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At The Greek Festival

[ Story by Stiffy010 ([email protected]) ]

Your city has an annual Greek Festival with music, people dressed in traditional clothing doing Greek dances, food and beer booths, as well as lots of trinket and souvenir booths, amusement rides, and game booths featuring milk bottle throw, darts, pie throwing, etc. that were there to raise money for the church, it’s school, church charities and even the school athletic association.

Enjoying the afterglow of some roast lamb followed by baklava and washed down with several Greek beers and then a small glass of Ouzo you wander down the rows of booths stopping to try your hand at shooting at the moving ducks, playing Skee Ball, and throwing baseballs at milk bottles you knew were heavily weighted.

Finally, near the outer reaches of the festival area you stop at the pie throwing booth where a sign advertises that all proceeds go to the school athletic association to try your hand. A very attractive, dark haired and dark complexioned woman, who looked like she was of Greek extraction and in her early 40’s was serving as the target for a group of noisy adolescents who’d paid their 2 dollars for three pies.