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The Bus

It was a hot afternoon that day at the end of summer as Sally returned home from her 20 year high school reunion. She decided to take a bus because she enjoys all the colors of the trees as they prepare for autumn and watching the animals scurry through the woods as they drive through the mountains.

As she approaches the bus to hand the bus driver her ticket, she notices how tall he stands and that his smile is pleasant and genuine. His name tag catches her eye, it simply read ‘Brian’. She was studying him so intently and her hands were full of souvenirs for her daughter, she almost didn’t notice when she accidentally dropped her ticket, as it fluttered to the ground, it landed right at his feet.

She and Brian bent over at the same time to retrieve the fumbled ticket, as they did their heads knocked together with a resounding THUD. As Sally caught her balance, Brian picked up the ticket and said “Sorry, Ma’am – Thanks for choosing Greyhound.” She smiled as she looked into his eyes, she wanted to say ‘Thank You’ but found herself breathless and just nodded with her face blushing from embarrassment.

After everyone had boarded the bus, Brian announced the destinations (with a voice that so deep it made Sally tingle) he pointed out some of the special stops he would be making during the journey. Sally didn’t hear a word he said because she was thinking of other scenery and special stops she’d like for Brian to make, starting with her seat at the very back of the bus.