Las Vegas Convention Fun

It was the day of our trade show and everyone had cleared out except for Stacy and me. Stacy is in Marketing and I am engineer and we have both worked for the same company for about 15 years. Our families are close and she is one of my wife’s best friends and her husband and I play golf together all summer. We closed up the booth and headed back to the hotel.

We had a flight the next morning so we decided to have dinner and then maybe play some slots for a while. We had a nice dinner and of course the waiter thought we were a couple and we played along with it and told him it was our anniversary and he gave us a free desert and encouraged us to kiss when he brought out the cake.

The wine was loosening us up and there was some serious tongue action when we kissed and the waiter said it is nice see two people in love. We left holding hands putting on a good show and kissing again as we left. We went out to the Casino and I won $500 playing slots and then we went to the bar and had some more wine and shared a few dances.

We were definitely having a good time together flirting but we both knew it would never go anywhere. It was around 11pm and we headed to our rooms still holding hands as if we were a couple.

When we got to our room she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and said she had a really fun night. As she was opening her door she turned around and said with a smile “I will only ask once and this will only happen tonight, do you want to come in?” I looked at her and said, “I would love too!”

We quickly went in and as soon as the door was shut we started kissing and she did not hesitate undoing my pants and I started undoing her shirt. She got my pants down and guided me onto the bed and knelt down and took me into her mouth. She started stroking and sucking me and with all the excitement I started cumming in her mouth. She kept sucking me and stroked me until every last drop was out swallowing it all down. She then stood up and headed to the bathroom as she was taking off her clothes and she said come on lets take bath, I have been waiting to use it all week.

We went into her bathroom which was an upgrade from mine and it had a big Jacuzzi tub and by the time I got there she was filling it up and putting bath soap in to make bubbles. She helped me get the rest of the clothes off and then she said she would be right back.

She came back and said she ordered a bottle of wine. I told her she could get in the tub and I would wait for the wine. She was relaxing enjoying herself and I went up behind her and rubbed her shoulders. There was a knock at the door and I put on a robe and got the wine. I poured us a couple glasses and jumped in the tub.

We sat and drank our wine and talked for what seemed like an hour. I sat up and pulled her closer to me and gave her a kiss and I let my hands slide under the water until I found her pussy. She flinched a little but then said “that feels good”.

We kept kissing and I kept fingering her and she was getting ready to cum so I guided her up on the edge of the tub and buried my two fingers deep inside of her and my mouth found her clit. This was all driving her crazy and she yelled, “Fuck I am going to cum soon,” and I kept working my fingers in her and licking her clit and then she screamed, “FUCK! I am cumming!” and her legs started to tighten up squeezing my head between them and then she started squirting a stream of fluid, something my wife does not do and it caught me off guard and it squirted all over my face.

I was as hard as a rock and my pole was yearning for some action and I guided myself into her pussy and started thrusting in and out. This was not the most comfortable position but there is no way I was going to stop. She then said “yeah, that’s it fuck me hard and fast”. I kept pounding away and right before I came she started cumming again squirting all over me and it was too much and I proceeded to fill her pussy with cum. We sat there for a few seconds both sexually exhausted, “Fuck, that was good.”

We both slid back into the tub to relax and then got out and dried off and headed to the other room. She gave me a kiss and said I should probably go. I think she was starting to feel guilty so I got dressed, gave her one last kiss and left.

The next morning we headed back and we went on with our lives like nothing had happened still being friends. I still think of that night but doubt it will ever happen again.

The next week at golf, her husband said Las Vegas really turned on his wife and she was horny all week and they had fucked almost every night. I smiled and said he was a lucky guy and I of course did not tell him I knew exactly how lucky he was or why she was so horny!


  1. thank you very much for the story and I enjoyed reading it and similar happen to me the year 2007 but unfortunately my wife best friend past away last year and very sad to me and most especially to my wife and up you this time I never tell her of my affair to her best friend Isabel. that’s all I can say because felt guilt.

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