Sweet Revenge

Let me introduce myself. My name is Adam. I’m 29, and have been working the City stock markets as a dealer for the last six years. People say that I am arrogant, but to be successful at what I do, one has to have a very forceful personality. I met my wife Christine, or Chris for short, at a works party three years ago. The moment I saw her tall, athletic figure with her long flowing blonde hair, I just knew I had to have her. I usually get what I want, and a few short months later we were married. Chris also has a very stubborn streak, and our inevitable arguments were of a very explosive nature. As I sit here now, thinking back to the events of last night, I can hardly remember how the argument started. Let me see if I can recall some of the details……

It all began last Friday evening as I arrived home from work. As usual, I had stopped off at a local bar in the city for a few drinks with some colleagues, before braving the commuter ride home on the train. As I entered my house, I could smell the aroma of home cooking and knew immediately that Chris had been trying out a new recipe. As the meal progressed, assisted by a couple of classes of good claret we talked casually about our respective days.

“By the way.” I said casually. “We are going to a party tomorrow night. Clive at the office is having a whole bunch of us over to watch the match on cable.”

“What? You didn’t say anything. I had plans for tomorrow!”

“Well you will just have to cancel them. Everyone will be there, and so will we!”

The argument continued late into the evening and into the following morning. As I have said, I usually get my way, and by lunchtime Chris had reluctantly agreed to go to the party. For the whole of the afternoon, she point blank refused to speak to me, ignoring any of my half hearted attempts at reconciliation. By 7pm we were both showered and changed and heading for Clive’s house in the country. Chris had mellowed a little, but was still obviously extremely angry with me. What the hell! I thought, I could just watch the match while she sulked!

Clive’s house was very palatial, and with fifteen bedrooms, was a veritable mansion. He worked with me on the exchange, but didn’t need to do it for the cash. His parents were probably two of the wealthiest landowners in the country. As I pulled my Mazda Sport into the long driveway, the tyres crunched gratifyingly on the immaculately swept gravel. We were greeted by Clive at the door, and shown into a massive study with a large TV screen that had been set up especially for the big game. With drink in hand, I joined six other guys as we settled back and waited for the game to start. Chris had gone off somewhere in search of one of the many bathrooms, Fine, I thought, If she’s going to ignore me, then I’ll ignore her! As the game started, a crowd of about ten guys were now watching the screen. I was surprised that there did not appear to be many women here. As far as I could tell, Chris was the only girl who had turned up, and now she was nowhere to be seen.

As the game halted for the half-time interval, we all freshened our drinks. I now only counted eight of us in the room. Strange, I thought, I didn’t remember seeing anyone leave. I still had not seen my wife since we arrived, and now felt a need to find a bathroom myself.

“Clive. I need a piss. Where’s the nearest can?”

“There’s one just along the hall on the first floor, old chap! I’m sure you’ll find it eventually.” Replied Clive with a grin.

Great! I thought sarcastically, You need a fucking taxi to find the john in this place!

I climbed the ornate staircase to the next floor and began checking rooms trying to find the bathroom. This place was a maze, there were doors everywhere! As Clive suggested, I eventually did find a bathroom and relieved myself with a certain satisfaction. Checking myself out in the full length mirror before I left, I exited the bathroom. I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere, because I suddenly found myself in a long corridor that was unfamiliar to me. I stopped and tried to listen, hoping to hear the noise from the TV downstairs so that I could follow the sounds. Damn! I thought. Nothing! I kept listening, and then suddenly picked up the faint sounds of a voice. I followed the sounds as they led me along the corridor. I could see a wooden door at the end that was slightly ajar, and assumed that the sounds were coming from within. Tapping lightly on the oak panel of the door, I let myself in without waiting for a reply. If I had waited, then perhaps my mind would not be the turmoil of thoughts that it is now.

As I entered the room, my mind clouded my eyes with a red mist, not allowing me to register the scene before me. As the mist eventually cleared, my jaw dropped and my mind did cartwheels, my eyes standing out on stalks. The room was unlit, but the moon cast an eerie half light over the whole interior. In the gloom, I could quite clearly make out my wife, Chris sitting on a large mahogany desk. This was not as surprising as what she was doing, and I looked on in astonishment as I watched a large erect penis being forced in and out of her pretty mouth. My vocal chords had almost deserted me as I managed to choke out a strangled protest.

“Wh…wh…what the FUCK!”

I soon realised that my wife and what I thought was her assailant, were not the only people in the room. Everything blurred as I felt a meaty fist being slammed into my chest. I must have passed out, because the next thing I remember was waking up in a straight backed chair with my hands and wrists bound to the frame and a gag in my mouth. I tried to wrench myself free and shout at the three guys that I now saw in front of me, but quickly realised that it was an exercise in futility. They had bound me extremely well with no chance of escape. I cannot have been out for long, because my wife was still sitting atop the desk and was now looking at me.

“Don’t worry Adam.” she said to me. “I’m not being raped. I’m just getting a little pay-back for all those time you ignored me and rode rough shod over my feelings. You have to realise that you are not the only person in the world and that everything does not necessarily revolve around you! Before you dragged me here, I was supposed to go out with my girlfriends and cruise the bars downtown, you know, a girls night out! I just though that I’d find a little action here instead, and as you are now here to watch the proceedings, it just makes the night even better!”

I tried in vain to scream at her through the gag, but what came out was little more than a strangled gurgle, as I was slapped hard across the face and ordered to be quiet. I could taste my own blood as it trickled down onto the gag and was shocked into silence.

