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Bob and Nancy are on vacation. Bob is 46 and nice looking and Nancy is 44 with a nice body and a very attractive woman. Bob is 5′ 9″ and 150 lbs and Nancy is 5’5 and 130 lbs. One evening they decided to dress up a little and go out for dinner at a local restaurant. Nancy wore a halter top type dress that accented her size D breast. The dress was tight against her body to the waist and then was full from there down to where it ended on the middle of her thigh. She was very sexy looking and Bob wore a casual shirt and pants.

At dinner Bob and Nancy order there meal and had a drink while waiting. Bob or Nancy did not drink very often. As the meal ended Nancy said she was feeling the drink. She suggested that they go out to a local night club for some dancing when they finished dinner.

It was about 8:30 when they arrived at the club and not many people was there yet. They got a table and ordered drinks. Bob and Nancy danced to a few of the dances. They sit down after the last dance for a rest just talking to each other. Nancy commented about the young man at the bar. He was muscular and very handsome and looked to be in his early 20’s.

Nancy was staring at him and the next thing he came over and asked her to dance. Nancy asked me and I said it was ok with me. They danced 3 or 4 fast dances and they there was a slow dance. As they danced I notice that every time he moved his leg it was going between Nancy’s legs touching her crouch. He was also holding her close to his chest and had his head on her shoulder. It was dim in the club but I could swear he was kissing her neck during the dance and moving his body to rub her breast against his chest.