Co-Op Ed

I’ve had sex with eight girls so far in my life. Almost of all of them have been decently long relationships. It was not until the summer before I moved to Berkeley that I really understood what it meant to take it easy, you know, not get too excited when dealing with girls who like you. Man, I wished I had learned that lesson sooner, but I’m happy just so long as I had learned it.

As you have guessed, I am living in Berkeley, and I decided upon the advice of my friends to skip the dorms and move straight into the co-ops. That was probably one of the best decisions of my life. So let me tell you about my “Welcome Week,” my first week at my new co-op.

I was feeling awkward like a one-legged flamingo, let me tell you. I grouped with all the other new people as we watched the old clones break glass bottles against the wal and scream bloody murder, loving every second of it. Oh Franzia, you helped me so well those first few days. But I don’t want to talk about those days. I want to talk about that one night. That one night that forever endeared me to the co-ops.

“Hi, I’m Will.” I said to this girl I had yet to have the courage to talk to before. We were at a co-op apartment complex, where a former resident of my house was having a damn fine party. Lots of alcohol, beer, it was nice to say the least. And after the alcohol drove away my sorry insecurities, I was ready to talk to my new, beautiful, housemates.

“I’m Sarah, nice to meet you. Did you move into {co-op which I will keep nameless}?

“Yeah, I decided to skip the dorms, since I transferred in. How do you like it?”

“You’re going to have so much fun, this is, like, the best place to live.” I nodded, smiling, trying desperately to think up something intelligent and humorous to say in response. Nothing came to my mind. Luckily, almost godsent-like, another girl came up and interjected.

“Hey Marian, we’re thinking about driving over and breaking into Ridge’s hottub, do you want to come?”

Marian, (so I have named her, the names have been changed to protect the innocent) says “Hell yeah, lets get that shit started.”

I, of course, am disheartened. Not five minutes after I start talking to this, this, this 5’9″ beautiful, busty, extremely hot girl who back in my home town I never dreamed of having a chance with, this other extremely hot girl comes up and starts stealing her away from me. I prepare myself for disappointment, when the bright sun shines down on me.

“Hi, I’m Megan,” says the girl who just showed up, turning towards me. She had dark brown hair, and large brown eyes that bore into me like a soggy cliché. “Would you like to come with us?”

“Um, yes.” That was it, that’s all I had the sense or the gumption to respond with. Here I was, new to the area, new to the experience, and already there were two hot, no, fucking hot, girls asking me if I wanted to go hottubbing with them. “Sure, I’ll go along.” I lamely replied.

So the car is filled. I ride shotgun with the other girl, Cathy. We get to talking along the way. “I can sing the entire periodic table,” she says to me at some lovely point in the conversation. My heart flutters.

“Sing it. Oh god, right now sing it.” I’m not one to bandy with words when beauty stands before me, much less when beauty is sitting next to me poised to sing the periodic table.

“THERE’S…. hydrogen and helium…” and I would butcher the periodic table if I continued to try and recount this, but suffice to say, I was aroused by this woman’s chemical knowledge. What is it about intelligence that is so damn sexy? I guess that’s how my anthro professor picks up on the grad students. Anyways, beautiful fucking car ride back over to the other side of campus.

We pile out, so let me describe the cast of this wonderful occasion. Here I am, good old Will, not ripped but skinny from spending a month drinking and laying in the sun with my sister, her fiancé, and some friends from home in Hawaii. I guess I had a good first-impression-façade. With me is these three girls, two of which I have briefly described, but all three of which I will now describe in detail.

Marian, she was the shortest, yet the most well endowed (come on, I consider myself pretty liberal, but how can you not be turned on by that?). About 5’3″, she had sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, and I don’t cared what she must have weighed, cause her body was beautiful.

Cathy, brown hair as well. This woman I actually thought about dating seriously, since we got along so well. She was impressed that I knew a good many They Might Be Giants lyrics. Gorgeous brown eyes, her smile still lights up my world whenever I see it.

Rochelle, she had sex written all over her. Man, later I had sex with her in the sauna, and it was one of the greatest sexual experiences of my life, but let me explain how she looked to me on first sight. Huge eyes, I am a definite fan of big eyes. Freckles, god do I love freckles. Beautiful figure, not too large, not too small, she was beautiful. I still love hanging out with her, cause she’s such a cool person, and if she ever reads this, C, we definitely should have some hot sex soon, Soon!

