walk by, he picked up her panties and sniffed them again.

“I think Jenny and I are going to have a lot of fun together from now on,” he thought to himself, as he started to clean up.

About fifteen minutes had gone by, when Jenny came back downstairs. She had herself back together and clean.

“Joey is taking a nap, Mr. Smith. Will that be all? I have to get home and start doing my homework.”

“Yes, Jenny. Let me pay you.”

He handed Jenny two fifty dollar bills and gave her a long kiss on the lips, while placing both of his hands on her firm little ass cheeks.

“Oh my! Mr. Smith, this is a hundred dollars!”

“Yes Jenny. Buy yourself some new panties. Oh Jenny, tomorrow I’ll pick you up from school at lunch time. I’m going to take to get on the pill,” Jenny blushed.

“Okay, Mr. Smith. Thank you.”

As she left the house and walked home through their yard, Rose drove up the driveway. As she got out of the car, she yelled to Jenny.

“Jenny! Did Mr. Smith take care of you?”

“Oh, oh yes. He sure did.”

Mr. Smith came out to greet his wife.

“Yes dear, I gave it to her right before she left to go home.”

He smirked, because Rose thought he was talking about the money they owed her for babysitting.


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