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Seducing Greg

Greg really wasn’t into dating in High School. He was heavily into his many activities, especially music, and besides he was too shy to pursue dating. So, off to college he went, inexperienced in the ways of girls and dating.

After being at the university for 6 months, he first met Lisa at work. Lisa and Greg had both been assigned to student work in the Music Library. They were both music majors. Greg was a smart ass know it all conducting major, while Lisa was a confidant and out going sophomore who played the cello. They would talk about music and school gossip during their hours working together. Greg lived in the scholar dorms where he had a single room and communal bathroom. Lisa lived nearby with 3 other girls in an off campus rental house.

Greg had a rather extensive record collection and Lisa and he often discussed the performance interpretations by various artists. Over time Lisa and Greg sometimes walked home together after a stint working at the library and would stop by Greg’s room to listen to some recordings. Lisa eventually began to occasionally stop by unannounced and they would listen to music or just talk. Lisa enjoyed being with Greg, he was interesting to talk to enjoyable to be with. Greg had blue eyes with sandy colored hair and was medium height and slim body. Lisa liked his warm smile and thought he had a great set of buns.

Lisa was interested in Greg but was sort of dating someone else. Also, she never heard Greg talk about girls or old girl friends. Was he not interested in dating? Was he gay? Lisa even quizzed some of her gay friends to see what they knew about him. Other than agreeing that Greg did indeed have a nice ass, they were unaware of his leanings either way. Lisa occasionally mentioned her boyfriend to Greg hoping to get a reaction out of him, or have him remark about some of the girls he might have dated, but he said nothing.

Greg enjoyed spending time with Lisa. She was a smart girl and didn’t let any of his smart remarks go unchallenged. Lisa was short, about 5′ 2″, slim with black curly hair and brown eyes. She had nice “college girl” figure, with firm breasts and a cute butt.