Prom Date

My sexy and beautiful wife Lynn, a 33 year old blonde bomb shell, and I live next do to an older couple that has an 18 year old son. He is a senior in high school. Mark is a football star and is built accordingly with muscles throughout his young body. He is quite arrogant and always seems to get what he wants whether it is fast cars or hot sexy women. I’ve found out that he wants my hot sexy wife and that he wants to date her and show her off to his friends. I found out later that my wife wanted the young stud also.

Mark often did house work for me such as lawn mowing and pool cleaning. Although I paid him well for his services, I don’t think he did it for the cash. I think he did it to get closer to my sexy wife. When I would come home from work they would often be inside cuddled up on the couch watching movies or something to that extent. They would quickly seperate when I would come in the room and as soon as I would leave, they would be right back together. I knew that they were making out and stuff because when he left for the night, her red lipstick would be smeared and she was hot for sex. I think she liked the attention that the young stud showed her. Young Mark was always holding her hand or had his arm around her. I couldn’t blame the young stud as Lynn was a living cock tease and always dressed in flirty younger styles such as short shorts and mini skirts. I loved to look at her myself and I know that young Mark loved to look also. I would often fantasize about him taking my wife and making her his and I even wrote sexy stories about him doing so. We even fantasized together and Lynn would really get hot when I told her about how erotic and exciting it was fantasizing about him taking her from me. Lynn would always tell me about the young girls that he would date on just about every weekend and I would tease her about being jealous of them. She would roll her eyes at me and say that she was not jealous just concerned as Mark was such a heartbreaker. I bet he could even break my heart too, she said, just like in those perverted stories you write about me and him. You probably even want me and him getting it on in front of you for real, don’t you. Mark was always sexing a different girl or at least it appeared that way and I did secretly wish that he would take my wife.

One day Mark and I was washing my wifes car and he mentioned that his senior prom was next friday. I asked him who he was taking and he said that he was taking Lynn. Oh, I said, do you think my wife will go if you ask her? Mark looked at me and said, I know she will go with me I have already asked her to be my date and he had a smirk on his face as he said it. Jealously I said, I don’t think that I want my wife to be your date. He then said that it wasn’t my choice, she was going to go with him and thats that! The young man stood in my face and said, your wife showed me the stories that you wrote about she and I being together and how you want to be cuckolded by me and now you are going to get what you’ve wanted. I was extremely humiliated, why would my wife let him read of my fantasies, did she want him to fuck her or was he already sexing my wife. He told me to finish washing her car and that he was going to go inside and talk with my wife, his prom date. He walked into my house like it was his own and shut the door behind him. It took me about 30 minutes to finish washing her car and as I tried to enter into my house I discovered that the doors were locked.

I knocked loudly only there was no reply. I was getting jealous of this arrogant young stud who thinks that he can take my wife whenever he wants. Was my fantasy becoming true? I knocked again and I finally heard my wife say” just a minute”.When she opened the door my eyes nearly popped out of my head. She smiled at me as she let me in. I noticed that she was wearing a new bikini that I had never seen before. It was made of a shiny bright red vinyl and had a snake skin pattern to it. The top barely contained her d-cup breasts and the bottom was a thong. Her tight firm ass cheeks were fully exposed, the narrow strip of material in front showed most of her shaved pubic mound and the side straps were high on her sexy hips. Along with the high heels she was wearing and hoop earings she was a very sexy sight to behold. I stood in shock at her daring appearance and I asked her where Mark was. Rather defiantly, she said that he was downloading the pictures he just took of her on my computer. So thats what you two were doing while I washed your car I said, and in a coy teasing manner she bit her lower lip and twisted one of her high heels and softly whispered yes. I asked her where she got the new bikini and she said that Mark had bought it for her, with my money she spitefully said. She twirled around and asked if I liked it. I told her that she looked like a slut and for her to tell him to get the hell out of my house. She said that I could tell him myself, that was if I was man enough to do so but she didn’t think I could. In a jealous rage I stormed past her and she followed teetering on her sexy high heels. When I entered the computer room I discovered that he was reading my latest story about my wife cuckolding me with a young stud from the neighborhood, him to be exact. I didn’t say a word, I just stood there embarrassed that he knew my secret. My wife scooted past me a sat her sexy hot ass onto Marks lap and started reading along with him. I watched as Lynn squirmed on his lap and one of his fingers went to her married pussy and the other went to her luscious mouth. He stopped reading and whispered in Lynn’s ear, your hubby wants to lick my creme from your pussy doesn’t he, and she moaned her answer as she suckled his finger. You want my large cock in your married pussy don’t you baby, again she moaned as his finger in her pussy brought her to a small orgasm. Why don’t we show hubby who owns your tight little pussy now, fuck me in front of him, show him who your new man is.

