Seducing Greg

Greg really wasn’t into dating in High School. He was heavily into his many activities, especially music, and besides he was too shy to pursue dating. So, off to college he went, inexperienced in the ways of girls and dating.

After being at the university for 6 months, he first met Lisa at work. Lisa and Greg had both been assigned to student work in the Music Library. They were both music majors. Greg was a smart ass know it all conducting major, while Lisa was a confidant and out going sophomore who played the cello. They would talk about music and school gossip during their hours working together. Greg lived in the scholar dorms where he had a single room and communal bathroom. Lisa lived nearby with 3 other girls in an off campus rental house.

Greg had a rather extensive record collection and Lisa and he often discussed the performance interpretations by various artists. Over time Lisa and Greg sometimes walked home together after a stint working at the library and would stop by Greg’s room to listen to some recordings. Lisa eventually began to occasionally stop by unannounced and they would listen to music or just talk. Lisa enjoyed being with Greg, he was interesting to talk to enjoyable to be with. Greg had blue eyes with sandy colored hair and was medium height and slim body. Lisa liked his warm smile and thought he had a great set of buns.

Lisa was interested in Greg but was sort of dating someone else. Also, she never heard Greg talk about girls or old girl friends. Was he not interested in dating? Was he gay? Lisa even quizzed some of her gay friends to see what they knew about him. Other than agreeing that Greg did indeed have a nice ass, they were unaware of his leanings either way. Lisa occasionally mentioned her boyfriend to Greg hoping to get a reaction out of him, or have him remark about some of the girls he might have dated, but he said nothing.

Greg enjoyed spending time with Lisa. She was a smart girl and didn’t let any of his smart remarks go unchallenged. Lisa was short, about 5′ 2″, slim with black curly hair and brown eyes. She had nice “college girl” figure, with firm breasts and a cute butt.

They eventually started doing more together, like eating out or Lisa would invite Greg to some off campus party. This went on for some months and they always enjoyed each other’s company. Lisa was a popular girl and seemed to know everyone while Greg was much less out going and shy. One day while they were working in the music library, Greg mentioned he was going to be conducting the school orchestra. Lisa had seen a number of the conducting majors perform or had played in the orchestra when they conducted. She was generally unimpressed. After months of working with and talking with Greg she was eager to see him perform. Greg was conducting Tchaikovsky when Lisa slipped into the on going rehearsal. Lisa stopped and stared, while it was definitely Greg up there conducting the orchestra it was like seeing Clark Kent change into “Superman”. He had a presence that was almost electrifying. His conducting movements had a passion and intensity that filled the hall. At that moment Lisa knew she wanted him, wanted to touch him, be with him.

Greg’s 21st birthday was coming up and Lisa told Greg that she was planning a great night out for his birthday. Lisa was hoping that Greg’s birthday would be the night that “things” would happen between them. Lisa took Greg out to one of the best restaurants near the university. They both had Steak and Lobster. Lisa knew Greg was not much of a drinker, but it still surprised her when Greg had a Coke to drink instead of something with alcohol. Greg and Lisa had a great time and he really enjoyed the special cake they brought out with candles on it. After diner Lisa and Greg walked back to Greg’s dorm and they talked and listened to music until late at night, but nothing else happened. Somehow Lisa had thought that with the great birthday diner and everything else that had gone on that Greg would know that Lisa cared about him, was interested in him, wanted him…. “Damn, why didn’t he order any beer,” Lisa thought. Lisa was not experienced in seducing boys. They usually came after her, not the other way around.

After Greg walked Lisa home he came back to the dorm and thought of the wonderful birthday Lisa had planned for him. They had both dressed up for diner. Lisa had looked sensational in that dress she had worn. Lisa was always in jeans or some other casual outfit, seeing her in that dress was like looking at a whole different person.

A few nights later Lisa was over at the dorm and they again talked until late in the night. They both sat on Greg’s small dorm bed. Lisa was reclined with her back to Greg as they listened to some music. Greg enjoyed being with Lisa very much and it was becoming obvious, even to him, that Lisa liked him a lot. Lying behind her Greg reached out and rubbed Lisa tired shoulders. Lisa seemed to melt under his touch. Greg continued to rub her back, as the music played on, without either of them uttering a word. Lisa was excited to feel his touch and didn’t want it to end. “Please don’t stop”, she thought to herself. Lisa lay on her side with her back to Greg. Greg sensed that Lisa was enjoying his touch and snuggled up closer to her. He was almost afraid that if he said something or saw her face to face that Lisa would say something and that would be the end of it. Greg was nervous and excited at touching Lisa’s body like this for the first time. Greg’s hands roamed more freely and eventually he reached around and his hand brushed up against the side of her breast. Greg’s hand just froze there waiting for the rebuke that was sure to come. But Lisa didn’t move or say a thing, her body was tingling all over. Greg just left his hand there, maybe she would think it was an accident or that he was falling off to sleep. He wanted to continue. To hold an explore her but was unsure of what Lisa wanted.

