Weekend Getaway

It is about 8pm on a Friday evening, and we had decided earlier that afternoon to spend some time out of town and do some impulsive shopping at Victoria Secrets. After milling over a few selections in your mind you decided on deep purple push-up bra and waist garter with white stocking straps. You were anxious to get back to the hotel room to try it on, and after 20 minutes or so behind a closed bathroom door, admiring yourself and your new find in front of the large bathroom mirror, you seemed pleased with your selection. Much to my disappointment, you refused to let me see you in your new outfit, but promised that I would get my opportunity later in the evening. My mind raced as I envisioned your hardened nipples protruding from over the edges of that new bra.

Around 4 o’clock, after browsing through stores most of the day, we decided to venture down to the lounge inside the Marriott and grab a few drinks before going in search of dinner. After a nice afternoon, we were both fairly relaxed and seemed in good spirits. We both had several drinks at the bar, laughed a bit and then decided it was about time to head out for something to eat. You insisted that I have another drink while you headed up to the room for a quick shower and to get dressed for the evening. At your request, I stayed behind for a few minutes and you headed upstairs.

Once back in the room, your mind began to wander about the events that lie head. As the hot water from the shower pelted off your back and the bar of soap caressed your body, you could feel the excitement swell from within inside. Your eyes closed as the steam built in the shower and your fantasy began to take life as your hands slowly brushed across your wet nipple and the warm water trickled down your stomach, over your soft mound and through the tingling crevices of vagina. You imagined the swollen head of a hard penis slowly prodding at the entrance to your waiting hole, and felt the gentle biting and sucking of hot breath and a wet tongue across your breast. Inspired by the vision, you finished the shower and proceeded to towel dry and slip into your sexy purple outfit for an adventurous evening. You and I had discussed your fantasy on several previous occasions, but tonight you were feeling particularly in control of your own destiny.

As I came back into the hotel room you were just slipping into a pair of tight jeans and a button-down white shirt for dinner. We had decided to go out to Outback, and as we headed out, I was intrigued by the way the your breasts teased me through the translucent nature of your shirt and hint of purple lace the shown through. For a fleeting moment I imagined how your nipples would be displayed in public, through the thin fabric of your shirt if they became aroused. My dick stirred at the thought as we started down towards the parking lot.

We enjoyed a light, leisurely meal and took in some country music over at Outback before deciding to have a few drinks at club. The shape of your breasts from across the table had me straining to see the dark outline of your bare nipples pressing against your shirt. The thought another man fantasizing while catching a glimpse of your breasts made my cock strain against the confines of jeans. I reached under the table to find a more comfortable position for my growing member, as we discussed where we might head next. There had been no mention this evening about what might take place, but I think the same idea was in both of our minds, and I did nothing to dissuade your actions. You knew that the decision was yours and that you had the freedom to pursue that direction in anyway you felt comfortable. You also new that I was aware of your intentions and extremely excited at the prospect.

After paying the tab at Outback, we headed across town to a place quite similar in nature to Bennigan’s. At first, we grabbed a few drinks and stood at the bar talking among ourselves while casually glancing over the crowd. We made small-talk with several people and an eventually struck up a conversation with a guy named Shawn. He was a good-looking guy, about 6 feet tall, and a graduate student at UVA. I could tell by the look in your eye as you glanced back to me that Shawn had potential in your mind. I interjected a few thoughts, but for the most part let you lead the conversation. He had brown hair, fairly short, and brown eyes with a medium build. Your mind raced as we socialized, and after 15 or 20 minutes of conversation, you casually suggested we all grab another round of drinks and find a booth where we could sit down.

Shawn was 26 years old and from the Richmond area. As we stood at the bar talking, I could see the circular shape of your nipples protruding from their cotton prison. The mere thought of being naked and completely uninhibited with two men at the same time drove your inner feelings wild! I watched as Shawn attempted to take quick, unnoticed peeks at your chest. His eyes widened as he glanced down at the luscious treat that laid before him. I pretended not to notice his interest. The bartender soon sat a fresh round of drinks on the bar, and we scanned the restaurant for an open booth in which to sit.

We continued to carry on a relatively engaging conversation as we headed towards a booth. Shawn was a friendly person; someone I could relate to, and as we sat down, you took the inside of side of the booth and I stood on the other side creating the opportunity for him to sit next to you. At first you seemed a bit nervous, but over the next half-hour or so, our conversation continued to put you at ease. I read the gleam in your eye as your hand disappeared beneath the table and during moments of laughter you leaned in slightly towards Shawn. You continued to pay attention to me with your foot brushing against my leg and I couldn’t help but notice the nervous smile on his face as your hand apparently brushed up against his leg. I filled a quiet moment with dialogue as he adjusted to your attention. My penis swelled in my jeans as I took in the grin on your face and I suggested that we find a waitress for another round of drinks before announcing that I was headed to the bathroom. I had a flashback to what was going on at the table as I took my half swollen prick in my hand facing the urinal. Back at the booth, you had your hand full too!