Lynn rose up, reached between her legs and extracted his large, young, potent cock from his shorts. She slowly masturbated his young cock and looked into my eyes, still sucking on his finger mind you. Mark then said to me, get on your knees wimp, between our legs, you are going to help me fuck your wife. I did as Mark instructed and placed myself into position. He then said, show your little dick to your wife, and I quickly pushed my shorts down allowing my hard meager offering to spring out, all 6″ of it. He told my wife, it’s no wonder you want me, Jamie’s almost twice my age but I have twice as much cock to give you than he does, and they laughed. She laughed louder than he did. He then told me to pull her thong bikini crotch to the side and to insert his cock head into my wifes married pussy. She said yes cuckold, put my lovers cock in my pussy for me. I told him to wait and that I would go and get one of our condoms for him to wear, we always use them to keep her from becoming pregnant. He shook my wife and she looked at me, spit out his finger and said, not this time I want him bare and unprotected, I want him in my pussy for real this time, no more rubbers for him.

She had been slowly masturbating his young cock and some pre-cum had already leaked from his tip. I slowly grasped his large shaft, pulled the thong bikini to one side and rubbed his cock head around her shaved pussy lips and his busy finger, the pre-cum making her wet and shiny. She smiled down at me as I did this, moving her hips to keep me from hitting her target. After finally finding her entrance, I placed his large cock head into her opening and helped him push his fat young cock into my wife. I looked up from between their legs and saw that my wifes eyes were now closed but young mark was staring at me. He slowly lowered my wife impailing her onto his large young cock. She moaned loudly as his cock slipped past her cervix and entered into the opening of her womb. Once he was fully embedded into her tight married pussy he started picking her up and down with his strong powerful arms fucking her onto his young cock. I was jacking off my little dick as they coupled. I watched as her wetness ran out of her and down his long shaft then dripped from his large cum filled ball sack. She twisted her head back and accepted his tongue into her mouth. After kissing him she whispered something in his ear. Mark then said to me, she wants you to lick her clitoris as I fuck her and don’t stop untill I tell you too. I leaned forward and took her hard clit between my lips and started sucking. She shuttered through one orgasm after another and I had to pull away to keep from getting my nose broken as they fucked. She was saying all kinds of sexy things, fuck me lover, make me your wife, she even said the L word.

Mark said that he was going to cum and I watched as his large balls drew up in preparation to shoot his young potent seed into my wifes unprotected pussy. I sat back and witnessed his contractions as he pumped my wifes belly full of his sperm. She moaned loudly as it hit the insides of her pussy and she shook through another orgasm. Lynn ground her hips, milking the sperm from deep inside is large balls and extracting all of it that she could get. “You’ve fucked me, you’ve really fucked me” she said. After his large balls were drained of the potent fluid, they passionately kissed. Mark looked at me hopelessly masturbating and told me to lay on my back. He lifted my wife off of his cock and had her staddle my mouth. She laughed as his young cum dripped from her married pussy into my sucking mouth. I did my best to extract the load that he had placed deep into her pussy. I looked up from between her legs and saw that she had her young lovers cock in her mouth, she was trying to suck out any remaining sperm, but there couldn’t have been much left as most was shot skillfully and deeply into her welcoming body . After it was over, they went into the master bedroom and shut and locked the door. I was left to masturbate myself to orgasm.