After what seemed like an eternity Lisa turned around to face Greg. She had a smile on her face. “I was hopping something like this would happen after your birthday diner,” Lisa said. She leaned into him and planted a kiss on his lips. Greg kissed her back enjoying the sensation of her lips. It seemed so natural after having been with Lisa so many times over the past months. He kissed her lips again and again. Now more emboldened, Greg’s hands found their way back to Lisa’s breasts but this time he began to explore them. He could feel the nipple pressing against her shirt, the softness of her breast and the heat radiating from her body. He slowly unbuttoned her shirt and removed it. He tried to remove her bra, but could not figure out how to. Lisa smiled and sat up. She reached behind her and unfastened it letting it fall to her lap. Greg gazed at her beautiful firm breasts and reached out for them. Touching her naked breasts for the first time was a feast for the eyes and hands. Greg, exploring their textures, his fingers brushed her small round nipples bringing them to attention and eliciting a sigh from Lisa. Next Greg bent over and placed a nipple on his lips. His tongue pressed against them and swirled around her nipple. Next he took the nipple into his mouth and sucked gently at first and then with more insistence. Lisa groaned with pleasure as her inexperienced partner gained confidence. Some of his moves were awkward but the excitement of having Greg touch her, love her, want her, was putting her senses into overload.

They snuggled and kissed until it was too late for Lisa to go home. Lisa stayed with Greg in the dorm room. They both got under the covers with their cloths on. Lisa knew Greg was a virgin, so she wanted to let Greg take the lead. She didn’t want him to do something he would regret in the morning. She was so excited just being with him and feeling his touch. She wanted more but was content to be patient. Greg turned the lights out and they spooned under the covers in the small dorm bed. Greg was naturally very keyed up and could not sleep, he had had an instant hardon from the moment he had first touch Lisa’s breast earlier in the evening. Having a half-naked girl lying snuggled up next to him was too much; soon Greg’s hands began to roam Lisa’s body under the covers. Eventually Greg’s hands began to roam over Lisa’s jeans covered ass and then eventually between Lisa’s legs. Lisa squirmed under Greg’s touch and she was focused on his every move. Where would go next, she was tingling with anticipation. Greg was moving excruciatingly slow. Greg, being totally inexperienced, took his queues from Lisa’s responses. As he rubbed her crotch trough her jeans he could tell when she was reacting to his touch. Lisa pressed against his kneading fingers, willing them to explore her.

Lisa let his virgin hands explore her body, letting him find for himself what worked and what didn’t. Her body language and breathing gave Greg all the cues he needed. He continued to investigate her body, bringing his hands to the waistband of her jeans searching for the button. Finding it he unbuttoned them and slowly drew the zipper down. Lisa was beside herself. “Please don’t stop, please don’t stop,” she thought to herself. Greg played with the band on her panties and his fingers wandered underneath them. As he explored further he found Lisa’s pubic hair. Soft and curly he played his fingers through it as his hand continued its march lower and lower. I finally Greg came to some soft folds of skin, which he began to peel back with his fingers. It was moist and as he rubbed he felt Lisa shudder. It felt so good to be close to her and to feel that he was giving her pleasure. As Greg had no experience of this sort he was worried about being clumsy, not hurting her and would he being able find the spots that would please her.

Lisa jumped when he reached her clit. She began to writhe as he circled and pressed against it. She whispered to Greg a couple times, “softer…harder….,” and pressed her hand against his to guide him. Her breathing got heavier as he continued to finger her. Her hips started to buck and her legs writhed and squeeze against his hand. Then her body shuddered and she groaned through her teeth trying not to make too much noise in the dorm. Lisa felt the orgasm build inside her. It kept growing and growing until she could hardly stand it. She grabbed hold of his hand to signal him to stop. Finally her body went limp as she tried to recover.

Lisa’s reaction let Greg know how wonderful he had made her feel. Greg knew he had just given a girl an orgasm for the first time. Then the virgin in Greg took over, he and Lisa had gone from first base to third all in one evening. They had not discussed doing this. Greg didn’t want to get a girl pregnant. What about birth control? He wasn’t even sure he wanted to give up his virginity. Lisa seemed to sense that Greg didn’t want go further and they both drifting off to sleep – Greg with “blue” balls and Lisa feeling wonderful but a little guilty at not having satisfied her partner

They woke up the next morning in each other’s arms. Lisa reached out to Greg kissed her. They lay facing each other embracing each other. Lisa played with the buttons on his shirt and started to unbutton them. While Greg had ravaged her the night before, she had given little in return. She wanted to see him, touch him. Lisa helped Greg to remove his shirt. Greg had some hair on his chest that she ran her fingers through. She felt his chest and strong shoulders. Greg’s hardon returned as Lisa played with his chest. When she lowered her hands and ran them along his stomach his body jumped a little. Greg’s hardon strained under the pants he had worn all night. Lisa could detect the outline of his cock. She wanted to see it. She moved her hands down to his waistline and ran her fingers just underneath it. She could feel Greg’s involuntary reactions to her touch. Greg could barely contain his anticipation. Her touch was excruciating. Lisa moved to the snap on his jeans and unfastened it.

