Off Campus Fun

“Oh, c’mon! You can study tomorrow. Saturday nights are for parties. You, of all people, should know that!” That would be my friend, Molly. She’s one of those people who won’t take no for an answer, and this time, she wanted me to come to a party with her. If only I had known what I was getting myself into by letting her talk me into going out.

“Alright, I’ll go. Just give me an hour to finish typing this paper and change clothes, and I’ll go.” This is the point where I should probably give you some background information on myself. I’m nineteen years old and attending a small, private college in the Midwest. I’m one of those tall, thin girls with not much in the boob department, but I’ve been told that my ass makes up for it. Guys are constantly smacking it or telling me how good it looks. I do have a boyfriend, and did at the time of this story. (As a side note, he does know *most* of what happened that Saturday night.) Now, on with the story.

Being the kind of person who puts fun before work, I naturally decided to put my paper off until the next day. I spent the hour straightening my hair and squeezing into my tightest pair of pants. Figuring the party would be hot, I put on a tank top and was ready to go.

As luck would have it, Molly showed up about ten minutes early, and we met up with the three girl friends who were going with us. Our first stop was a nearby frat house, where we knocked back a few drinks, but not much else happened. One of my girl friends had to leave to meet up with her boyfriend, so the four of us who were left, decided to go by another frat house to see what was going on.

When we got there, we found that the house was pretty much deserted. Everyone had gone to other parties or had gone to bed, being that it was nearly 1:00 a.m. Disappointed, we went outside and sat on the frat’s picnic table to talk. Not five minutes later, three guys walked out of the frat house and got into a van that was parked outside.

We were slightly buzzed and, after all, they were driving a van. We started making fun of them, yelling rude comments about the van (which took three tries to start). That’s when they pulled up next to the picnic table and asked if we were looking for a party. Of course, we replied that, yes, we were, so they invited us to come with them. We agreed and hopped in the van.

Since there were seven of us all together, and they only had one back seat in the van, Molly and one of our friends sat on the floor. As for me, I was invited by one of the guys to sit in the passenger seat with him. He introduced himself as Brian, and we talked about this and that on the way to the guys’ house, which was eight or ten blocks from campus.

When we arrived, we found that no one else was coming to this “party”. It was just us four girls and the three guys. They offered us drinks, and I soon found myself sitting on the couch with a (very strong) glass of Captain Morgan & Coke. We were playing drinking games, and I went through two glasses of that stuff and three beers in an hour and a half. I was very drunk. And cold, because they had the windows open.

I mentioned this to the guy sitting next to me (the same one I sat next to in the van) and he asked if I would like a sweatshirt. I said yes, and he took my hand and led me upstairs to his room to pick one out, both of us with beers in hand.

When we got to his room, we both went into his walk-in closet to “look at his sweatshirts”. No sooner had we gotten in there when he grabbed my ass and pulled me to him, kissing me passionately. Being extremely drunk, I kissed him back. I could feel his hard cock pressing into my stomach.

“You want to go lock the door?” he asked me in a husky whisper. In response, I stumbled over to the door and turned the lock. He then grabbed me and pushed me onto his bed. He laid down on top of me and started kissing and sucking my neck. I was getting pretty horny by this time, and I’ll admit that I was moaning a little while he was doing this.

My moaning must have encouraged him, because he started peeling my shirt off. At first I resisted, thinking of my boyfriend, but Brian insisted, and eventually my shirt was off, as well as my bra. He started sucking and biting on my nipples while his hands went to my pants. He got those off of me in half the time it took me to put them on!

Once I was completely naked, Brain stood over me and just stared for a minute or two. Then he quickly began stripping. Before I knew what was happening, he had straddled my face and was fucking my mouth. Lucky for me, I’d sucked my boyfriend’s 8″ dick countless times, so I could handle it when Brian started forcing me to deep-throat his 6-incher.

He had his hands on both sides of my head, holding onto my hair as he rammed his fat cock into my throat again and again. He must not have been drinking much, because he came fairly quickly, forcing me to swallow every drop as he shot his huge load down my throat.

I think at this point, I passed out because the next thing I remember is waking up when Brian flipped me over and put me on my hands and knees. I was a little unsteady, but he supported me with one hand while the other reached for his beer. I thought he was just thirsty, until I saw that the bottle was already empty. My drunk mind didn’t realize what was going on until I felt the neck of the bottle being pushed into my pussy.

Once again, I tried to resist and pull away, but he was a lot stronger than I was, so I just figured “What the hell?” As soon as he saw that I wasn’t going to fight him anymore, he started pumping the beer bottle in and out of my pussy. At first, it felt a little weird, but then I realized that it was making me feel pretty good. I started moaning and panting. Taking this as a sign that I liked it (which I did) Brian started ramming the bottle in and out of me harder. After another couple minutes of this, I had a pretty good orgasm, screaming into his pillow so as not to make Molly and my other friends come running to see what was wrong.

Once I got off, Brian decided he was tired of his beer bottle getting all the action. He moved up right behind me and shoved his cock into my very wet cunt. He started pumping vigorously, holding onto my hips and yanking me towards him with every thrust, impaling my thin body on his thick shaft. I came twice before it got to the point when he pushed in as far as he could go and let loose with another big load of cum, this time into my pussy. I sent a silent thank-you to my mom, who insisted I be put on birth control before coming to college.

After he finished, Brian collapsed on top of me, pressing my body into the bed. We laid like that for a while, until his softening cock slid out of me. He climbed up near my head and told me to suck him clean, which I happily did.

I figured that, after cumming twice, he would be done, but as I licked the mixture of our juices off his cock it started to twitch and get hard again. Pretty soon, he pulled his hard rod out of my mouth and went back down to my pussy, placing the head against my slit. Let me tell you that I was still pretty wet, and he slid right in. I assumed that I was in for another fuck just like the last one, but after a few pumps to lubricate his dick, he started rubbing the head around my asshole.

My boyfriend is the type who likes to fuck my ass, but *loves* to fuck my pussy, so I don’t get it in the ass very often, unless I ask for it. Therefore, I got pretty excited when I figured out what Brian was going to do. Just as this realization hit me, the first couple inches of his cock slid into my ass, making me moan with a little pain and a LOT of pleasure.

“Does it hurt?” Brian asked me, sliding another couple inches into me. I replied by shoving my ass back towards him and taking the rest of his pulsing cock into my tight hole. His moans of pleasure assured me that he liked it too. He began slowly pushing his cock in and out, being careful not to hurt me too much. I guess I’m kind of impatient, because I started throwing myself back into him, making him fuck me harder and faster. “Uhhhh…oh yeah…I’m going to cum in your tight little ass!”

That comment sent me over the edge, and I orgasmed hard and long. Just as I was finishing, I felt splashes of hot cum shooting deep inside my ass. It felt amazing, and I came again. Spent, Brian collapsed again and promptly fell asleep.

A few minutes later, when I was sure that I wouldn’t wake him, I slipped out of the bed and into my clothes. I sneaked downstairs to find my friends, and we all took a taxi back to our dorm, where we stayed up until dawn telling our stories…