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Suzi Has An Adventure

Suzi had always been quite adventurous when sex was any part of the equation. The 24-year-old, who had spent most of her life thus far living in and around Seattle, was known as one of the “easiest” girls to bed during her high school and college years. Not only was she wanton and loose in her ways, but Suzi was also beautiful – and she knew it. Suzi made several men her victim by charming them with her body. Her hair was naturally-blonde and went down well past her shoulders, to the midpoint of her back. She was tight and compact at 5-foot-5 and 101 pounds, and was stunning with a 36d-23-34 figure. Suzi had an excellant tan and was more than willing to show off her charms in sexy, tiny outfits. She made it a practice to date a lot of guys throughout high school and college, but never stayed with anyone for an extended period of time until Michael came along.

Michael, also 24, had been dating Suzi for more than a year now. But at the same time, Suzi was far from faithful to him – and he knew it. In fact, Michael liked the idea of his girlfriend going out and having sex with others. It turned him on. So, Suzi could keep Michael as her main boyfriend, but she also had the freedom to go out and see others. One thing which really endeared her to Michael was the fact that he had been arranging gang-bangs, with her as the featured attraction, once a month for nearly a year. Suzi liked being at the center of gang-bangs, because there were plenty of willing men who would do their best to satisfy her. But, Suzi had never been satisfied. She always wanted more. No one – not even a group of men – had ever fully satisfied her.

Suzi was excited. She knew that an entire weekend of fucking and sucking a trio of hot men was in her immediate future. Of course, the young woman became very excited whenever sex figured into her daily schedule. She would be spending the weekend at a cabin in one of Washington’s national forests, with three of her gang-bang partners. Joining her for what promised to be a fuck-fest would be Michael (her main boyfriend), as well as Nick and James. Suzi’s original intention was for more men to make the trip up to the cabin with her. But unfortunately, only three of her regular six gang-bang partners were available. Michael, Nick and James did not seem to mind that the others could not make the trip. Without the others, all three guys knew that they would have more of Suzi’s hot body for themseleves. They, of course, liked that.