City Pool Teaser

It was the summer before my junior year in college. As I’ve told you before, I was a piano major at O.S.U. I’d taken the summer off from classes, and I still lived at home with my parents. I had a part time job giving piano lessons at Pontone’s Music Store in Grove City, Ohio, which is a suburb of Columbus. While my Saturday morning lessons were booked solid, weekday afternoons were light. On those weekdays, when the weather was right, I’d lounge around the public pool in Grove City, and most nights I’d see local bands play with my boyfriend Jim.

One Thursday I went to the pool to work on my tan. It was a sunny July afternoon, close to 2:00. Earlier, in the restroom at Pontone’s, I changed into my skimpy blue two piece swimsuit. I pulled on a pair of loose jean cutoffs, added high heeled sandals, a ball cap and my sunglasses. Once at the pool, I walked over to the grassy area. There were a few cute gals sunbathing, but it was not too crowded, and I stopped near an attractive couple playing sun tan lotion touch and feel. Let me add that I have a fine figure, with nice tits and ass, I’m blonde and otherwise thin, 5’5 and 112 pounds.

I found a spot near some guys shooting baskets, and I positioned myself to get the guys’ attention. And their attention I got. One way – which always worked – was to drop my cutoffs while standing up. Unfastening them, I shimmied and let them fall. That done, I placed my towel within a few feet of the basketball court. Still standing, I reached behind and undid my bikini top. Slowly I pulled the straps off each shoulder, teasing the guys, holding my top against my breasts. I laid out on my stomach, giving them and everyone else watching me an ‘accidental’ flash of my bare boobs. Then I rose up on my elbows, so that just my nipples touched my towel. That pose I held for a few minutes, after I noticed the nearby attractive couple checking my bare chest out. Next I dropped back down on my stomach, with my legs spread open, and with nothing but my small bikini bottom keeping me from complete exposure.

After twenty minutes of hot sun, I needed to rotate. First I looked over at the guys, and when I saw them looking back at me moving, I held their stare. I rolled over facing their way, cupping my bikini top, making sure they got another quick flash of my bare boobs. Then I placed my top, loose, over my breasts. After tugging my bikini bottom up tight on my puffy puss, I spread my legs open, and I pretended to doze off.

In a while one of the basketball guys came over. He was tall, at least 6 feet, and I recognized him from school. A blond haired guy, square jaw, tight waist, he was handsome. He had been a year or two behind me at Grove City High School. In his baggy bathing suit and sneakers, and with his sweat shining in the afternoon sun, he sent an instant tingle through me.

“Hi Sheryl. Remember me?”

I thought for second.

“I’m Dan Hall, we were in marching band together.”

“No, I forgot” I joked, though this kid had certainly grown up in the past few years. I sat up and held my bikini top over my breasts.

“Looks like you’ve been getting a lot of sun”, he said.

As Dan spoke he was staring straight at my crotch. I drew my knees up, with my legs still open, which stretched the thin fabric almost inside me. He pressed his finger against my thigh, removed it, and the white print highlighted red sunburn. And he continued to stare as my bikini bottom slipped within the lips of my vagina.

“Yeah,” I said, “it’s a good day for sun. But…actually, I was planning on leaving soon. I’ve had enough sun today. I need to stop at the store and I’m going out tonight”. Wiggling, I slipped my arms back into the straps of my top. Dan stared at my tits and smiled when I let him catch a glimpse of my bare nipples.

“Still driving the VW?”

“Yes I am”, I said.

“Could you drop me off?” Dan asked.

“Sure, I’ll be happy to give you a ride” I said.

A few minutes later we were walking toward my old Rabbit. Dan had his tee shirt rolled around his neck, and I’d pulled my cutoffs over my bikini bottom. The parking lot was nearly empty and my car was away from the road. As I got in, Dan got in and he sat in the passenger’s seat. He leaned out the open window, and then turned toward me. Immediately he put his arm around me, pulled me over and tried to kiss me on the lips.

I pulled back, brushing him away, thinking about my new boyfriend, and that we were going out later that night. Dan didn’t stop, though.

“You sure looked nice out there today, Sheryl. You really have a great body”.

“Thanks, Dan, you’re not so bad yourself”.

“I’ve seen you before here, this summer, I’ve even watched you. You’re always good for a flash. You must like to show off.”

I laughed a little but didn’t really reply.