That’s how it was for the girls. Now, not to disappoint you ladies, let me describe the men of the situation. Here was I, fresh out of hanging out with my sister and her friends in Hawaii, tanned, mohawked (you gotta love the Mohawk), about 6’1″ and 170lb, not too muscular but definitely not as fat as I once was, and having just recently discovered the fine art of “not being clingly to girls you find attractive.” That’s me, Will.

Also with me was BLANK, who it turned out was a very good friend of someone I went to highschool with. He was a little shorter than me but much better built, and more importantly, he had been living in this co-op for a while before me and knew all the girls we were with. I was thinking “shit, home court advantage, and I hate basketball lingo.”

With us were about 3 other guys, who’s names I could not honestly remember if I tried. These spearcarriers hung out with us for a while, some from the co-op next door, some from our co-op, I don’t really remember, I was quite plastered at the time (as any good co-oper should be on their first week).

“Let’s get in the hottub!” someone shouted, and immediately clothes were forgotten relics. In we piles, beers in hand, into that warm water that fogs the eyes as well as the mind. I love that hot water, so much that later I became the manager of it, but that is another, hella more boring story. This story is about sex, so lets get to it.

“Let’s play spin the bottle!” One of these beautiful women suggests, and naturally none of the men object. No, rather, almost unwillingy, they urge the women onto this plan of action, all the while behaving like *cough* perfect gentlemen.

I don’t know if any of you have ever tried to play spin the bottle in a hottub, but let me tell you, it’s a little awkward. First we tried submerging the bottle, and then whoever it spang up to was the next pick, but the bottle just filled up with water and sank. Eventually we decided that the best way to play was to throw up the bottle into the air with a spinning motion, and whoever it came down on facing, right then, was the target. That actually turned out well. So here are about 5 guys and 3 girls, sitting in a hottub, drinking beer and playing spin the bottle. I am in heaven.

“Fucking spin that shit!” Marian yells from her position atop BLANK’s lap. The game starts going, and for the first few rounds, it’s fairly kosher making out sessions. “Wooot! Fucking that shit is soooo hot!” This is yelled from fairly everyone, but I like to attribute it to Marian, because she does it best.

I would love to insert some sexy dialogue right here, but I am fucking speechless with the dumb luck I have had to be inserted into this situation. The bottle passes around, we get significantly drunker and more light-headed from the hot water. Two of the spear-carriers leave back to their rooms, leaving, yes it was awesome, 3 guys and 3 girls.

We continue the game. “You’re up Will, go for it!” Shouts one of the guys. I throw that fuckin’ bottle up in the air, and I lands facing Sarah. She look at me, with those big blue eyes (fucking cliché right? Yeah I know, but fuck off it was hot), and slides over all sexy and naked into my lap. And here I am, poor innocent Will, making out with this insanely hot naked girl on my lap.

Well, the bottle was lost needless to say, but the game went on. Every now and again, someone would say “Switch!” Then we would pass the girl who was making out with us to the guy on our left. It was later described to me, by one of the old co-oppers, as one if the most fucking amazing things that has ever happened. Woot for me then for being at the right place at the right time. But everyone wants sex, so lets get to the sex.

“Oh god, just fuck me.” This was Rochelle. She had landed on my lap, and I was breathing heavily into her neck. I hope that women enjoy this, cause one of my favorite sexual acts is just holding my face close to a woman’s neck and breathing, sexily of course, all over it. Mmmmm, the sexual powers of air.

I try to protect, I really do, at least nowadays, but I had just come out of a long relationship, and here I am drunk as fuck with one of the hottest girls I have ever seen whispering in my ear to put myself inside her, while four other people mind you are making out in the same hottub. “Oh shit, we shouldn’t….ohhhhhh.” I groan in her ear.

“Oh god, fuck me.” I can’t help it, my body is on autopilot. Sweet Jesus, her breasts are pressed against my chest, I can feel her nipples on me. Her mouth is pressed against mine, and when it isn’t it is formed into a beautiful orgasmic O. I love women, I think that they are the most beautiful things that whatever there is up there has graced us on this green Earth, and lord oh lord I felt graced right then.