Once I had left, you took the opportunity to explore new territory. As you looked into Shawn’s eyes, your hand moved towards his bulging crotch. He was unaware of my knowledge of the situation, but he knew that I was not there at the moment and your pulsating hand felt so good gently massaging his rock-hard member. You could feel the dampness that had accumulated between your thighs. Your pussy was soaked, and the fact that you purposely neglected to wear panties added to the excitement. While I was away, you took the occasion to lean over and kiss Shawn. Your wet lips met his and as your eyes closed, you shyly slipped your tongue past his parted lips. You could feel the blood pounding through his penis as it strained to bust out of his pants. Judging from the feel, you couldn’t wait to wrap your soft lips around his long, hard shaft! As you broke away from your first kiss, I was making my way back to the table, and it was obvious by the look on Shawn’s face that he was unsure what he was in for- but he was pleased with what he had received so far!

By this time, we were all in a good mood (thanks to the drinks), Shawn seemed more comfortable with the situation, and you mind was racing with excitement as you envisioned yourself sandwiched between two guys! You suggested that since we had reserved a suite at the Marriott, it might be a good idea if we retired back there for some more drinks. I agreed and Shawn said that “he had nothing planned”, so we waved for the bill and headed towards the parking lot. As you scooted out of the booth, you could feel the dampness of your soaking pussy matted against your jeans, and your aroused nipples shown like headlights through the white veil that separated them from world. Shawn held your hand, helping you out of the booth, and then smiled as he glanced down, staring at your ass. Deciding to take the truck back to the hotel, you sat in the middle as we all got into the front seat. As our eyes made contact, you smiled and peered down at my bulging zipper. The conversation stayed active and upbeat as we headed back to the hotel. Entering the room, I suggested that I would make us a few drinks and proceeded to put on some music that you had brought. As I headed off to the bathroom, you lit began to light several candles and Shawn settled down on the couch.

While I was in the bathroom, you walked over to Shawn and led him by the hand, falling back against the wall as his lips approached yours. Slowly his hand moved towards your waist as he lightly traced the outline of your lips with his tongue. Your imagination churned behind your closed eyes as you reached down to feel the warm bulge that pressed against your body. A surge of sexual excitement pulsed through you- reaching your fingers underneath his crotch and cupping his balls, you could feel his rod as it strained beneath his jeans, filling your palm and extending up the inside of your arm! Momentarily, your bodies parted slightly, his fingers fumbling with the buttons on shirt, you moaned lightly as his hands brushed against your breast, working feverishly to pull back the front and expose the tits that had unmercifully teased him. The cool air contrasted with your overheated nipples, displayed before him like buttons protruding over the edge of the purple lace that encased them. The tension in your muscles tighten and then released as his tongue flicked across your nipple- your back arched against the wall and your body trembling to feel his teeth biting your revealed tarts.

As I walked in from the other room, my heart pounded with the excitement of what was before me. What an incredible turn-on! Shawn glanced over to me with a look of total abandon as you dropped to your knees and reached up, pulling down on the zipper of his pants. I simply smiled back as your hands massaged the outside of his loins and then slowly reached to unbutton the jeans. Your steaming cunt raged as your fingers looped around the elastic band and pulled down on his underwear- as his hard-on sprang free, your eyes closed and your tongue ran up the underside of his shaft- starting near the base and tracing it’s way towards the top of his 6 inch pole! The musk of his unfamiliar scent sent you into orbit as your lips parted to allow the engorged head of his hot prick into your warm mouth. Not wanting to interfere, I slowly came up from behind you and gently kissed the back of your neck as you took hungrily swallow Shawn’s penis. My hand reached down between your ass and stroked your crotch through the denim. I could feel the heat and dampness of your aching pussy as I watched you bathe his pole. The taste of his salty fluid drove your passion as you flicked your tongue through the slit at the tip of his stick. He groaned uncontrollably as your nails lightly scrapped the underside of his balls, drawn tightly against his body as his groin churned it’s inevitable load. Your body felt the unbelievable excitement of the moment, and yet this was only the beginning. Your anxious twat was still clothed!

