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Prom Date

My sexy and beautiful wife Lynn, a 33 year old blonde bomb shell, and I live next do to an older couple that has an 18 year old son. He is a senior in high school. Mark is a football star and is built accordingly with muscles throughout his young body. He is quite arrogant and always seems to get what he wants whether it is fast cars or hot sexy women. I’ve found out that he wants my hot sexy wife and that he wants to date her and show her off to his friends. I found out later that my wife wanted the young stud also.

Mark often did house work for me such as lawn mowing and pool cleaning. Although I paid him well for his services, I don’t think he did it for the cash. I think he did it to get closer to my sexy wife. When I would come home from work they would often be inside cuddled up on the couch watching movies or something to that extent. They would quickly seperate when I would come in the room and as soon as I would leave, they would be right back together. I knew that they were making out and stuff because when he left for the night, her red lipstick would be smeared and she was hot for sex. I think she liked the attention that the young stud showed her. Young Mark was always holding her hand or had his arm around her. I couldn’t blame the young stud as Lynn was a living cock tease and always dressed in flirty younger styles such as short shorts and mini skirts. I loved to look at her myself and I know that young Mark loved to look also. I would often fantasize about him taking my wife and making her his and I even wrote sexy stories about him doing so. We even fantasized together and Lynn would really get hot when I told her about how erotic and exciting it was fantasizing about him taking her from me. Lynn would always tell me about the young girls that he would date on just about every weekend and I would tease her about being jealous of them. She would roll her eyes at me and say that she was not jealous just concerned as Mark was such a heartbreaker. I bet he could even break my heart too, she said, just like in those perverted stories you write about me and him. You probably even want me and him getting it on in front of you for real, don’t you. Mark was always sexing a different girl or at least it appeared that way and I did secretly wish that he would take my wife.

One day Mark and I was washing my wifes car and he mentioned that his senior prom was next friday. I asked him who he was taking and he said that he was taking Lynn. Oh, I said, do you think my wife will go if you ask her? Mark looked at me and said, I know she will go with me I have already asked her to be my date and he had a smirk on his face as he said it. Jealously I said, I don’t think that I want my wife to be your date. He then said that it wasn’t my choice, she was going to go with him and thats that! The young man stood in my face and said, your wife showed me the stories that you wrote about she and I being together and how you want to be cuckolded by me and now you are going to get what you’ve wanted. I was extremely humiliated, why would my wife let him read of my fantasies, did she want him to fuck her or was he already sexing my wife. He told me to finish washing her car and that he was going to go inside and talk with my wife, his prom date. He walked into my house like it was his own and shut the door behind him. It took me about 30 minutes to finish washing her car and as I tried to enter into my house I discovered that the doors were locked.