Teaser Pulls a Train

story by: Timjake (Address withheld by request)

Steph was a sheet metal worker and was frequently in the hanger where I was shift supervisor. Since it was swing shift, she rarely had a coworker available to help her so I’d help when I wasn’t too busy. Many times she had stuck her ass in my face as she climbed up a ladder or onto a maintenance stand. More than once I had slapped that ass and she’d just smile.

On this particular night, one person needed to hold a heavy piece inside the plane while she bucked new rivets from the outside. So, my arm was up to the armpit in the side of the plane as Steph got ready to do the rivets. She stood in front of me with her ass to me, then backed into me as she started. Her ass was right against my crotch as she started working. As she was bucking the rivets, she was also rubbing her ass against me, making small circles and driving me nuts as well as giving me one hell of a hardon. I couldn’t get away since my arm was inside the plane so I had to stand there while she took her sweet time getting the rivets done.

After she finished, I stepped away and was not pleased at all.

“Ya know Steph, you keep doin’ shit like that and you’re gonna get more than you barganed for.”

She smiled. “You feel pretty good. Nice size too.”

I flushed. “When I was in college, a teaser like you ended up pulling a train with all the guys she teased.”

She winked. “Sounds like fun to me!”

I shook my head. “Do you know what ‘pulling a train’ means?”


“It means a gangbang. One guy after the other fucking you until they get tired. Then the last guy gets the caboose.”

She didn’t understand that.

“The last guy does you up the ass.”

She kinda cringed, but then, “Still sounds like fun, just not the ass part.”

I really didn’t think she’d do it, but pressed the issue. “So when do you want to try it? I’m sure I can line up a bunch of guys you tease and we can see just how much tease you are and how much is real. How about Friday night after we’re done on the flightline? We can have a party in the tanker office and invite some of the guys.”

“Hmmmm… That sounds interesting. Sure! Let’s do it!”

I was surprised to say the least, but what the hell?

I started talking to guys working the tanker flightline I knew she teased a lot. I got several to say they’d be there Friday. The only things I insisted on was they don’t invite anyone else and everyone brings condoms. I didn’t want her running to the Security Police with a pussy and ass full of cum screaming she’d been raped.

Friday night rolled around and the flying schedule was light. I brought in my 8mm projector and a stack of porn flicks to keep everyone entertained as they waited their turn. The guys started showing up about midnight, most really didn’t believe she’d show.

I walked over to the sheet metal shop at the end of the shift and saw Steph there.

“You ready?” I asked.

She was nervous, but nodded and got her stuff. I walked her over to the office. When we came inside, she saw 10 guys there waiting for her, all guys she had teased mercilessly.

“We were betting on whether you’d really show.”

“Well, I’m here. Who gets to go first?”

“Sorry guys,” I said, “My idea. I get to go first.”

No one argued. The 8mm was ready to go, so I started the first flick, then took Steph into the Chief’s office and closed the door.

She turned to me and kissed me hard and she ran her hands along my body. I started undressing her and finally got a chance to feel those beautiful tits of hers. She was already turned on with anticipation, so her nipples were hard as I gave them a pinch and her panties were moist as I pulled those off her.

We threw a soft blanket I’d brought on the desk and she hopped up. I put my face between her legs and started licking her clit to get her going more. She started moaning as I licked her. I slid down my pants and underwear, then slid on a condom.

She reached out and held my hardon. “I knew you were a good size. Not too big and not too small. Now give it to me!”

She pulled me close, put the tip to her wet pussy and rubbed it around to get the condom wet. Then she pulled me in.

I slid in nice and slow, letting her get used to it, then picked up the pace as she got into it. She started moaning louder and louder, then screamed as I reached down and started playing with her clit as she laid on the desk with her legs wrapped around me as I stood on the floor fucking her. She was definately tight and I was pretty excited to begin with so I didn’t last long. I kept pumping until the condom threatened to come off.

I pulled out, then asked if she was ready for the next one. She got off the desk, then turned around, leaned over the desk with her ass facing the door.

“NEXT!” she yelled.

