Taking Stress Out Of Business Travel

It had already been a hell of a business trip, but we were finally nearing the end of the long haul. Dean, Linda and I had travelled from vendor to vendor, each of them desperately trying to impress us with their products. Each vendor in turn had taken us to visit reference customers who were clearly only putting up with our visits out of politeness to the vendors.

We had tried to minimise the stress of days filled with business visits and almost non-stop travelling by ensuring that we were booked into good hotels each night, but this had not really helped much – we arrived so late each evening and left so early the following morning that we got no time to appreciate any individuality they might offer.

We had definitely had enough.

This evening was not only almost the end of the trip; it was also our first real opportunity to relax. Our reference visit had completed at a sensible time and for a change we didn’t have a vendor insisting on taking us out for dinner. We were even spending our second consecutive night in the same hotel – absolute bliss.

Returning to the hotel by mid-afternoon we agreed to settle into our rooms and then to meet again an hour or so later. With our first real spell of leisure time on our hands we went for a slow wander through the streets of the city interspersed with a few drinks in local bars. Our walk conclude with a good meal at a nearby restaurant during the course of which we all shared a few of bottles of wine.

By 10 o’clock we were back at the hotel rested, cheerful and weaving only slightly. Dean decided he was too tired to want to do anything other than get an early night and, making his excuses, he headed off to his room.

As Dean headed off I said to Linda, “I fancied another drink myself, are you retiring too, or can I offer to buy you a drink?”

Several drinks later we were still at the bar, it was starting to get late and the bar was emptying out. The conversation had turned to TV and how little there seemed to be that was worth watching. Suddenly Linda said, “It’s so bad not even the porn channels are worth watching.”

For a moment I wondered if I had heard her properly, so trying to keep my expression as normal as possible I replied, “You’ve done an extensive survey on them then, have you?” I felt this was sufficiently neutral to avoid embarrassing her if I had heard her wrongly.

“Well I wouldn’t call it extensive. We’ve hardly had much time on our own in these hotels, but I’ve seen enough to know that as porn goes it’s a long way from the best.”

I had heard correctly.

What I said was, “You don’t seriously watch porn on the hotel TV do you? Don’t you worry about what will appear on your bill?” but in reality I was stunned by her frankness. Although I had not worked with her much I knew she had a reputation for being a hard-working, ambitious career woman known for her dedication to the projects on which she worked. Watching pornography was an activity which just didn’t fit in with this image and admitting to it seemed even more out of kilter.

She didn’t appear at all put out by my obvious astonishment. She simply shrugged her shoulders and said, “Why shouldn’t I watch it? It just appears on the bill as a movie and as I’ve been away from home for more than a week for the company I don’t see why they can’t pay a little bit towards relieving the boredom.”

“But you just said it’s not very good, so why bother?”

Not only did she not seem put out by the question but she looked amused as she answered, “it may not be the best, but it’s better than nothing when you’ve been on the road for over a week.” She looked at me speculatively and went on “don’t tell me you never get bored or frustrated on a trip like this?”

I wasn’t used to a woman I hardly knew speaking so openly but then both of us were far from sober by this time and the alcohol kept any embarrassment at bay. I responded, “Bored and frustrated, well yes to a degree, but I don’t know, I’ve just never …” I left the sentence unfinished as I struggled to think of a response and instead challenged her in return, “… anyway how do you know it’s not that good? Lots to compare it with have you?”

I had expected to embarrass her, but instead she seemed to find my challenge humorous. She grinned and said, “A fair amount as it so happens. In fact I might go so far as to say that I’m fairly knowledgeable on the subject.” Again my surprise must have been obvious because she grinned even more widely before continuing, “A few years ago, in fact not long after John and I got married, I was doing some spring cleaning while he was out shopping and I found an old sports bag lying behind a pile of shoes in his cupboard. I guessed it was something he was hiding from me and that I should really leave it alone, but curiosity got the better of me and I opened it to find several pornographic books, magazines and videos.”

