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City Pool Teaser

It was the summer before my junior year in college. As I’ve told you before, I was a piano major at O.S.U. I’d taken the summer off from classes, and I still lived at home with my parents. I had a part time job giving piano lessons at Pontone’s Music Store in Grove City, Ohio, which is a suburb of Columbus. While my Saturday morning lessons were booked solid, weekday afternoons were light. On those weekdays, when the weather was right, I’d lounge around the public pool in Grove City, and most nights I’d see local bands play with my boyfriend Jim.

One Thursday I went to the pool to work on my tan. It was a sunny July afternoon, close to 2:00. Earlier, in the restroom at Pontone’s, I changed into my skimpy blue two piece swimsuit. I pulled on a pair of loose jean cutoffs, added high heeled sandals, a ball cap and my sunglasses. Once at the pool, I walked over to the grassy area. There were a few cute gals sunbathing, but it was not too crowded, and I stopped near an attractive couple playing sun tan lotion touch and feel. Let me add that I have a fine figure, with nice tits and ass, I’m blonde and otherwise thin, 5’5 and 112 pounds.

I found a spot near some guys shooting baskets, and I positioned myself to get the guys’ attention. And their attention I got. One way – which always worked – was to drop my cutoffs while standing up. Unfastening them, I shimmied and let them fall. That done, I placed my towel within a few feet of the basketball court. Still standing, I reached behind and undid my bikini top. Slowly I pulled the straps off each shoulder, teasing the guys, holding my top against my breasts. I laid out on my stomach, giving them and everyone else watching me an ‘accidental’ flash of my bare boobs. Then I rose up on my elbows, so that just my nipples touched my towel. That pose I held for a few minutes, after I noticed the nearby attractive couple checking my bare chest out. Next I dropped back down on my stomach, with my legs spread open, and with nothing but my small bikini bottom keeping me from complete exposure.