It was about three hours later when Mark emerged from my bedroom. I was sitting on the sofa folding my wifes lingerie that I had just hand washed. He said that I was not to touch his girlfriend anymore or he would kick my ass. I said, but she is my wife not yours, I can touch her if I want to. Just then my wife walked into the living room, she was wearing the pink lace babydoll nightie that I had bought her for our anniversary last year and she was very sexy. She wrapped her arms around her young lover and french kissed him. While their tongues explored each others mouths I noticed a twinkle on her ring finger. She was wearing Marks class ring instead of her wedding ring. I was humilated as I knew that this young man had made me a cuckold and my wife had allowed it to happen. When they broke their kiss my wife said that she wouldn’t allow me to ever fuck her again because her new man could do it better and that he satisfied her more than I ever did. I sat quietly as I knew that this young boy had taken my wife. Mark went home to change his clothes as he was going to spend the night at my house, to be more exact spend it in bed with my sexy wife. I asked her if it was true that he was taking her to his high school prom and she said yes. I then asked her about the class ring and about why she had taken off her wedding ring. She said that Mark had asked her to be his steady girlfriend which she gladly accepted, she also said that it was Marks idea to remove her wedding ring and replace it with his because he wanted to be able to show his friends that she was his girl now and she giggled at the sad expression on my face. I asked her what this meant to us and she laughed at my jealously and said, this ring is proof to show you who it is that is fucking me now. The young man has a crush on me and I have a crush on him also, somewhat like puppy love I would say. So you just shut up and enjoy being a wimpy cuckold for now. He will probably fuck me for a while, knock me up and then move on to another little bitch but untill then I belong to Mark, you got that cucky. Yes dear I shamefully said, bowing my head in humilation. She said that Mark was taking her out tonight to pick out a dress for her to wear to his prom and to buy some slutty lingerie to wear underneath the outfit. She also left me instructions to change and wash the bed sheets as there was several large cum stains on them. My pussy just could’nt hold all of his sperm she giggled. That evening, I watched my wife shave her pussy for Mark when she was in the bath tub and then helped her dress afterward in a mini skirt and tight top. She kept praising her young lover over and over as I assisted in dressing my sexy wife. She told me, remember this was what you wanted, to be cuckolded by a 18 year old boy with a huge cock only now, I want him also. Yes dear I said in shame.

Mark returned an hour later and lovingly kissed my sexy wife, he asked her if she had missed him and she shook her head yes. He asked her if I had tried to touch her and she looked me directly in the eyes and with a smirk on her face, told him that I had tried to fuck her. He turned to me in a jealous rage and slapped me across my face. I could hear my wife laughing as I stumbled and fell. He was about to kick me when Lynn stopped her young lover by kissing his mouth with her tongue telling him that it was okay and not to” hurt me to bad”. He then kicked me in the balls and as I doubled up in pain, he said that he told me not to touch his girlfriend and if he ever hears of it again he will put me in the hospital the next time. My wife was giggling and once again started kissing her young lover. I watched from the floor as my wife pulled out his hard young cock, squatted down and proceeded to suck him off. I cradled my aching balls as she lovingly cradled his and allowed him to shoot his young sperm down her throat. After he came they straightened up and holding hands left our house.

When the couple returned Mark sent me to the car to retrieve the bags. I later found out that it was me who had paid for the purchases which totaled well over $500.00. My sexy wife said that she would buy anything to make her young lover happy and it appeared that he was happy. I wasn’t happy, I had to sleep on the couch while they slept in our bed. Lynn then told me that she had a suprize for me but would show me later if her boyfriend didn’t mind. Before they dissappeared into the bedroom, they left me with instructions to have their breakfast ready in the morning and to sleep well on the couch. I masturbated as I listened to my wifes cries of pleasure as she rode her young studs cock into the wee hours of the morning.

