Wife Gets Wild

We went to my company party a few nights back. Lisa, my wife was by far the hottest babe there. She works out and has always had a hot body. She is 5’5″ and weighs around 125-30 lbs. She is not too big in the boob area, but her tits are perfect. And her finest points are on the ends. By that I mean her nipples. She has the puffy nipples and they really stick out. I can hang my car keys on them and know they will be there when it is time to leave.

Anyway, this was Lisa’s first time meeting the people I work with. For some reason, a lot of the wives did not show up. (maybe they knew something I did not know.) As the evening passed, I was told by some of the guys that these parties could get pretty raunchy. “That” as I was told, was the reason only a few of the wives turned out. I toyed with the idea of warning Lisa, but decided she could take care of herself. She has always had her ways of putting guys in their place. And except for the times at the X rated theatres, she has been pretty effective at keeping them in line. (that is another story.)

As far as I knew, I was the first guy for Lisa. I am relatively certain she had led a fairly sheltered life before we got married. I have found out that she can and does get pretty wild at times. But it seems all the circumstances have to be just right. And it has always seemed that if I tried to plan anything, something would always happen to fuck it up. The stuff I did not plan was always the wildest. Maybe that was what made it so hot. The fact it was kind of beyond either Lisa’s or my control.

Anyway, the evening wore on and everyone was getting pretty rowdy. I was getting pretty shitfaced. Lisa was definitely the hit of the party. The 3 other wives that were there were OK, but they were no match for Lisa. I had convinced Lisa to wear a hot dress. She could not wear a bra with it. It was kind of a summer type dress, and it would fly up when she was dancing and getting twirled around. I had been keeping an eye on her as she was asked to dance by about every guy at the party. There were probably 25 guys at the party and only Lisa and the other 3 wives. It always seemed to be that way. Why were there always more guys than girls?

Lisa was taking a break and sitting by me and I was trying to get fresh with her. Everyone was having a good time. I knew there were about 25 sets of eyes on me as I was making out with my wife on the sofa. The lights were dim and the other 3 wives were on the dance floor. The rest of the guys were hanging around the food and booze table. I was working my hand up under Lisa’s dress and I managed to get my fingers under her panties before she pulled away. The only problem was, I accidentally tore her panties off her as she stood up. She turned to look at me sitting there with her panties in my hand and she cracked up laughing. “I hope you’re happy now Mr. Smarty-pants,” she said. We both laughed and she went back on the dance floor. The song she was dancing to was a fast one and she spun around several more times. From where I was sitting, even though it was dark in the dance area, I could catch glimpses of her pussy as she spun around. I knew other guys could see the same thing. I especially knew this because I saw several of them nudging each other and nodding in Lisa’s direction.

I continued to drink and soon found myself nodding off on the couch. I would open my eyes every once in a while and see some of the guys openly admiring Lisa as she spun from time to time on the dance floor. They would look at her, then glance over at me to make sure I was still out. Actually, this did a lot to make me sober up. I realized I could have some fun in this situation. Where I was sitting was actually hard to see my eyes clearly and because my head was laying back, most thought I was passed out.

Someone announced they were going to play a version of musical chairs to see who got to dance with the girls. Lisa came over to see if I was going to get in on the game, and I kind of rolled my eyes open then shut and she (like the rest) assumed I was pretty much out of it. She walked back over to the group and Ron was explaining the rules. All of the guys would sit facing out in a circle. The girls would circle around the chairs and when the music stopped they had to sit on the lap of the first guy they could. Since there were 23 guys sitting in a circle it was easy to begin with. Each time, the guy whose lap was used would move out of the circle until it got down to less guys than girls. The final 4 guys eventually got to dance with the girls for the next song.

I know I was shitfaced, but this was clearly a way to have the girls sit on laps and maybe grope them, and nothing more. I was having trouble keeping from laughing, but it was important I seemed passed out. They turned the lights up just a bit, and the music started. Around and around the girls went. The music stopped and boom, the girls dove for the nearest lap. In the process I could see the guys reach and cup boobs and run their hands up legs and you name it. Lisa was walking around where I could see her and the music stopped. In an instant she was on Jerrys lap. She sat there and he began humping up and down and acting like he was having an orgasm. Everyone was laughing and enjoyed the show. Jerrys hands were busy trying to get under Lisa’s dress and she was managing to fend them off fairly well. A couple of times, I saw her pussy hair before the music started again. She stood, helped by Jerrys hands cupping her boobs and pushing her up. Around she went again.

