Birthday Party Girl

Let me begin by telling you a little about myself. My name’s Elaine and I’m 39 years old. I have a son and have been happily married for 12 years. In my bare stockings I’m 5’9” tall with long blond hair. I can best describe myself as having a voluptuous body shape, which some in this world of anorexic women might say is a little overweight. But boy do I have curves! My measurements are 36(D)-28-40 or in simple terms an hourglass figure. Anyway standing in front of a mirror, naked, I look Ok, my boobs might have dropped a little from 10 years ago (you can’t blame them, can you!), but I can still turn heads, if I want too that is.

Well enough of me. This true story relates to my 38th birthday party, thrown by my loving husband, who shall remain nameless.

It began when I walked out of the shower. I was still drying myself with a large fluffy towel when he walked in. “You look gorgeous,” he said as he moved to my side, instantly kissing my lips tenderly. His hand instinctively moved to my uncovered breasts squeezing their fullness. What is it with men and breasts?

Breaking briefly from sucking on one of my nipples, now erect and very sensitive, he asked me what I was wearing. Between my soft moans I said a cream, silk blouse and long brown velvet skirt. He nodded his approval as he grated my nipple between his front teeth. “Ouch” that hurt. I pushed him away. “Yeh but it makes them hard.” He was right, my nipples stay erect for ages when aroused.

Even at the party I could still feel them tingle and they pushed against the lace of my balconette bra, which seemed to just rub them enough to keep them that way. I adjusted the fabric in an attempt to relieve the pressure, and only succeeded to undue a furtherbutton of my blouse. I noticed Steve, one of my husband’s friends looking. I smiled and he smiled back before he walked over and started chatting. He was tall, at about 6’2 and with a quite chunky build. He worked in computers like my husband. I couldn’t stop myself looking in to his deep blue eyes as he talked. He positioned himself close to me so he could hear me speak. His eyes kept glancing at my chest and the pale flesh of my breasts. I smiled. I liked the attention.

As the evening wore on I played the birthday girl perfectly. Flirting a little with various people, but more often than not ending up with Steve. He got braver and held me by my waist pulling me on to him as we swayed to the heavy beat of a record. I rubbed myself against him and could feel his erection pushing against me. His big hand squeezed my bottom. I felt hot, excited. My heart beat increased and I felt my chest rise and fall with increased vigor. Steve watched as my breasts swelled almost emerging from the confines of the lace cups. Steve whispered in my ear ” you’re a horny little minx, you’ve got me all excited.” “I know I can feel you,” came my quick reply. I tried to stop myself but I was turned on.

Then the bombshell came. “Well what are you going to do about it?” I stopped my gyrating. I never thought it would go this far, but as he spoke he dropped his head and kissed me. It was over quickly, but it was the first real kiss I’d had with a man other than my husband in 12 years. I could have died in his arms. My whole body shook with excitement.

Steve, asked me to go outside. As we disappeared out the door I felt like a naughty school girl. I giggled as I leaned against the wall. Steve’s considerable bulk towered over me. His head dipped and he kissed my lips, a sweet kiss. My head screamed for him to stop, but my body ached for him to continue and take me in his huge arms.

I broke off, but before I could say anything he pushed himself on to me. His kiss more urgent this time. I felt his hand drop to my side and he started lifting my skirt up exposing my naked thighs.

I couldn’t believe it. I let him. My head spun. Maybe it was the wine, but I was excited beyond words. My heart pounded, my legs felt weak and my nipples tightened and felt like bullets. All I could say was “Steve, I don’t think this is right” in a half hearted way.

He knew and I knew I didn’t mean it and Steve’s hand soon found my knickerless mons. I shifted my weight a little, letting my thighs gape open to allow easier access. In my head I felt like a slut as he buried first one then two fingers into my wet pussy. I clung onto him as he frigged me hard against the wall, the party music blaring out of the windows, drowning my moans.

My breathing quickened as my arousal quickly over took me, moaning my encouragement as Steve moved his attention to my clitoris, flicking his finger tips over the engorged hood.

I just leant back and let him explore my labia and clit, loving every second of his attention.

I remember pushing my bum against the wall, for balance, as my first orgasm began, spreading out from my tightening womb. My hands grasped at my breasts. Quickly flicking open the remaining buttons on my blouse I pulled first one then both of my boobs from the underwired, lacy cups. I fondled the comforting flesh and briefly pulled on each engorged nipple.