I looked at Chris, the anger stirring inside me. I remembered the sight of her sucking on the hard cock before I was knocked out. She must have completed her task, because I could see traces of semen sticking to her lips.

“Right.” She said in a business like tone. “Who’s next?”

She didn’t need to ask twice as a tall athletic looking man walked towards her lowering his jeans and underwear as he went. As Chris began to bend her head down towards his engorged penis, he stopped her.

“No baby. As your old man’s here to watch, I’m gonna give it to you in your pussy!”

His mind obviously made up, I looked on helplessly as he pulled my wife’s short black skirt up around her waist. I saw his cock visibly swell further as her pale thighs, framed by black stockings and garter belt, came into view. Sliding his hands under her butt, she lifted herself up slightly to allow him to roll her matching silk panties down her long slender legs.

“Mmmm.” the guy murmured as her pussy was exposed. “I just love shaved cunt! Spread those legs for me honey, I’m gonna fuck you deep and hard!”

To my astonishment, Chris did exactly what she was told and opened her long legs as far as she could, the heels of her stiletto shoes making small scratches on the otherwise pristine desk. With his hands still under her bottom, he slid her over the desk towards him and positioned his cock at the entrance to her sweet, shaved vagina. God, how long had it been since I’d made love to my own wife?, I thought with dismay. I did not even know that she had shaved herself down there! Chris had put her hands on her knees and was stretching herself open even more for her lusty invader, as he proceeded to run his long hard erection up and down her smooth slit. Small moans of pleasure were escaping both of their lips, as with a grunt, he forced his tool deep into her pussy. My wife’s moans now turned to screams of passion as the man began to thrust his cock in and out of her tight tunnel.

It appeared that the blowjob that she had given earlier had excited her greatly. She seemed wet enough for this large cock to pump in and out of her hole with reckless abandon without any discomfort whatsoever. On the contrary, the way that her head was back and her breathing coming in short ragged gasps, led me to conclude that she was having the time of her life and was quickly approaching orgasm. There was no finesse to this virtual assault, no tenderness, no loving warmth, just pure animal lust. I watched as the man pounded his tool faster and faster, my wife bucking her hips forward to meet his thrusts, seemingly attempting to get even more of his swollen cock inside her. The brutal fuck lasted for only a few more seconds, as with a deep groan from him and a high-pitched scream from Chris, they both came together. The man’s two friends who were also watching, cheered him on as he pulled his thick meat from my wife’s swollen pussy and discharged a huge torrent of semen over her smooth mound and lower belly. His bursts seemed to last for a full minute, as, eventually, he tucked his softening cock into his pants and stepped back.

Chris was still shaking after her own orgasm had rocked her body, as one of the others, a smaller, stocky man, stripped of his clothes and walked towards her. I was acutely aware of my own erection now as it strained against my jeans. I could hardly believe that I was becoming excited. Here was my wife, getting fucked by all three strangers, and I was getting a hard-on!

As the stocky guy approached her, Chris was furiously pooling up the previous man’s semen with her fingers and licking it greedily off with her tongue. Picking her up from the desk in strong, muscular arms, he stood her on the floor and with his hands on her shoulders, gently, but firmly pushed her to her knees in front of him.

“Now, suck my cock, bitch!” he ordered “Don’t worry, watching Roger fuck your sweet little cunt has got me hotter than hell…..this won’t take long!”

If the previous assault on my wife’s pussy had been less than gentle, then this was positively rough. His hands went immediately into the long tresses of her curly blonde hair and pulled backwards causing her head to tilt. Like an obedient slut, she remained in her kneeling position at his feet, and opened her mouth wide to accept his thick and swollen cock head. He had no intention of letting her suck him to a nice orgasm, but rather began to force his cock in and out of her mouth while tightly gripping her hair. Fortunately, for my wife, his tool was not too long but thick around the girth. As he began to thrust into her mouth he turned to me.

“Ahhhh…I bet you didn’t know your wife was such a cum-slut did you?….look at her now with a face full of my cock….mmmmmmmm…….I’m gonna fuck her mouth til I cum down her throat.”

Then turning to Chris he continued with his verbal abuse.

“Come on slut! Take me deep…..ooohhhh yes……mmmmmmm…….want my cum in your throat?…..do you?….yes?”

Chris was in no position to either confirm or deny her feeling regarding his cum, as she struggled to accept his tool into her throat.

“Well your gonna get it..want it or not!…….ohhhhhh…..I can feel your throat contract around my prick…gonna cum…yes…yes..YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS”

I watched his butt twitch and his legs buckle as he came. Chris was greedily attempting to keep time with his ejaculating member, and was swallowing all she could. With a cry of satisfaction He pulled his cock clear of her mouth, a long tendril of semen still joining his cock head to her lips.

If I was to think that my and Christine’s ordeal was over now, I could not have been more wrong. I heard noises at the door and looked up to see four more guys standing there, about to enter the room.

“The game’s over now.” I heard one of them say as they all began to drift in. “We thought we would join in the fun up here!”

No, the evening was far from over! During the next four hours, Chris was fucked my all ten guys at the party. She took them in her mouth, in her pussy and in her asshole. At one point she was being taken in both ass and cunt as she sucked another cock deep into her mouth at the same time. Her large tits were fucked repeatedly and she even had one guy cumming between her toes. All I could do was sit and watch, the taste of my own blood on the gag, and a raging erection in my jeans.

So, as I sit here now a day later, trying to make sense of it all, I can’t help but wonder; can I persuade her to do it again?