My hands moved around from behind, catching you partially off- guard as I pinched the tip of your rigid nipples. Shawn’s stiff member began to throb under the constant attention it was receiving, and as you continued to feast your eyes upon his manhood, you realized what the result of your prodding advances would be. My dick felt like a hot missile as it rubbed against your back. And Shawn’s moaning had become increasingly evident as you the rhythms of your body unconsciously drove you to increase the pace of pleasure, rapidly stroking his hard-on as you continued to allow him to bob the head of his prick in and out of your mouth. Your breathing was heavy as you felt his body begin to tense. Your hand stroking him faster and faster, glancing upwards to meet his eyes as I nibbled on your ear and watched you work intently for your prize. Finally.. you let the swollen end of his pole slide into your waiting mouth and your wet lips tightened as his shaft completely disappeared. The sensation was too intense! His cock pulsated uncontrollably, throbbing as you released it from your grip. Shawn cried out with pleasure, with his hot load of thick, white cum exploding in spurts in front of you as you struggled to direct his jerking penis, splashing his delicious liquid onto your face and tongue- and lapping at the remnants of his delivery as it slide down the sides of his prong!

Meanwhile, the aroma of sexual excitement turned your attention towards my penis- still loaded and ready to dump yet another more goo onto your outstretched tongue! Plunging down to your waiting, open crotch, your fingers delved into your sopping pussy. The first few strokes of your hardened clit sent you into your first trembling orgasm as I stroked my straining cock and felt my load surging up my shaft and spewing out the top of my prick onto your already soaked breasts!

After taking a couple of moments to catch our breath, Shawn moved over and sat down with his feet kicked up on the coffee table, and I laid back in the chair. Our half swollen dicks laid out between our legs and drooped onto the fabric. I then suggested that maybe it was time for you to come over and put on a little show for us. He smiled, as you stood and allowed your jeans to fall to the floor revealing your complete outfit and the fact that you were not wearing panties. Slowly, you walk towards where I was sitting and sat down in my lap. I gently cupped your breast as you put one leg up over the armchair and used your finger to begin tracing the outer edges of your pussy. Shawn’s eyes gleamed as has he stared for the first time at the glistening, pink hole that laid beneath your neatly trimmed bush. Your head fell back on my shoulder and your eyes closed as you took pleasure from the massaging motion of your fingers against the puffy lips of your vagina. My cock began to rise under your body, and without a word, Shawn knelt down in front the chair and lightly lapped his tongue over your drenched opening. Your body squirmed with delight as his hot breath collided with your steamy cunt and his fingers spread your hole wider to allow him access to the hardened button protected by the silky hood of your labia. My hands kneaded your tits and as I moved my head to the right in order to bite at your earlobe and whisper into your ear. Shawn mumbled about the incredibly sexy taste of your cum, and I asked you how it felt to have him exploring your most sensitive parts with his warmth of his mouth. Your body quivered and twisted as his thick fingers plunged into your twat, accompanied by the flicking motion across your clit. Your breathing began rapid and deep, and you screamed “Oh my God, don’t stop…please.don’t.hunnhh”- as you shuttered and tensed to allow your cum to fill his mouth and overflow down your thighs! I held you tightly in my arms has your whole body surrendered to the relentless attack of his attention. You relaxed for several minutes while you were licked clean of your orgasm and then taken to the bed that would be used to fill both of your holes simultaneously!

Shawn stood next to the bed, and on your knees with your firm ass in the air, you kissed his balls and licked his shank as I squeezed a generous supply of gel and rubbed it into your body. The smell of your pussy was driving me wild as you positioned your snatch over his cock and the large head of penis gradually sunk past your opening, impaling your body and completely filling your dripping cunt! The sight of your ass drawn tight as you worked on his rock-hard pole was incredible. You lean forward and plunged your tongue together with his as your tits swayed in front of his face. I placed the bloated purple head of my cock and slowly, but firmly, sunk my prick into your ass! Shawn continued to drive his tool into your pussy and you screamed with pleasure as invaded your one remaining hole! Your were completely occupied by the pulsating feel of two huge cocks devoted to your body at one time. There was no choice but to allow yourself to be taken and yield to the unbelievable intensity of the orgasm that was welling up inside. I could feel Shawn’s dick working just on the other side of the fleshy tunnel that was encompassing my manhood. And as you wriggled between us, pretending half-heartily to escape the inescapable, moaning loudly and gasping for composure, the orgasmic spasms of your body promptly brought the second load of cum shooting from Shawn’s dick- filling your pussy with the sweet smell of mixed fluids as your ass confidently drained my cock! I screamed with incredible pleasure as I pumped my hot load of spunk deep inside your submissive ass! Our bodies laid together as we recovered from the most intense orgasm of our lives. Exhausted from our adventures, we lounged around for a while and talked, rolled one and then fell asleep. The next morning we said goodbye to Shawn, got his phone number and told him that it might be nice to get together for dinner sometime and then headed back to home.