At 10am, the lovers awoke and wanted their breakfast in bed. I served them and then watched as Lynn took care of her young lovers morning erection. As he fucked his large cock into her I noticed a strange sparkle coming from her pussy lips. She giggled when she saw me notice the piercing and then her young lover pulled her right breast free of her nightie and showed me the other piercing through her tit. After he came inside my wife they wanted to shower together, to wash away the love that he left inside her married pussy. They had me warm the water and then stepped into my shower. They must have fucked again as they were in the shower well over an hour and when it was my turn to shower the water was freezing cold. When Mark left later that morning, I asked her about the new jewelry she was wearing. She said that her lover wanted her “marked” and demanded the piercings on her pussy and tits, so when we were out last night he had me get it done, I wanted him to “mark me” she said after all I am his woman now.

On the day of the prom I helped my wife prepare for her lover. I shaved her long sexy legs and was allowed to shave her pussy also but only while she talked with Mark on the phone, that way she could tell on me if I touched her in a inappropriate manner and then Mark would kick my ass again. I also gave her a manicure and pedicure, painting her nails and toes a bright cherry red and then helped with her hair and make up. Mark had also made me take her wedding and engagement rings to the local jewelers and have them fashioned into rings for her pussy and nipple. As I inserted the wedding ring into her clit, she told me to lean forward and kiss the wedding ring that I had given her on our wedding day. Lynn allowed me to kiss and lick at her pussy untill she had an orgasm, then she said that she was going to tell Mark that I had taken advantage of her and he would kick my cuckolded ass for sure. I begged her not to tell her boyfriend and that I would never try to touch his pussy again. She said that she would think about it but first she needed to finish dressing. You do want to dress me for my lover don’t you cucky. Yes dear was my reply.

I wrapped the expensive black lace quarter cup bustier around my sexy wifes body and pulled it as tight as it would go. They bought it two sizes smaller so it was very tight and made her figure that much more sexy. She then had me place her feet into the black lace top seamed stockings and slide them up her thighs hooking them to the bustiers garter straps. I made sure the seams were perfect before putting her black lace panties on. I tried to smooth the wrinkles in her real silk stockings but it was useless, the wrinkles would show no matter what I did. Next I placed her small feet into a pair of 5 inch black stiletto heels and carefully buckled the ankle straps. She then told me to spread my legs as she was going to punish me for licking her lovers pussy. She told me to start jacking off my little dick and to tell her when I am about to cum. I was on my knees with my legs spread wide when I said that I was about to ejaculate. Lynn kicked me in the balls with her pointed high heels as the cum gushed out of my dick. Each squirt was met with another kick and I just about passed out from the pain that my sexy wife was inflicting to my groin. She laughed at my discomfort and asked me if I loved her to which I said yes. She said that I was useless to her as a husband and that she needed Marks young cock to satisfy her married pussy.

After my punishment was complete, I continued to dress my sexy wife. I put some sexy black lace gloves on her hands(the fingerless kind) and snapped a black lace choker around her slim neck. She stood before me and was the living sex dream that I have always wanted, but it was all for her teenage lover not her cuckolded hubby. Her hard exposed nipples were very prominant especially the one with the nipple ring and I wanted to suckle her breasts badly. She had me zip her into a 14 inch long black leather and lace mini skirt and then adjust her garter straps up so that her stocking tops wouldn’t show. I adjusted her garters until the only part of her black silk stockings that showed was a small portion of the darker bands at the top and even then when she walked the shiny chrome stocking clasps would often come into view. I helped her with her black leather bolero style jacket which only came half way down her stomache leaving a large part of her lace bustier exposed and it only had one button to hold the jacket together. She checked her appearance in front of the mirror and did a pirouett making her mini fan out exposing her black lace panties. She was satisfied and had me call her young lover on the phone to tell him that my sexy wife was ready for the prom.

Mark told me to walk my wife over to his house because his parents wanted to take some pictures. Then I would leave and pick up the limo that I had rented for them and drive them to his high school prom. I was extremely embarrassed to have his mom and dad know that he was taking Lynn to his prom and also that she was dressed so sexy and slutty. I walked my sexy wife to his house and rang the door bell. Marks mother opened the door and was shocked to see us, the couple from next door, standing on their porch. I spoke first and said that my wife was their sons date for the prom and that I was delivering her as instructed. His mother must have thought it was some kind of a joke but Mark stepped up and said it was the truth, my wife was his date and gave Lynn an erotic open mouth kiss in front of me and his mother. His mom was shocked to say the least. Mark told me to go and pick up the limo and that they would be ready to go in about an hour. He and my wife held hands as they entered his house so his parents could take pictures of the lovers.