I walked out into the office and found the guys had drawn numbers. The guy with “2” walked into the Chief’s office and closed the door.

“How was she?” several asked.

“Damn, she’s tight! At least for now!” Then we all laughed and I put on the next 8mm reel.

We could hear her moaning more as #2 did his thing. A young airman, he didn’t last long at all and was kinda embarrassed when he was back out the door in about 5 minutes!


We really ragged on #2 as #3 went in. “I’ll have to use your time I guess,” #3 said as he walked in, pulling a condom out of his pocket.

He wasn’t kidding. That guy was in there a long time. Steph loved him though. We all heard her scream “CUMMING” a couple times before the door opened and the next guy went in.

We all nearly shit when a Security Police patrol walked in about an hour into the festivities.

“What are you guys up to?” the sergeant asked as he looked at the bunch of us kicked back, watching porn flicks, eating chips and drinking pop.

“We’re having a little party.” I said. I told him I was the shift supervisor and we were blowing off a little steam after a hard week. About that time, Steph decided to get loud again.


The sergeant’s eyes got really big. “What the hell?”

“The Teaser is pulling a train,” I said. “You want a piece of her too?”

The sergeant thought a minute, then started saying, “She’s doing this of her own free…”

Just then the door opened and Steph yelled, “NEXT!”

“Yea, she’s lovin’ it.”

The sergeant walked to the Chief’s office door, looked in at Steph naked, on her back, legs spread. “You’re next?” she asked.

“Ma’am, are you alright?” he asked.

“Doin’ GREAT!” she said. “Now, are you here to fuck me or are you just gonna look? If you’re gonna look, get outta here so the next guy can fuck me.”

The sergeant looked at me, I held up a condom, he took it, closed the door and soon Steph was moaning again.

It took a couple hours before all the guys were done. We started cleaning up as the last guy went in for his second trip. Steph was just doing low moans now, but still willing. I told the rest to leave sinceI had to lock up and I’d make sure Steph got back to the dorm safe. I went into the Chief’s office again, ready for my third time… and I was going to get the caboose.

When I went in, Steph was laying on the sofa, gently rubbing her body with her eyes closed. She was softly moaning as she touched her nipples. The area around her pussy was all red and puffy from all the fucking she’d received.

“Have fun?” I asked.

“Mmmm. Yea, it was real good. Don’t think I want to try that again though. God I’m sore!”

I helped her up off the sofa and walked her the short way to the desk. “Really?” I said. “But I haven’t finished yet. I still haven’t gotten the caboose.”

Her eyes popped open at that. “I told you I didn’t like the idea of the ‘caboose’.”

I didn’t know how much she’d resist at this point, but I moved fast to not give her the chance. I bent her over the desk and moved so she couldn’t get away. She really didn’t fight, she just kept saying, “I don’t want it in my ass.”

For the third time, my pants and underwear came down and I slid on a condom. I guided the tip to her red, puffy pussy lips, then slowly pushed in. She moaned a little. She didn’t get it that I was just getting the condom wet so I could do her ass a little easier.

After sliding in and out a few times to make sure it was lubed, I pulled out of her pussy and put the tip to her ass. I slowly rubbed the tip around to get her opening a little wet, then started pushing. She started to protest when she felt the tip at her ass, but couldn’t do anything about it.

I put my hands on her hips and slowly started pushing in. Once the head got in, she groaned and stopped fighting it. She relaxed and more of my cock went into her ass. I started fucking her ass, then built up the pace as she took more.

At first it was groans of pain, then after several minutes, she started getting into this too.

“Oh God, This feels good!” as she started pushing back against me. “I never knew (gasp) getting fucked in the ass (gasp) could be (gasp) this good.”

She came hard and just laid there on the desk, letting the orgasm sweep through her. I came soon after, then pulled out as I caressed her hips and lower back.

“Not bad for pulling your first train,” I said as I helped her put her clothes back on.

“First, last and only,” she said weakly. Then she smiled and I helped her back to the dorm.

Over the next several weeks, the guys around the maintenance complex wondered what happened to The Teaser.

She wasn’t teasing anyone anymore!


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