At The Greek Festival

[ Story by Stiffy010 ([email protected]) ]

Your city has an annual Greek Festival with music, people dressed in traditional clothing doing Greek dances, food and beer booths, as well as lots of trinket and souvenir booths, amusement rides, and game booths featuring milk bottle throw, darts, pie throwing, etc. that were there to raise money for the church, it’s school, church charities and even the school athletic association.

Enjoying the afterglow of some roast lamb followed by baklava and washed down with several Greek beers and then a small glass of Ouzo you wander down the rows of booths stopping to try your hand at shooting at the moving ducks, playing Skee Ball, and throwing baseballs at milk bottles you knew were heavily weighted.

Finally, near the outer reaches of the festival area you stop at the pie throwing booth where a sign advertises that all proceeds go to the school athletic association to try your hand. A very attractive, dark haired and dark complexioned woman, who looked like she was of Greek extraction and in her early 40’s was serving as the target for a group of noisy adolescents who’d paid their 2 dollars for three pies.

You wait, looking around at the other booths and amusements while a couple of guys in their 20’s or 30’s have a conversation with the man taking the money at the booth. You just happen to look back over and notice that first one, then the other of the men hand the man in charge of the booth two 20 dollar bills. He then directs them to walk around the side of the booth toward the tent that houses the woman serving as the pie-throwing target.

Curious, you ask the man, “What’s up with the 40 dollars?” He looks at you carefully, as though evaluating you closely, and says, “They were merely paying for some additional amusement.” Then quickly, “You’re not a cop are you?”

Chuckling, you say, “No, I’m not a cop. I’m just here enjoying the food and fun.”

“Would you like to avail yourself of some additional amusement, as well?”

“What kind of amusement here’s worth 40 dollars?” you ask, disbelievingly.

The man leans closer and says conspiratorially, “Her ass!” and indicates the woman who’s the target with a swing of his head in her direction.

Your balls tingle and cock surges to life, getting semi-hard. You lean closer to the man and say quietly, “Are you saying that if I pay you 40 dollars I can fuck her?”

“That’s right fella! How about it? Are you ready to step up to the plate for a good cause? My wife is.”

You’re staggered to hear that the darkly beautiful woman is his wife, but your lust takes over. You pull out your wallet, extract 40 dollars and hand it to the man.

“Thank you. You’ll have a total of 5 minutes to get it on – we have to keep things moving, y’know. Now step around to the side there and get in line. You walk around to the end of the line which is just out of sight of the front of the booth. The tent flap is open and you can see that there are five men ahead of you.

One is humping away hard on the woman and within a few moments lets out a sigh and withdraws from her hairy snatch which shows ample evidence that the fucking has been going on for some time since there’s creamy jism running down her thighs. He pulls out of her, zips up and walks out of the booth with a silly grin on his face.

You wait your turn trying to make up your mind whether you’ll fuck her pussy or her ass. It isn’t much of a choice, however, because you know that since you’re at the Greek Festival, you’ll do it “Greek-style” and use her ass. Just then you wonder if you replaced the condom in your wallet after the last tryst you had and reach for your back pocket.

Thankfully, there’s a foil packet in there. You pull it out, tear it open and hold the condom in your hand. Soon you’re the next in line for a turn at the woman’s big backside.

The guy in front of you takes what has to be the full 5 minutes before blowing his load in the woman’s cunt and pulling out. It’s finally your turn! You quickly stride up to her. She’s on all fours on a padded bench, her wide hips and big round ass at just the right height for you to stand between her wide-spread feet and fuck her.

You quickly roll the condom over your rock-hard cock, place it over her dark anus and push, hearing her groan softly as your thick cock is slowly enveloped by her ass which had, obviously, been thoroughly greased-up by other men’s cum. Once inside though, her ass is amazingly tight and it’s obvious she enjoys anal sex because she begins moving her ass in rhythm with your thrusts while the muscles of her anal tract milk and massage your shaft while it slides in and out.

It’s extremely enjoyable and before no more than a couple minutes go by, your balls begin to tingle and tighten. You know you’re gonna blow your load soon, but decide you really want to leave something for her to remember you by, so you pull out, (to a soft moan of disappointment from the woman) tear off the condom, lay your cock right between her large round asscheeks and begin dry humping her hard right over her hot, pouting asshole.

She moans softly again and, quickly picking up on your intent, begins assisting you by humping her ass up and down opposite your motion creating a really incredible sensation for your cock, much like as though you were tittie-fucking a woman with large breasts who was holding them together tightly.

It doesn’t take very long before your balls seize up and you grunt as load after load of thick creamy white cum begins gushing from your throbbing cock all over her lower back and down between her humping asscheeks.

When your balls are finally empty, you could swear she thanked you for a good fuck by squeezing her asscheeks tightly around your cock, then lets go.

It was the most pleasurable orgasm you’ve ever had but, realizing you have to make way for the next guy, you stagger back and step to the side to stuff your sagging, cum drooling cock back into your shorts before leaving the tent and the line of guys who’re waiting their turn.

As you walk by the front of the booth, the guy taking the money looks over at you and says with a smile, “Thank you for supporting the St. Constantine Athletic Association. Make sure you come back and see us again next year!”

Without a doubt, you think to yourself, without a doubt!


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