Bob and Nancy are on vacation. Bob is 46 and nice looking and Nancy is 44 with a nice body and a very attractive woman. Bob is 5′ 9″ and 150 lbs and Nancy is 5’5 and 130 lbs. One evening they decided to dress up a little and go out for dinner at a local restaurant. Nancy wore a halter top type dress that accented her size D breast. The dress was tight against her body to the waist and then was full from there down to where it ended on the middle of her thigh. She was very sexy looking and Bob wore a casual shirt and pants.

At dinner Bob and Nancy order there meal and had a drink while waiting. Bob or Nancy did not drink very often. As the meal ended Nancy said she was feeling the drink. She suggested that they go out to a local night club for some dancing when they finished dinner.

It was about 8:30 when they arrived at the club and not many people was there yet. They got a table and ordered drinks. Bob and Nancy danced to a few of the dances. They sit down after the last dance for a rest just talking to each other. Nancy commented about the young man at the bar. He was muscular and very handsome and looked to be in his early 20’s.

Nancy was staring at him and the next thing he came over and asked her to dance. Nancy asked me and I said it was ok with me. They danced 3 or 4 fast dances and they there was a slow dance. As they danced I notice that every time he moved his leg it was going between Nancy’s legs touching her crouch. He was also holding her close to his chest and had his head on her shoulder. It was dim in the club but I could swear he was kissing her neck during the dance and moving his body to rub her breast against his chest.

When they returned from the dance she sat down and he walked back to the bar. Nancy was hot and drank the rest of her drink down all at once. The waitress brought two more drinks and said they were from the man at the bar. I told her to slow down and not drink so fast but she said she was thirsty. Nancy said his name was Jim and he was doing construction work in the area.

Bob noticed Nancy’s nipples were sticking out and hard as a rock. Bob said something to Nancy and she said he had really turned her on while dancing. Bob asked how and Nancy said when he moved he rubbed her nipples against his strong chest and also moved his leg against her pussy. Nancy said she could feel his hardness against the side of her leg and he was huge. Nancy had never said anything like that before and had never been with anyone else.

Bob asked if she wanted to fuck him and she didn’t answer, she just gave Bob a kiss.

Bob and Nancy danced a few more dances and Nancy had more to drink, complements of the man at the bar. Now the club was really crowded and Jim came over and asked Nancy to dance again. The dance floor was crowded and I couldn’t see them very good. During the slow dancing it looked like Jim has his hand on Nancy’s tits and was rubbing her ass.

When Nancy came back to the table they both sit down and Nancy put down another drink really fast. Her face was flush and I could tell she was horny. I reached under the table and moved my hands between Nancy’s legs and moved my hand up to her pussy. Yes she was hot and horny because her panties were wet. I moved my hand away and whispered in her ear about her being so wet.

Nancy said she was horny and needed to be fucked soon. I have never seen her act or talk like this before. I noticed Jim’s hand was under the table for awhile so I dropped a straw and bent down to get it so I could see what he was doing. He had his hand between her legs and was rubbing her pussy. When I got up I whispered in Nancy’s ear and asked if it felt good. She said what and I said Jim’s hand between your legs. Nancy smiled and said yes.

After some chit chat Nancy said she was ready to leave. Jim tried to get her to stay longer but she insisted on leaving. When she went to stand up she almost fell down and Jim caught her. She was having trouble standing and walking so Jim offered to help take her to the vehicle.

When we got to our van Nancy said she wanted to sit in the back on the air bed we had put in the van so I opened the large door on the side. I got in first and Jim helped her up in the van. As he did I noticed his hand was under her dress and he was pushing her ass and pussy. We got her in and she sat on the air bed and just laid back and said she needed to rest for a minute. She was me to turn the air conditioner on to help cool her off so I got out and shut the door with Jim sitting beside Nancy.

I went to the front door and got in and turned on the motor and started adjusting the air to cool the van. I didn’t think it took that long but I heard Nancy say, “Oh My God!”

When I turned around Jim already had her panties off and his pants down and was putting his cock in Nancy’s pussy. Jim had Nancy’s legs spread wide over her head and was putting his huge cock in her pussy. Sliding it in a little at first and then going a little bit deeper with each stroke. Nancy kept saying, “Its so big and is feeling me up! It feels so good inside me! Keep going faster! I want it all the way in my pussy!” Nancy kept begging for more and for him to go as fast as he could.

I was now hard as a rock watching Jim’s huge cock move in and out of my wife’s stretched and wet pussy. It didn’t take long and Nancy started screaming that she was cum. It wasn’t but just a minute and Nancy started to scream again she was ready to cum and Jim shot a load of hot cum juice in Nancy’s pussy at the same time. Nancy said his hot juice felt so good.

Jim rolled over on his back and they laid there for just a minute and then Nancy started to touch his cock and play with it. As she did he started to get really hard again. She leaned over and started to suck and lick his cock. He reacted and started to hump up and down to meet her moves.

When he got hard Nancy rolled over and got on top of Jim. She moved her pussy over top his cock and started to let Jim slide inside her pussy. She eased down on his huge hard cock until it was all the way inside her. She spread her legs wide and rode him hard. Moving up and down on his hard shaft, taking it deep in her pussy. Her moaning got louder and louder as she cum again. When she did Jim said, “You just squirted all over me. I have never had that happen before.”

Nancy kept riding his huge cock faster and faster and was cumming over and over again. Jim kept saying, “You are super hot, you’re soaking me with your juices. Take it all the way in baby, fuck me back, hard woman! Give it to me with all you have.”

Within a short time Jim shot another load in my wife’s pussy, filling it up again with his hot juices.

As they finished Jim rolled over and they just laid there for a minute. Jim got up and put his cloths on and handed Nancy and card and said to call him anytime if she wants to do it again. He said thanks and got out of the van and left.

I was so horny and hard I could hardly stand it so I got in the back and took my pants off and fucked my wife. Her pussy was so wet and juicy. She had never felt that good before and she was so hot inside. I kept fucking her until both of us cum again. We both laid there for a few minutes and then got our cloths on and went back to the Motel room.

The next morning Nancy said she didn’t know what had come over her last night. I have never done anything like that before. Her eyes were dilated some so we don’t know if she had been slipped a drug or it was the drinking. But Nancy did say it felt good and she had a good time. “Jim was so big and completely filled me up and when I cum it was so intense. I have never felt like that before in my life.”

When I asked Nancy if she was interested in doing it with Jim again she just smiled.

Nancy has never mentioned anything about calling Jim and doing it again. We have been on vacation several times since then to the same place but we’ve never seen Jim since that night. When she brings up not seeing him I ask her if she wants to call him, but invariably, she says nothing and just smiles.

Maybe some day she will.