As I drove the rented limo back to his house, I tried to imagine what type of pictures was being taken as I knew that he would pose my sexy wife in a provocative fashion. They probably had some taken of them french kissing each other I thought to myself and my little dick grew hard in my pants. I pulled up and sounded the horn to let them know I was there. I opened the back door as they approached and before getting in he frenched his girlfriend in front of me. Lynn giggled as she slid into the large leather rear seat flashing her silk stockings at me as she did. Mark got in my face and wanted to know what the hell I was looking at and I told him that his girlfriend was a beautiful woman who was very lucky to have him as her date for tonight. He laughed in my face and told me that she was his next door neighbors wife and that he was a wimp cuckold that could not please her because he had a small little peepee. He saw the humiliation on my face and told me to get in front and drive. He rolled the privacy screen down and gave me the address to his best friends house and said that we were picking his friend up as he was going stag to the prom and needed a ride.

I followed his directions to his friends house and pulled up in front and honked the horn. I then got out and opened the rear door and allowed his equally muscled young friend to enter the limo joining the lovers that were already inside. I shut the door and returned to the drivers position. Once seated, the privicy screen came down and I asked, “where to sir” to which I heard my wife giggle. Mark said that I was to drive to the city park on the hill so I could take some pictures for him. As I drove I heard him introduce his “girlfriend” to his friend and I found out his name was Rick. Rick told Mark that his date was real sexy and that he could see under her short skirt to her panty covered cunt and my wife blushed upon hearing his crude statement. Mark told my wife to spread her long sexy legs and really show his friend her married pussy. Married, said Rick, who’s bitch is she? She’s my bitch Mark said, she’s married to my next door neighbor and I’m fucking her married pussy because he can’t do a proper job can he my love, no Lynn replied you are enough of a man for me lover. She slowly spread her legs exposing her black silk pantied pussy to Rick. Damn, she’s a real hottie isn’t she Rick said. I sure would like to see more. Mark told her to remove her panties and show off her ring. She removed her sexy panties and tossed them up front so that I would know that her bare shaved pussy was now on display. Mark then started pulling on my wifes clit ring making her pussy get wet. He pulled real hard making her follow his fingers with her hips, she moaned loudly, then he would let go and she would sit back down only for him to drag her up again. Mark told her to fuck his friend and she obeyed his demand. My wife leaned forward and reached down opening his pants. She extracted his large cock and jacked him to get him hard. As his tool hardened she placed her lips to the head and opened her lusious lips letting him slide into her throat. After he was good and ready, she unrolled a condom over his hard cock, straddled his lap and guided his cock deep into her pussy.

They french kissed as his cock penetrated the depths of her married pussy. Mark asked his friend if she was fucking him good and he moaned loudly. She was staring at me through the rearview mirror and had a slight smirk on her face then she looked back at Mark who now had his cock out stroking his long shaft. He came up behind my wife and whispered something into her ear. She nodded her head yes and looked back at me and said, “fuck my ass lover, fuck me the both of you”. Mark unwrapped a condom and rolled it down his long shaft. He then rubbed his cock around her pussy, gathering his friends and my wifes juices and then dragging it up to her virgin ass hole. He placed his cock head at her small opening and pushed. He slowly pushed until he was balls deep in my wifes ass and then he and Rick started fucking. She cried out as orgasm after orgasm swept through her body. I was told to take pictures of their fuck fest so he could show his other friends. As Rick approached orgasm, Mark told him to pull out and cum in her mouth. Mark pulled out of her ass, removed the condom he was wearing and replaced his friends cock with his in her wet pussy. She swallowed Ricks cum as Mark shot load after load of potent sperm into her unprotected married pussy. She was begging him for his love juice. I believe that a picture I took that night showed my wife conceiving his baby. After the prom, I drove my wife and Mark back to our house where they made love throughout the night in what was once mine and my wifes bed. My fantasy came true when he proposed.


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