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Sweet Revenge

Let me introduce myself. My name is Adam. I’m 29, and have been working the City stock markets as a dealer for the last six years. People say that I am arrogant, but to be successful at what I do, one has to have a very forceful personality. I met my wife Christine, or Chris for short, at a works party three years ago. The moment I saw her tall, athletic figure with her long flowing blonde hair, I just knew I had to have her. I usually get what I want, and a few short months later we were married. Chris also has a very stubborn streak, and our inevitable arguments were of a very explosive nature. As I sit here now, thinking back to the events of last night, I can hardly remember how the argument started. Let me see if I can recall some of the details……

It all began last Friday evening as I arrived home from work. As usual, I had stopped off at a local bar in the city for a few drinks with some colleagues, before braving the commuter ride home on the train. As I entered my house, I could smell the aroma of home cooking and knew immediately that Chris had been trying out a new recipe. As the meal progressed, assisted by a couple of classes of good claret we talked casually about our respective days.

“By the way.” I said casually. “We are going to a party tomorrow night. Clive at the office is having a whole bunch of us over to watch the match on cable.”

“What? You didn’t say anything. I had plans for tomorrow!”

“Well you will just have to cancel them. Everyone will be there, and so will we!”

The argument continued late into the evening and into the following morning. As I have said, I usually get my way, and by lunchtime Chris had reluctantly agreed to go to the party. For the whole of the afternoon, she point blank refused to speak to me, ignoring any of my half hearted attempts at reconciliation. By 7pm we were both showered and changed and heading for Clive’s house in the country. Chris had mellowed a little, but was still obviously extremely angry with me. What the hell! I thought, I could just watch the match while she sulked!