As Linda spoke she watched me, as though gauging my reaction. She continued, “I was curious rather than shocked. I hadn’t had much exposure to that sort of thing before. By the time I heard him arrive back with the groceries the spring-cleaning had fallen by the wayside and I had managed to browse through much of the collection.”

“I considered confronting him with my find, as I was fairly upset about why he had not trusted me enough to share his secret with me. I wrapped it up and put it back in its hiding place while I considered my response. None of it was extreme or offensive so by the time I had finished I decided the best thing to do was to pretend that nothing had happened.”

“The next time I was on my own house I decided to take the opportunity to watch the videos but when I went to retrieve them from his cupboard I was surprised to find that although the books were the same the magazines and videos were different. Checking his cupboard regularly since then I have found that the magazines and videos change about monthly, meaning that once a month I get to see a couple of new videos – so yes, I have seen a fair amount to compare it against.”

I had met her husband John and I wondered how pleased he would be about his wife telling a work colleague about his porn watching habits.

“So even with all that access to good quality porn at home you still watch it in the hotels?”

“Well, away from home, travelling, things can get frustrating – it’s a nice harmless way of relieving that frustration.”

The conversation was making me horny and she was speaking so openly that I decided to push the conversation further and replied, “So just watching porn is the recipe for relieving frustration. It’s a pity that’s not more widely known.”

This time her expression changed to one of mock exasperation before she said,” it takes a little more than just watching porn to relieve the frustration – and don’t tell me you don’t know that.” She waited a moment and then went on “But in any case it’s a lot safer, cheaper and more morally defensible than what I see a lot of men getting up to when they’re away from their partner for a while.”

She looked at me speculatively for a moment and then leaned forward and said in a conspiratorial tone, “and I’ll bet that even if you don’t misbehave as badly as some men on business trips and even if you don’t watch the TV porn I’ll bet you have to relieve some frustration from time to time as well.”

It wasn’t something I could really deny, particularly with the massive erection I was sporting by now but I was saved from having to answer by the Barman arriving at that point to ask if we wanted a last drink. We both ordered and as he poured them for us the conversation veered back to more normal subjects and remained on those subjects until we walked somewhat uncertainly out of the bar and found our way upstairs.

Our rooms weren’t adjoining rooms but they were opposite one another. As we both put our key cards in our respective doors a sudden mischievous urge made me say, “Goodnight. Oh, and if I do decide to relieve my frustration while watching the hotel porn channel then I’ll try to do so quietly. I wouldn’t want to disturb my neighbors.”

There were a few moments of silence broken only by the clicking of the locks as our respective doors opened, then she looked me in the eye and said “well, if you’re going to do that then maybe you should save on your expenses and any potential embarrassment with your bill by watching mine instead.”

I could hardly believe what I had just heard and fleetingly wondered whether she was joking, but there had been not the slightest hint of any teasing in her voice and her expression was very definitely serious.

Logic told me I should say no.

I was a happily married man and was not in any way looking to get involved in any sort of extramarital dalliance.

To the best of my knowledge she was happily married as well.

On the other hand she was a very attractive lady, so the invitation was both flattering and not at all unwelcome. Primal instincts being often stronger than logic meant part of me definitely wanted to say yes.

As I stood there temporarily speechless my indecision must have been obvious. She gave me a sly grin and continued, “of course as neither of us is single we’ll each have to relieve our own frustration but sharing might be more companionable.”

I knew I should say turn down the offer, but with several drinks having weakened my better judgement and our conversation having left me with an almost painful erection I instead simply asked her “you sure?”.

She didn’t reply, but just turned and walked into her room leaving the door open behind her. I closed my door and followed her.

The room was a typical large hotel room, a small table come desk with two fairly uncomfortable formal chairs and two large beds flanked and separated by small bedside tables. The beds faced a large flat screen TV standing on a pedestal close to the opposite wall.

Linda turned on the TV, passed me the remote control and then began to rummage in the minibar.

“If you choose a channel I’ll get us drinks. Anything in particular you fancy?”

“Whisky and soda please,” I replied as I began to flick through in search of the adult channels. There were three of them. Switching to the first resulted in a message popping up stating that I would be able to watch a two-minute preview of each channel after which I would have to change channel or start paying. I pressed ok and after a few moments of static the room filled with groans of ecstasy while the screen filled with a scene of a shapely woman straddling a good-looking man.

I could see that Linda’s attention was already being distracted from the drinks.

She finished pouring and passed me my drink before sitting on one of the beds, her eyes riveted to the TV. I sat on the other bed and watched as our two-minute preview continued. When it came to an end I flicked on to the next channel.

Again a warning, a few moments of static and again the screen was filled with shapely bodies. This time it was a woman on her hands and knees giving a blow job to a man kneeling in front of her, as another man fucked her from behind. We watched our two-minute preview and then I skipped to the final channel.

Yet again we had the warning, but this time when the static cleared there were no men on screen but two women locked in a 69 position, heads buried between each other’s legs.

As our two-minutes started I said to Linda, “Well, any preferences?”

She didn’t take her eyes off the action on screen as she replied, “Any of them is fine, but I’m happy with this one unless you prefer one of the others.”

“No, this is fine for me.” I waited for the end of the preview and pressed ok to pay to view.

The first few minutes of the movie were scene setting, with not a lot happening. As I sipped on my drink Linda slipped off her shoes and, fully clothed, she slid under the bedclothes. She sat with her back against the headboard and her legs making a large mound under the blankets front of her. She began wriggling around and after a few moments started to drop items of clothing on the floor between the beds. I watched with interest, wondering how far she would go – and got a very clear answer when her bra and panties dropped onto the top of the pile leaving her obviously naked in the bed.

Only when she had finished did she look over at me and say, “So, are you going to sit there fully dressed or are you going to get into that bed?” before returning her attention to the TV.

It was not a real question: she was telling me what she wanted me to do. I didn’t feel like wriggling around under the covers so, after removing my shoes and socks, I stood up and walked over to the coffee table before stripping somewhat ostentatiously. As I removed each item I folded it neatly and put it on the coffee table. I kept an eye on her as I stripped and although she pretended to concentrate on the TV I could see that she was also watching me.

My arousal must have been obvious to her when I slipped out of my trousers, as the tent in my boxer shorts singularly failed to conceal my erection. When I hooked my thumbs under the waistband of my boxers and began to slide them down she finally gave up any pretense of ignoring me and watched openly as I inched them down over my hips.

As it moved gradually down the elasticised waistband slowly flattened the bulge in my boxers, but at the same time ever more of my straining cock was revealed until it suddenly sprang free and stood stiffly to attention. Not attempting to hide myself in any way I slowly folded my boxers before adding them to the pile on the coffee table. Only after I thought I had given her a good opportunity to look at my proud erection did I climb into the other bed, sitting as she did with my back against the headboard.

We both watched the film now as the initial introductions were completed and the action began. It was a lot better than I had expected for a hotel movie. There were three separate scenes interwoven as the action followed three separate relationships.

In one scene the two women from the preview moved rapidly from kissing and fondling one another to the very erotic 69 scene we had started with. A second scene, equally arousing, had a different two woman thrusting their pussies against one another.

While these scenes played I noticed one of Linda’s hands disappear under the blankets and I guessed that she was caressing herself. Not wanting to be left out I slipped my hand beneath blankets and began to slowly rub my hard cock. It was when the third scene got underway however that I really noticed it having an effect on Linda.

The scene started as probably the most innocent of the three, with the one woman kneeling on all fours above her friend as they simply kissed one another. The one girl reached up and around and began to massage her friend’s very attractive backside with strong, sure fingers, but it was when they moved into a side-by-side position and their hands found their way to between each other’s thighs that I heard Linda sigh softly.

As the girls played with each other’s pussies I could see that Linda’s activities beneath the blankets were becoming increasingly unrestrained. The blankets moved rhythmically between her legs and when the camera lingered on the girls fingers sliding back and forth over each other’s pussies Linda groaned and I saw her second hand disappear beneath the bedclothes to join the first.

I slipped my own hand beneath blankets and as my fingers closed around the head of my cock I could feel the first drops of moisture forming on it’s tip. Impulsively I threw aside the bedclothes and turned towards the other bed so that Linda could watch as I rubbed my slick fingers back and forth over the head of my cock.

I could see her eyes darting back and forth between the girls masturbating one another on the screen and my fingers sliding over my cock. To my delight she reciprocated after a few moments, throwing the covers to one side and revealing herself to my eager eyes. The fingers of her left hand were sliding backwards and forwards between the swollen lips of her cunt. The fingers of her right hand were pressed against her clitoris and rubbing hard and fast. She began to groan rhythmically, her groans keeping time with the movements of her fingers.

My cock was getting increasingly wet and slippery and my fingers were sliding faster and faster, back and forth, over it. Neither of us was watching the film anymore, we were both watching each other as we became increasingly excited and aroused.

For several minutes we rubbed and watched until suddenly I felt that I couldn’t hold on much longer.

“Oh God, it’s lovely watching you. And watching you, watching me. I can’t wait I’m going to come.” As I finished speaking I felt my balls contract and a stream of semen spurted from my cock onto the bed in front of me.

This was too much for Linda. Her rubbing went into overdrive, her fingers almost blurring as she shouted, “Ah yes! Oh, Ooh, Oooh, YES!” She came gloriously, her heels pressing down and her back arching as she raised her hips off the bed in ecstasy.

After our orgasms we lay facing one another, me with my gradually shrinking cock in my hand and she with one hand tenderly stroking her pussy. After several minutes she wordlessly reached out for the remote control and turned off the TV. Putting down the remote control she looked at me for a few moments, smiled almost bashfully then blew me a kiss. Still not saying the word she then pulled the bedclothes over herself, turned her back to me and appeared to settle down to sleep. I waited a few moments then quickly slipped on my clothes and left, turning off the lights as I left the room.

The next morning my hangover was not enough to stop me feeling incredibly foolish. I wasn’t at all comfortable about what I had done the previous evening. On the other hand I could still picture the scene in my mind and every time I pictured it I again felt an immediate erotic thrill. I was nervous about how things would go when I saw Linda again.

She must have elected to have breakfast in her room as she didn’t come down to breakfast and I didn’t see her until the three of us met at the reception desk at the time we had all agreed to check out of the hotel. As she walked up to us she greeted us both in absolutely normal and cheerful tones and, taking my cue from her, I replied in kind. We drove out to the airport and caught our return flight. During the entire journey she made no allusion to the events of the previous evening.

When we got to the airport parking lot Dean left us to pick up his car in another section, leaving us to walk together towards our cars which were parked very near to one another.

I would have found it very difficult to think of any small talk, but Linda didn’t seem to suffer from this at all and chatted inconsequentially about minor aspects of our trip as we covered the short distance to our cars. As we reached the point where our paths were to diverge we stopped and turned, almost simultaneously, to face one another.

I was struggling to think of something appropriate to say and I got the impression that she was too. Finally I simply said, “I’m a bit embarrassed about my behaviour last night, but I hope you understand – and thank you.”

The smile she gave me in response was, I thought, tinged with relief.

She replied, “I don’t mind you being embarrassed, but I’m also pleased that you didn’t say that you regret it, because I don’t. It was a great way to finish an otherwise awful trip – thank you.” As she finished speaking she leaned forward, kissed me lightly on the cheek and before I had a chance to respond she turned and walked towards her car.