Then I noticed Fred had unzipped his pants and hauled out his cock. He kind of cupped his hands around it, and at a glance it looked like he just had his hand cupped in his lap. Around the corner came Lisa. The music stopped and she backed into Freds lap. I know she did not see his cock before she leaned forward to sit on his lap. As she was dropping to his lap, I saw his hands pull her dress up in the back and she sat down. Talk about a perfect aim. I am assuming Lisa was pretty wet anyway from all that had been going on. But the look on her face was incredible. Her eyes got the size of hubcaps as Fred held her in place with his hands on her hips. She immediately tried to jump off his cock which I knew was in her cunt. But everytime she tried to get up he would pull her back and say “wait for the music”. Taking the cue, Dennis decided to change the record and announced it would be a second. In the meantime, Lisa was doing everything she could to get off Fred’s cock. She did not want to make a scene in front of the rest of them, and she did not think the other wives knew about what Fred was doing. All of her jostling about and her attempts to get up merely succeeded in her raising up and sitting down and up and down and so on and so forth and I watched as Fred’s eyes kind of rolled back in his head and he pulled her onto his cock finally and held her firmly there. I am certain he was pumping his cum into her. Lisa’s eyes were looking back and forth like she was looking for an escape route. Most of the other guys knew what was going on and were watching intently. The other wives were laughing and giggling and I am pretty sure oblivious to what Fred was doing to my wife. Finally, I saw Freds hands drop from Lisa’s waist. I knew he had filled her with cum. A few moments later and the music started again. Lisa got up and walked around in a sort of trance.

Soon the eliminations were done, and Lisa and the other 3 girls chose their partners. The song was a slow one and Lisa was dancing with Dennis. He is one of 3 black guys that work in our area of the plant. He is probably the biggest too. Lisa is very fair skinned and next to Dennis, she stood out. Her dress was light Yellow too, so they were easy to see on the dance floor. The 4 couples were over in a corner of the dance floor and it was as if they had all moved into one small area. Pretty soon, 3 of the couples kind of moved away and I saw why they had grouped up. The other 3 wives and their partners had been looking at Lisa who was on her knees with Dennis’ cock in her mouth. I nearly sat bolt upright. I could see Dennis was cupping the back of Lisa’s head and pulling her head toward his cock. He was looking down at her as he fucked her mouth. It looked like she was trying to push away, but she was clearly no match for Dennis. Soon I saw his head fly back and he started jerking. It was obvious he was shooting his load in her mouth. Damn, I was glad I had the forethought to put a pillow on my lap. I had the biggest hardon I had ever had in my life. It looked like Dennis was pumping a gallon down Lisa’s throat. Then he released his hold on her head, and she kind of slumped back against the wall. I could hear her gasping to get her breath. She coughed a couple of times and I saw her lean forward and get to her feet. She walked over toward me wiping the back of her hand against her mouth. She was swaying from one side to the other. Before she got to where I was seated, the next song began and she was whisked back onto the dance floor.

Someone handed her a drink as she danced and she drank it down. I could hear her laughing again. I was surprised. I also heard one of the other wives talking to her husband telling she thought it was disgusting and they should leave right away. He was doing his best to keep peace and agree while at the same time he was trying to get her to stay so he could at least watch. Lisa was the only wife there that was getting this attention. Of course I was the only husband there that was passed out as well.

Lisa was caressed and groped and fingered and had her dress pulled up more times than I could count. Eventually the other wives all became aware of what was going on and they demanded their husbands take them home. ( I know for a fact they were all groped as well, but not like Lisa. ) With them gone, it was only seconds before I saw Lisa pulled across an ottoman. In no time, I saw a cock buried in her mouth and one in her cunt. From that point on it was take turns. The lights had been turned up where they were working her over and in between guys I eventually could see her cunt was filled to overflowing with cum. Then I saw another ass pounding away. Then another, and another. Chuck was telling Jerry that her ass was super tight. Then Jerry was on her. I assumed he had his cock in her ass too. She had a cock in her mouth non stop, and I lost track of how many guys came in her mouth. But I could hear her swallowing loudly and knew she was taking it all the way.

Eventually the guys began leaving. It was quite late. I finally saw Lisa head off to the bathroom and a while later come out and tell the remaining few she had to get her hubby home. Dennis, the big black guy talked her into one more blow job for the road. She set her purse down and laid her coat over the arm of a chair and reaching over she unzipped his pants and bent over and took his cock in her mouth. She jacked him off with her hand and kept the end of his cock in her mouth. Soon I saw him tense and jerk a few time and I saw her swallowing all the while her cheeks were sucked in like she was really sucking him dry.

“Thats all folks” she said as she gathered up her purse and coat. She asked if a couple of the guys could give her a hand getting me to out car. They did, and with me in the passengers seat and Lisa who was now fairly sober acting behind the wheel, I watched as Jerry stood outside our car on her side and jacked off. As he was getting close I heard him say, “Ok, get ready” and Lisa who had rolled the window down leaned out and opened her mouth wide. She was inches from the end of his cock as it started to shoot. He quickly moved forward and she stayed glued to the end of his cock until he pulled away with a deflated cock. “Thanks babe” he said as she started the car and backed out of the driveway.

The next morning, I questioned her about what happened. The boys got a little carried away, she told me, and I got felt up a few times on the dance floor, but they were all pretty well behaved she said.

One of these days, she will tell me really what happened. Until then, I guess I will have to get her into more situations like that one just to see when she will finally tell me.


  1. Great Story
    I had the same experence when my wife was fucked by 23 men that I knew during a ski party in Vermount. In fact one of the men was my best-man and two of he other men was in the wedding party. We had been married 8 years and was 28 years old but looked 20. That night turned her into a real fucking slut after which she went back to the lodge for five or six years most of the time without me as I was in the service and away from home a lot. … Every trip she was fucked from the time she arrive until she left. Most trips were mostely two or three day week-end …
    Again your story was great and I am sure you have many more … asI do …

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