‘My god what am I doing’ I thought to myself as Steve scooped my bare breast into his mouth with his free hand. Becoming more vocal as my inhibitions left my body, my whole body shook with excitement.

He said “you’ve got fantastic tits” as he gobbled heartedly on them, leaving his saliva all over my soft flesh.

It embarrasses me a little looking back but I remember shouting out “ahhhh, I’m gonna cum”, the sensation was that incredible.

“Ahhh, yeesss, I’m cumming” I yelled as my cunt spasmed with pleasure.

Biting my bottom lip, Steve continued to suck on my nipple his fingers still working away on my clit, occasionally dipping into my pussy to keep me lubricated.

In my continual arousal, small orgasms continued to rock through my pelvis. Panting heavily, I urged Steve to fuck me. I looked to free his cock and unzipping his trousers quickly wrapped my hand around his substantial shaft. It was already hard and thick, my fingers barely touching around its girth.

“My God”, blirted from my lips as I started to gauge the size of it.

My hand managed to bend the hard shaft through his flies and it sprang into the open air. I remember staring, my eyes unblinking at his dick. It was massive, all of 10 inches long and solidly thick. In the pale light you could see the heavy veins running along its length, standing proud of the shaft.

Without further introduction Steve, pulled my leg high on to his hip and holding his shaft whilst bending slightly positioned himself at my vagina entrance. With one huge heave he straightened his legs sending the head of his cock sliding into me. It felt like all the wind was being sucked out of my lungs and I cried out as his monster dick invaded me. Believe me I had never experienced anything like it. People who say size doesn’t matter have never been fucked by a big dick. It does, matter, its matters a lot.

My head rocked from side to side and my thighs shook as he started to withdraw then push upwards again, with each stroke, plunging deeper into me. After a few minutes I was pleading for him to stop. My whole body felt like it was going to explode, or split in two or may be both!

Steve smiled. Suddenly he slid out of me, his cock springing clear with an audible plop. I instantly looked down to his glistening, upright, shaft, the skin drawn back over his fat bulbous tip.

“Get on that table Elaine” he ordered. I moved gingerly over to an old wooden table, which we used in summer to serve food on.

“Go on face down, lean over”. I did as I was told, not really caring. I just wanted fucking. I wanted him to fill my body again, to feel his cock inside me.

I pulled down the zip of my skirt and stepped out of it, leaving it on the floor. I kicked it away. I waited, arms and elbows on the table, biting my lip. Waving my bum a little I waited for the inevitable. I was not to be disappointed as I felt Steve’s hand on the cheek of my ample bottom.

I turned to him, “go on then, fuck me.”

I felt his shaft enter me, before he paused briefly before pushing himself onto me. My god you could not imagine the feeling of being penetrated by him. I screamed out aloud as he plunged deep before withdrawing and thrusting again.

The sensations where incredible. I could feel the full size of his prick as it surged in and out of my body. I ground my backside into his groin, my movements becoming more frantic by the second.

My hands clenched the table top, as he plundered my cunt and my whole body spasmed. I cried out to Steve to ‘fuck me hard’ as his ballooning knob exploded inside me.

I remember shouting “Oh yes, fucking hell, yes, do it, do it” as he continued tipping me over the edge one final time. By that time his sperm dribbled from me.

10 minutes later I’d composed my self enough to re-enter the party. Walking gingerly into the kitchen my husband’s eyes met mine, a wide beaming smile on his face. I walked over to him, “hi love”.

“Enjoying yourself birthday girl” he said.

“Its been brilliant, thanks love.” I squeezed his hand as he patted my backside letting his hand caress my bottom. I planted a big kiss on his cheek. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me tight to his body. I could feel his erection against my thigh. I let my hand drop to my side and rubbed up against him.

“What’s got you going big boy?” I enquired.

“Oh nothing, I just like seeing you happy and enjoying yourself. It turns me on to watch you.” His voice lingered on ‘watch’. I could feel my self go flush, before he wandered off to meet some late comers.

Had he watched me? Had he set me up to be fucked by one of his friends?

To this day I don’t know whether he set me up or not, but I thank him if he did.