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The Babysitter

[Submitted by Johnny D]

My wife and I live in the valley, just outside of the city. We thought it would be a nice place for a younger couple to raise a family.

We bought a two story house with an attached garage. It needed a few minor cosmetic repairs, but nothing major. After some paint and building a new deck out back, it looked really nice.

My wife Rose, is the manager of one of those upscale resort hotels. She likes the money, but doesn’t like the long hours or the snobs that stay there.

I on the other hand work as an auto technician, so I have the luxury of having set hours.

This was working out very well for us, until one day we decided to have a baby. We’ve been wanting to start a family right from the beginning, that’s why we moved to this area. The problem that we now faced, was finding a babysitter. We both wanted keep our careers. My Mom is able to baby sit for a few hours, but then she has to leave for her job.

Our next door neighbors, Bob and Gail Thomas, have a daughter named, Jenny. She is eighteen and kind of shy. When Bob and I were talking, I told him that I was looking for a babysitter, for our six month old son. He said Jenny was looking to make some extra money, and that I should ask her.

Later that day, the school bus drove up and dropped Jenny off. She went to one of those Catholic schools. She hopped down off the bus, dressed in her schoolgirl uniform. Little black and white saddle shoes, white knee high socks, blue skirt and a white button down blouse. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail.