Visiting Old Friends

Last year I had to take a trip to one of our plants on the west coast so I called up an old friend Mike and suggested we meet for dinner. He transferred about 5 years earlier but had recently left the company and I had not met up with him in 2-3 years and not seen his wife since they moved.

My wife and I were always good friends with Mike and Molly and they are about the same age as us but Molly was the opposite of my wife. My wife was 5″1 and very petite even after 3 kids. Molly was about 5’8″ with a nice body with a few extra pounds after kids but still very sexy. I always caught myself staring at her sexy boobs wanting to touch them but thinking I would never get the chance. Even my wife commented that Molly had nice tits.

I got there on Sunday and I met them for dinner on Monday at their house. It was a nice dinner and then we sat on the patio and talked until 1am before I headed back to the hotel. We talked about meeting up on Wednesday and Mike said he had to check some things and would get back to me.

Molly was looking hotter than even and had lost probably 15-20 pounds which really made her breasts stand out with her nipples getting hard as the cool breeze came in. More than once I caught myself flirting with Molly and Mike seemed to almost encourage it and Molly was flirting right back. When I got back to the hotel room I had to jack off to the thought of those delicious boobs and pictured myself spraying all over them.

On Tuesday Mike never called and then finally on Wednesday he left a message on the hotel phone that they would pick me up for dinner around 6:30PM and then there was a 2nd message which surprised me. It was Mike again and he said he was not able to make it but Molly would be meeting me. There was a pause and I could hear him whisper something to Molly and then Mike said that she is mine for the night and he was not expecting her home until morning, enjoy and then he said, “I know she is looking forward to it!”

Not sure what to make of the message and I noticed that it was quarter to 6 so I decided to take a quick shower. I shaved and showered and I was brushing my teeth when I heard a knock at the door figuring it was housekeeping with the extra pillows I requested. I put on a towel and opened the door slightly to see who was there and to my surprise it was Molly. She was wearing a one piece dress and it did not go much below her crotch and by looking at her nipples poking through the fabric I was pretty sure she was not wearing a bra. She looked hot!

She pushed the door open to see me in just the towel and then said that she had a pretty skimpy outfit on but mine was definitely smaller but it was ok with her. We figured out that Mike had told her 6pm and me 6:30pm and then Molly said it didn’t matter and she walked over and gave me a long kiss which only reaffirmed the last part of Mike’s message. Not sure what I did to deserve it but Molly was mine for the night.

As we were kissing she grabbed the towel and with one light pull it was gone and I was there naked with a growing hard on. She grabbed a hold of it and stroked it a little and kept kissing me and then pushed me onto the bed and she knelt down on the floor and took me in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. It did not take long before I could feel the pressure building up and she kept working on me and then stood up and climbed onto my lap and pulled her panties to the side and lowered her self onto me and my clock slid into her pussy.

I could not take it and I pulled her dress over her head and buried my face into those boobs as she worked herself up and down on my cock. She was enjoying me sucking on one boob as I pinched the nipple on the other one. This was driving her crazy and she came with an intense orgasm and I grabbed her and flipped her over on to the bed and started fucking her hard and fast until I unloaded my cum deep into her pussy. I kept my cock in her and worked it in and out for a couple minutes and we kissed and then she said that was a good way to work up an appetite and she was hungry. We kissed some more and then got up and got dressed and she said she knows what she wants for dessert and winked and we headed out.

We had about a 20 minute drive but Molly wanted to stop by her house to pick something up. She said Mike and the kids were gone at a school function. When we got there she said lets go in and have a drink before heading out and we grabbed a couple beers and then she had to run up to her room. I waited and then she said to come up and help her with something.

When I got to her room she was lying on the bed with her legs spread. The camera was set up and she said she wanted to give Mike something to watch when he gets home. She told me to get undressed and to fuck her.

I got undressed and up on the bed and then I told her to roll over and I had her get on all fours and I mounted her from behind and I rammed it as deep and hard as I could into her pussy. She said, “Yeah, fuck me hard and fast!”

I grabbed her hips and started pounding her hard and fucked her fast and she came and then I followed by burying my cock deep in her and deposited my load of cum. I pulled out and she rolled over and spread her legs to the camera and said, “Look at what his big cock left in my pussy.” She then got up and hit stop and she said we better get going and we got dressed and left.

We got a booth at the restaurant and we sat together. All through dinner she kept rubbing my leg and crotch area and I slid her panties to the side and put two fingers in her cum soaked pussy and then pulled them out and fed them to her. She gladly liked them clean and guided my hand again to her pussy and this time she put the fingers to my mouth to taste both of our juices.

We kept driving each other crazy and we quickly paid the tab and left. It was late and the parking lot was almost empty. Molly sat on the hood of the car and said, “Fuck me right now, right her!”

I walked up to her, undid my pants to get my hard cock out, pulled her panties to the side and buried my cock deep inside of her and fucked until she screamed out with an orgasm and I rammed it deep and unloaded another load of cum into her pussy.

We headed back to my hotel room and I needed a little bit of a rest. Molly saw the Jacuzzi tub in the room and she filled it up and put in some bubble bath and we jumped in and talked for almost an hour. It was getting late so we turned on the TV and climbed into bed. She started touching my cock as I held her and it took a while but slowly it was hard again. She went under the covers and took me into her mouth and started giving me a blow job.

I was really enjoying her lips wrapped around my cock and looking forward to unloading in her mouth. As I was getting close to cumming she released me from her mouth and said she had to have that cock in her one more time and she climbed on top of me and lowered herself onto my waiting six and a half inches. Her pussy was hot and wet in anticipation and I slid in quite easily.

She then worked herself up and down faster and faster until I exploded into her pussy one more time. She kept riding my cock for a couple more minutes until she came again. We sat that way holding each other and kissing and then she slid off me and we fell asleep in each others arms.

We had a quick fuck in the morning and then I had to get ready to fly home and she also had to get back home. I went to take a shower and when I got back she was gone but left a note. The note explained why this happened. She said they decided they wanted another child but Mike had a vasectomy and they considered various options and then when I came to town they decided that I would be a good sperm donor.

They always loved me and Mike and I looked similar, almost like brothers, so they figured no one would ever know. Molly did get pregnant and fortunately later that year they decided to move back to our town so we see them often and my wife and I were the godparents of their new baby. Molly and I still hook up once in a while but now I wear a condom.