Wife Enjoys a Glory Hole

[ Story by Lonelyhusband email address withheld by request ]

My wife and I once in a while stop at an adult bookstore when we drive back from her parents. We are both 40 and we left the kids home and we drove the 2 hours to her parents for the day. On the way back my wife suggested we stop. As the kids now are getting older and gone a lot more, my wife has enjoyed watching a porno once in a while.

So I made the stop and it was pretty active on a Saturday night but it is pretty much in the middle of ho where and no one there would know us. We looked around for a while and then we decided to go into a booth for a few minutes. I put some money in the machine and we started watching one with two black guys fucking a white chick.

We heard a knock on the wall and there was a couple in the booth next to us. So I opened the hole and the guy said his wife would suck my cock for $20 and my wife told me to do it. I got $20 and put it through the hole and then she said for $20 more she would suck it without a condom. That was cool, so I gave her $20 more and undid my pants and put my cock through the hole.

She quickly went to work and with only her mouth she worked me over and the she grabbed the based and stroked me and kept the head in her mouth. This was a real turn on for both me and my wife and I started cumming in the woman’s mouth and she took me all the way into her mouth and I finished cumming deep into her throat.

My wife was fingering herself so I helped her out of her pants and buried my tongue into her pussy and then worked on her clit with two fingers in her pussy. I was hard again and I slid up to fuck her but then she suggested I go into the open booth next to us and she would suck me off through the opening. I pulled up my pants and stepped out of the room.

As I was going towards the door a good looking young guy maybe 21-22, probably a local college kid, was about to enter. I said he could go first but then I told him there was a girl in the other booth that would suck him off for $20 with a condom or $50 without. He just smiled and went in.

I heard my wife say something but it was muffled. I waited for a couple minutes and then went in to the room where my wife was. She had the cock in her mouth and he did not have a condom on. She looked up and said, “W-what the fuck!?”

I just encouraged her to keep going. She didn’t waste much time worrying about me and went back at the cock. The guy was about the same size as me so it appeared she hadn’t known it wasn’t me.

Anyway, she kept sucking him and I got behind her and slid my cock into her soaked pussy from behind. She was stroking him faster and then I heard him groan out, “Fuck! I’m cumming!” She just sucked his cum down as he spurted into her mouth not losing a drop. I kept fucking her doggie style and I came right after him deep into her pussy.

Afterwards he slid a $50 bill though the slot and he mumbled, “Thanks lady, you are awesome.”

I told him if he wanted to he could come into our booth and fuck her. He quickly got dressed and a few moments later we heard a knock at the door. When he came in my wife got a shocked look on her face. It was Billy, a neighbor son from down the street just back from his first year at college.

I did not recognize him since I had not seem him in 2-3 years, but my wife and him recognized each other right away.

He turned to run away but my wife grabbed his sleeve and told him to stay. She sat down on the bench and spread her legs and smiled at him. Billy looked nervously at me but when I smiled and nodded he quickly pulled down his pants and got between my wife’s legs and slid into her pussy.

My cum oozed out of her but he didn’t stop for a moment and he started fucking her as fast and furious as possible. He must have been turned on by the ideal of fucking my wife because he came very quickly.

I was hard again and I quickly took his place and I put a second load of my sperm in my wife as he watched. Then he left.

It was time to go, so we headed out of the booth.


  1. Good story. I have taken my wife to the gloryhole also and she loved it but not as much as when two of my buddys took her out for a drink and then to the gloryhole. They were in there most of the evening and she loved it .

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