This time it was Greg thinking, “Please don’t stop.” Lisa’s hand slowly explored down beneath his pants. Her fingers reached the tip of Greg’s hard cock which twitched at Lisa’s touch. Lisa wrapped her hand around his member. She could feel his pulse as his virgin penis throbbed in her hand. Lisa moved her hand lightly over the length of his cock to explore it further. Greg was totally focused on the sensation of Lisa’s hand feeling his hardness. First she touched the tip and then traveled the length of his shaft and finally cupping his balls, lightly rolling them through her fingers. Greg reveled in the new sensation of having someone explore his body. Lisa then removed her hand and grabbed on to his pants and shorts. Greg raised his hips and helped Lisa pulled them down exposing himself to her. Greg’s hardon stood at full attention. Lisa stared at his manhood. She knew with satisfaction that the hardon was because of her. His cock seemed perfect in every way. She had seen bigger and smaller. But this cock was a part of the boy she had wanted for a long time. His hardened shaft extended out from a soft neat growth of blond hair, a circumcised head that looked so smooth and soft capped the shaft.

Lisa began to slowly move her hand over the length of his manhood. This time it was Greg that was giving off little moans of pleasure. She wanted to give him this so badly. Greg enjoyed the sensation as he watched Lisa’s small hand moved up and down his stiff member. Gradually Lisa increased her tempo. Greg could feel the tension slowly building in his body. Lisa moved closer to Greg with her body. Unlike the night before, he could see her naked body clearly in the morning light. He looked at her breasts, her body, her face, her hands wrapped around his cock. As she continued to jack Greg off she wanted to apply more pressure but she hadn’t used any lubricant and she didn’t want to hurt him. This was no time to ask Greg where he kept his Vaseline jar.

Lisa brought herself even closer to him with her cunt almost touching his penis, Greg was afraid that Lisa was going to pull him inside her. He was not ready for this. But instead, Lisa took her free hand and rubbed her fingers over her cunt, covering it with her body’s own natural lubrication. She covered Greg’s cock with it and started jerking harder and more rapidly. This sent Greg over the edge, he could feel the sensation boil up inside him as his penis began to tingle. Finally his hips lifted off the bed and he exploded. His cum sprayed onto her stomach, her breasts and her hands. For a few moments his cock was like holding onto a small fire hose that had suddenly come to life. She could hear him moan at the pleasure she had delivered him. The intensity she felt with him there took her back to the first time she had “wanted him”. For a few minutes they just lay there as they recovered from the moment.

It was time to get up and go to classes. Before she left Lisa gave Greg a kiss and told him that she was on the pill. During the day Greg though about what had happened over the past 24 hours. He wanted to be with Lisa so much. After what she had told him about being on the pill, Greg decided that going all the way with Lisa would not be such a bad idea. Greg told Lisa about his decision she was thrilled about it. Unfortunately she had just started her period. They agreed to wait till Friday evening.

Greg had a concert on Friday, so after the performance Lisa and Greg walked back to his dorm room together. Greg hardly knew where to start. He slowly undressed her. Taking off all of her clothes this time. Gazing at the complete naked picture, what a magnificent site. Next she undressed him. He was wearing his tuxedo. She removed his bow tie and jacket, and shirt. She kissed his chest and ran her hands over him. He removed his sock and shoes. He was shivering somewhat with nervous anticipation. Next came the trousers and lastly she pulled his shorts off. His cock was already rock hard and she was already wet with anticipation. They lay on the bed side by side just running their hands over each other.

Lisa spoke to Greg and told him that it would be best if he were on top. Lisa lay on her back and Greg moved over the on top of her. As he lowered himself she grabbed hold of his penis and placed it at the entrance to her waiting opening. Greg could feel the lips of her cunt with the tip of his cock. He thrust forward with his body and his hard member slipped inside Lisa for the first time. Greg just lay there for a moment soaking up the sensations he had fantasized about for so many years. Lisa’s pussy just enveloped him, he could feel both the love and the lust of the girl beneath him. Slowing Greg started moving in and out of her. It all felt so natural, so right. Greg had been a little apprehensive that he would cum the moment got inside her, but he didn’t. Greg began to thrust with more force and Lisa began to move her hips to meet him. He could feel his ball slapping up against her.

Lisa felt him enter her, filling her up. She was so wet and he fit so well. She didn’t know what to expect from him. Would he cum immediately… if so that would be OK. As he started penetrating her with more force, she could feel his shaft pressing against her clit as his cock slid up and down against it. His whole body pressed against her as he made love to her. She reach around him and grabbed his beautiful ass with her hands encouraging him to penetrate her even deeper.

Greg could start to feel the build up inside him. He thrust harder and faster. Her hands on his ass felt great, telling him she needed him to fuck her. Finally his virgin penis exploded inside of her. She could feel his release as he came inside her. That brought her over the edge and he could feel Lisa’s body writhing under his as she came too.