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Beth Gets Around

I don’t know what first made me suspicious that my wife was fooling around on the side. Beth is a striking brunette with large brown eyes and a gorgeous body. She didn’t have a lot of sexual experience before we married ten years ago, and I guess you’d say we had a pretty vanilla sex life.

Until recently, that is. Then I noticed that she wanted to try some new sex positions and that sort of thing. I wondered if she was screwing one of my friends or her best friend’s husband.

But nothing clicked until I realized she always arranged to be at home when the gardener, Jorge, came by. He often volunteered to do extra chores around the yard at no charge, too. He’s a very well-built, dark- haired Latino guy, in his late twenties, so I could understand her interest in him. I decided to sneak home when he was there to see what was up.

One Monday recently when I knew the gardener was supposed to come by, I told Beth that I had to drive to a client’s office that is about a two-hour drive from where we live. But instead I drove to a coffee shop, killed about an hour flirting with a waitress, and drove toward home. Parking on the next street, I approached our house thru the park that runs behind it. I stood in the trees and looked into our yard.

Sure enough, the gardener was there, but so was his helper, another good-looking Hispanic man in his early twenties. I was a bit disappointed, figuring nothing would happen with this other guy around. I could not have been more wrong.

Beth came out the back door, glanced around, and called Jorge over to her. She stood very close to him, her ripe breasts about to burst out of her soft grey baby t-shirt. They spoke for a few minutes before signaling to Jorge’s co-worker to join them. Then, to my shock, Beth led them into the house.