“Admit it, you do like showing off, don’t you Sheryl? You enjoyed flashing me and everyone else today.”

“Yeah…well, I mean, sure, I like it. I like it a lot…that’s why I come here. It’s a thrill.”

Dan reached for me again. I twisted a little, and tried to pull back. He scooted next to me. And while he held me tight with his left arm, he started feeling my boobs with his right hand. I couldn’t put up much of a fight, not really, I had been teasing him and leading him on. Actually I was glad he made a move on me, it was flattering.

“Now I’m going to have a better look at you, Sheryl. Your flashing has got me going. I won’t do you any harm.”

Dan then undid my bikini top, and he slipped the straps down my arms, taking it off. We were each bare chested. He tossed my top on the floor of the Rabbit. With his right hand he rubbed my boobs and he pinched my nipples.

“That’s nice. Arch your back and stick out your tits”.

I did just that, I love showing off my boobs. I put my hands in the air, on top of my head, as Dan looked at me. He sucked one nipple, and then the other. Relaxed, I leaned back and enjoyed. Then he unfastened my cutoffs, and in one quick tug he had my cutoffs and my bikini bottom down past my ankles. For an instant, I froze, but then I thought “why not?” He wants to see me nude. I’m ok with that. The attention was great. Dan opened my legs and began finger fucking me, as we melt into long French kisses. I spread my legs wide for him. All my resistance had evaporated.

I reached over and rubbed Dan’s cock through his baggies. He got the hint, and he pulled his suit down. I began stroking his young hard dick, focusing on it, feeling it grow in my hand. His prick became the center of my attention, as I eyed it from every angle. Then I slid over on the Rabbit’s seat, leaned down and tongued the head of Dan’s dick. I rubbed his cock on my cheeks, over my nose and under my chin.

“Wait a second”, he said, “sit straight up.”

I did as he asked, though I wondered why.

“Spread your legs for me.”

I opened as wide as I could while Dan studied my body. We continued kissing. Dan fingered my vagina, and ran his middle finger up and over my clitoris, as I sat in my car nude with him.

“Now turn around for me. I want to see all of you.”

My left hand found the seat lever, and I pushed the car seat all the way back. Dan did the same. I turned around as best I could, avoiding the steering wheel, and gave Dan a good show of my bare backside.

“Open your legs again Sheryl.”

I lifted my right leg up. Dan cupped my ass cheeks and spread them, examining my anus and my puss from behind. He slipped his fingers back in my vagina, he massaged my butt from behind and I felt my fluids running through my body.

“Get up and lean out the window”, Dan said, “and stick your ass back”.

I leaned out as he asked, and he got up on the seat. But then I felt him on top of me, from behind, and his hard penis bumping at my vagina. Dan thought that I would let him screw me, but I had other thoughts. I had a date that night. No way was I going to have my new boyfriend find my puss already fucked by some guy I picked up at the pool. I swung back around, quickly, and went down on Dan. Most guys, and I’d known this for years, prefer blow jobs first. I had Dan’s cock in my mouth as he knelt, bent forward, on the seat of the Rabbit. His swollen penis filled my mouth nicely, big enough to fill it, but not so big – like my boyfriend Jim’s – as to hurt. While sucking his prick, I nudged him into sitting back on the seat of the Rabbit. As I was rubbing his balls and bobbing my head, I realized that Dan was just nineteen, and years younger than I was. And he was a high school classmate of my new boyfriend Jim Rieces.

It didn’t take long to finish off Dan. A few minutes of sucking, and Dan was shooting his healthy sweet sperm in my mouth. I continued sucking him until he went soft, swallowing every drop he had for me. Then he sat back, spent, in silence. Maybe it was the basketball, maybe the heat, Dan was out of energy. I moved around and put my suit back on, Dan did the same. We sat there for several minutes, saying nothing.

“Where do you want me to take you?” I asked.

“Nowhere” Dan replied. “I just said that to get you in your car. With all your teasing me, I wanted to see you nude. I don’t mind a tease, if the girl delivers, but I hate to be led on. And I know your new boyfriend Jim. Give him my regards.” Dan then got out of my car and walked away.

That evening, I was nude in bed with my boyfriend Jim, taking his big dick inside me in as many ways as I could. An earlier shower, some hot peppers and a cola, had rid myself of all of Dan’s scents and smells. I never went back to the Grove City pool, not that summer at least. A year later, I married Jim.