I hear the call, and I understand the moment, for one of the first fucking moments in my life I know what I’m supposed to do, and I do it. I pull myself out of this woman, this goddess, who I had been thrusting myself into. Who in the sweet heat of the moment had whispered in my ear “Put yourself inside me.” Who I had happily obliged. Who I had ground with, myself deep inside her, the hot water flowing around us as we pulled each other close, off in our own world but distinctly aware that there were atleast four other people watching us. Yes, with great reluctance I pulled myself out of her, gazing into her eyes.

“SWITCH!” The voice called, and we were but helpless to obey. The men stayed sationary, the women went clockwise. I found myself with Cathy on my lap. Cathy, with those gorgeous brown eyes. I have stared into those eyes many a time, but that first time was unique, was enchanting, was fucking awesome. “I want to fuck you.” I whispered in her ear, like some stupid fucking transfer student (which I was). Gratefully she did not pull away, but ground back against me. I’ll never forget how that felt; the warm water was between us, her hair was pressed against my face; I had the head of my cock between her legs, rubbing right against her clit, and she put her hand over it and just held it there. She just held it there.

“Don’t move, don’t move…” she said, holding me against here. I was still, petrified, I didn’t know what to expect. Slowly, gently like sex should be, she started rubbing me against her clit. I groaned into her ear, and she arched her head back, allowing me to put my tongue in her ear. Ladies, I can’t speak for other men, but I go fucking nuts when someone puts their tongue in my ear, and therefore I use the same logic on others. So it’s no surprise that when she reciprocated, I thrust myself up swiftly.

“Wait!” she gasped. I was half in, half bent, such was my enthusiasm. She reached down into the hot water, oblivious of the other sex going on around her, and grasped me, helping me into her. “Just go slowly, like this….” She said, and I followed. It was hard to hold myself back, you know, to be gentle, when this gorgeous fucking woman is slowly fucking herself on my cock.

“Oh fuck, oh Jesus fuck fuck.” I whispered in her ear as she laid against me. I held her head up in my hands and stared in her eyes as she ground her pelvis against me, I thrusting up into her. I had to look at her, had to see her eyes, had to let her know that I was fucking her and she was fucking me and there was no haze of drunkenness, no alcoholic mist that would separate me and her from the experience we were sharing.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck.” I pushed her against the wall of the hottub, completely obvivious to the other people around me still making out, fucking, whatever they were goddamn doing I couldn’t have gave a shit. I was clinging, fucking this beautiful intelligent woman whose legs where wrapped around my ass, pulling me into here.

“Fuck, Fuck, oh my fucking…”

“Oh god, nnnnnn” We weren’t poets, but we knew exactly what to say to each other.

“Fuckin’ fuck me, oh God, please…please..”

“You are so fucking hot, oh my… God…Uh.. OH! Oh… wait….slow down, okay…. Okay” I was so fucking close to cumming. Honestly, here I am, balls deep in this beautiful girl, in a hottub, and all around me are the sounds of sex. Moaning, squishing, splatting (if you don’t know what splatting is, it’s what I call having doggy-style sex when you slap up against the girl making the loudest, most un-roomate-friendly noise ever (unless you like to listen, you sexy bitch)). Either way, she doesn’t slow down, because she is cumming right then.

“Oh Fuck! Fucking, Oh Shit, fucking, Fuck Me, Fucking Fuck….” Cathy’s eye’s are right against mine, we stare at each other as my dick moves inside her. She’s moaning, I am moaning. We turn away, our pelvises humping furiously at each other under the water as all these moans float about us. Then, as if on time, we convulse, we shudder, we grab each other and pull tightly close, like waves clinging to the beach before they recede. We hug each other tightly as we convulse on one another, I twitching inside her, she twitching with me, and we kiss each other fiercely. Turns out we weren’t the only ones having sex, the hottub was alive with sexual fervor. Breathing heavily, we all stop, turn and look: There we are, six people who barely know each other. Each one of us has just had beautiful, sweaty, sexy, wet love with some other gorgeous person, and the look is branded on our foreheads. There are no Fonzes here, no cool cats. Just six people who fucked, sucked, and had a night they won’t ever forget.