Beth Gets Around

I don’t know what first made me suspicious that my wife was fooling around on the side. Beth is a striking brunette with large brown eyes and a gorgeous body. She didn’t have a lot of sexual experience before we married ten years ago, and I guess you’d say we had a pretty vanilla sex life.

Until recently, that is. Then I noticed that she wanted to try some new sex positions and that sort of thing. I wondered if she was screwing one of my friends or her best friend’s husband.

But nothing clicked until I realized she always arranged to be at home when the gardener, Jorge, came by. He often volunteered to do extra chores around the yard at no charge, too. He’s a very well-built, dark- haired Latino guy, in his late twenties, so I could understand her interest in him. I decided to sneak home when he was there to see what was up.

One Monday recently when I knew the gardener was supposed to come by, I told Beth that I had to drive to a client’s office that is about a two-hour drive from where we live. But instead I drove to a coffee shop, killed about an hour flirting with a waitress, and drove toward home. Parking on the next street, I approached our house thru the park that runs behind it. I stood in the trees and looked into our yard.

Sure enough, the gardener was there, but so was his helper, another good-looking Hispanic man in his early twenties. I was a bit disappointed, figuring nothing would happen with this other guy around. I could not have been more wrong.

Beth came out the back door, glanced around, and called Jorge over to her. She stood very close to him, her ripe breasts about to burst out of her soft grey baby t-shirt. They spoke for a few minutes before signaling to Jorge’s co-worker to join them. Then, to my shock, Beth led them into the house.

I waited a few minutes and walked silently to the back of the house. Peering in through the window of our rec- room, I received the biggest jolt of my life.

Beth and Jorge were making out in front of the big couch. She was wearing nothing except the watch I had given her for her last birthday and her wedding ring. The other guy stood behind her, gently fondling her tits. He was dark-skinned and his fingers made a striking contrast to her milky white boobs. Her nipples were already swollen and stiff. Every now and then she’d stop and turn to kiss the man behind her.

After a few minutes they laid Beth back across the couch and Jorge proceeded to go down on her while his friend sucked on her breasts. She is extremely sensitive to both kinds of oral pleasure and began to moan loudly. Since the window was open a few inches, I could hear everything clearly.

Jorge licked his finger and inserted it in her cunt. I couldn’t see much then because he blocked my view, but I could see his forearm moving back and forth as he finger-fucked her. It doesn’t take long to make her cum when she is being fingered. She had a tremendous, gasping climax after just a couple of minutes.

I was both turned on and jealous by what I was watching. I thought about breaking into the scene, but I was afraid of what might happen – these two guys were a lot stronger than I am. and my own hard-on told me I wanted to see more.

As Beth regained her senses, Jorge kissed her deeply and said, “Now our fun begins.” He straddled her chest, one leg on the floor and the other behind her on the couch, and brought his cock to her lips. Although it was no longer than mine (about six inches), it was very thick. She opened her mouth and took him in.

Meanwhile his friend moved between her legs and pressed his much longer and darker prick against her very wet pussy lips. She moaned as he slid right in. I trembled with excitement: my once-shy wife was doing these two studs at once!

Now, Beth doesn’t like the taste of cum, so as Jorge began to build up speed with his thrusts she pulled her mouth away. But he would have none of that. “Señora Beth, when you start with a Latino man, you finish with him.” He gripped her head and pressed his cock back into her mouth.

For a moment or two she tried to twist her head away, even pulling feebly at his hands with her delicate fingers. He was much too strong, though, and she soon gave in, sucking him deeply, her cheeks hollowed.

While she pleasured him this way, her hands slid up his muscular forearms. I noticed again her wedding ring and her pretty watch, tokens of my love. As Jorge fucked Beth’s mouth, his friend plugged away at her cunt, and the room was filled with the sounds of men rutting in heat. They used my wife like the little slut she had become.

Jorge was close now, and when he erupted he pulled out of Beth’s mouth and shot gobs of white spunk all over her face. As he pumped the last drops, he shoved his dick back into her lips, and this time she licked him eagerly.

When he was done he went into the bathroom, leaving his friend alone with my wife. This other guy really pounded her now, long strokes in and out, and I heard her reach another shuddering orgasm.

As Jorge came back to watch, his pal turned Beth around to fuck her doggie style on the couch. He gripped her hips with his powerful hands and thrust his long tool in to the hilt. Finally, he came with a gasp and a string of Spanish I couldn’t understand.

Jorge came over and said, “Let this pretty gringa bitch clean you off.” So his friend came around the couch and dripped his last cum into Beth’s waiting mouth and across her cheeks, Jorge whispering words of encouragement to her.

By this point, Jorge was again hard as a rock, and he beat himself off in front of her face. “Señora Beth, you want I will cum on your beautiful face, like you a porno star?” he asked.

To my astonishment, she replied, “Yes, baby, shoot your hot cum all over my face!” This he promptly did, most of it ending up in her hair as she tossed her head about. I gazed at my wife, her face and hair covered with other men’s cum, and realized she had never been so beautiful and sexy as she was at that moment.

I left the window as quietly as I could and returned to my car. When I came home later that day, I said nothing and Beth acted as if it had just been a quiet day around the house. But that night, when we made love, she sucked my cock for the first time until I came.

And that wasn’t the last of her new tricks: the next week she invited me to fuck her magnificent ass! I love her more than ever and hope her new habit continues.