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Teaser Pulls a Train

story by: Timjake (Address withheld by request)

Steph was a sheet metal worker and was frequently in the hanger where I was shift supervisor. Since it was swing shift, she rarely had a coworker available to help her so I’d help when I wasn’t too busy. Many times she had stuck her ass in my face as she climbed up a ladder or onto a maintenance stand. More than once I had slapped that ass and she’d just smile.

On this particular night, one person needed to hold a heavy piece inside the plane while she bucked new rivets from the outside. So, my arm was up to the armpit in the side of the plane as Steph got ready to do the rivets. She stood in front of me with her ass to me, then backed into me as she started. Her ass was right against my crotch as she started working. As she was bucking the rivets, she was also rubbing her ass against me, making small circles and driving me nuts as well as giving me one hell of a hardon. I couldn’t get away since my arm was inside the plane so I had to stand there while she took her sweet time getting the rivets done.

After she finished, I stepped away and was not pleased at all.

“Ya know Steph, you keep doin’ shit like that and you’re gonna get more than you barganed for.”