Suzi Has An Adventure

Suzi had always been quite adventurous when sex was any part of the equation. The 24-year-old, who had spent most of her life thus far living in and around Seattle, was known as one of the “easiest” girls to bed during her high school and college years. Not only was she wanton and loose in her ways, but Suzi was also beautiful – and she knew it. Suzi made several men her victim by charming them with her body. Her hair was naturally-blonde and went down well past her shoulders, to the midpoint of her back. She was tight and compact at 5-foot-5 and 101 pounds, and was stunning with a 36d-23-34 figure. Suzi had an excellant tan and was more than willing to show off her charms in sexy, tiny outfits. She made it a practice to date a lot of guys throughout high school and college, but never stayed with anyone for an extended period of time until Michael came along.

Michael, also 24, had been dating Suzi for more than a year now. But at the same time, Suzi was far from faithful to him – and he knew it. In fact, Michael liked the idea of his girlfriend going out and having sex with others. It turned him on. So, Suzi could keep Michael as her main boyfriend, but she also had the freedom to go out and see others. One thing which really endeared her to Michael was the fact that he had been arranging gang-bangs, with her as the featured attraction, once a month for nearly a year. Suzi liked being at the center of gang-bangs, because there were plenty of willing men who would do their best to satisfy her. But, Suzi had never been satisfied. She always wanted more. No one – not even a group of men – had ever fully satisfied her.

Suzi was excited. She knew that an entire weekend of fucking and sucking a trio of hot men was in her immediate future. Of course, the young woman became very excited whenever sex figured into her daily schedule. She would be spending the weekend at a cabin in one of Washington’s national forests, with three of her gang-bang partners. Joining her for what promised to be a fuck-fest would be Michael (her main boyfriend), as well as Nick and James. Suzi’s original intention was for more men to make the trip up to the cabin with her. But unfortunately, only three of her regular six gang-bang partners were available. Michael, Nick and James did not seem to mind that the others could not make the trip. Without the others, all three guys knew that they would have more of Suzi’s hot body for themseleves. They, of course, liked that.

It was about a two hour drive from Suzi’s apartment in suburban Seattle to the secluded cabin in the forest. With a few suitcases packed, the 24-year-old woman waited for Michael, Nick and James to show up at her place. Wanting to stay on her good side, they all grabbed her bags of luggage and loaded them into the van for her after their arrival. Once the group set out on the road, Suzi was seated in the front seat of the van, as Michael drove it, while Nick and James sat in the back. Neither of the two in the back of the van could keep their eyes off of Suzi. She was wearing a skintight pair of jeans and a flower-print blouse which hugged and clutched her large breasts wonderfully. Knowing the guys were watching her, Suzi decided to tease them a little by playing with her long blonde hair. The flirty demeanor she displayed while chatting with Michael was almost too much for Nick and James to handle. “Why don’t you come back here, and keep us company?” James said to Suzi, breaking her conversation with Michael. As he drove the van, Michael growled and then glanced back at the two men for an instant. “GUYS! Can’t you wait until we get up to the cabin?” James and Nick looked at each other for a moment. Then, Nick peered at Michael and replied, “No.” Michael shook his head. “This isn’t fair. You guys get to have Suzi all for yourseleves, while I drive the van.” “Someone has to drive,” James told him, shrugging his shoulders. “Might as well be you.” Again, Michael shook his head. “Oh, alright. Just to be sure not to wear Suzi out. I want some of her for myself.” Suzi flashed her main boyfriend a lusty smile. “Oh, no need to worry about me getting worn out.” She giggled while reaching over and gently rubbing her hand along his crotch. “I’ll make sure YOU GET YOURS once we get up to the cabin.”

Michael gulped at her promise. Then, he started driving a bit faster. He could not make it to the cabin soon enough!

James extended a hand for Suzi and she took it, then she stepped into the back of the van. Dimly lit and not that spacious, it would nonetheless accomodate what Suzi and the two guys had in mind. The men had already thought ahead too; as there was an old mattress upon the van’s floor. The blonde bombshell purred with lust as Nick wrapped both hands around one of her firm thighs and caressed it. James took a seat a couple of feet away from Nick, then both men motioned for Suzi to sit down between them. Smiling, the young woman plopped down between the two studs and curled herself against their strong bodies.

A bit jealous, Michael stole quick glances of the action behind him while driving along the interstate.

“Little Suzi Sleaze,” Nick moaned as he turned her face toward his, and kissed her gently. “Always eager to please.” The slut moaned at the nasty nickname; she enjoyed Nick’s creativity. “Big Burly Nick,” she giggled, coming up with a monicker out of the blue. “Always eager to use his dick!” Nick laughed in desire at Suzi’s creativity. He had been calling her catchy nicknames for almost a year now, but this was the first time she had returned with one of her own for him. “Oh, Little Suzi CumSlut…” He kissed her yet again, diving his tongue deep into her wonderful mouth.

Meanwhile, James listened to the exchange of nicknames with a smile upon his face. It reminded him why he loved Suzi so much. Suzi was so angelic and beautiful on the outside, but at the same time, she could be very nasty on the inside. What better combination for a woman to have?

James grabbed a nice handful of Suzi’s left breast and squeezed it through the thin blouse she wore. In response, the slut broke her kiss with Nick and then pressed her lips hard against James’. The two shared their tongues, as Nick decided to paw and grope Suzi’s right breast with his hand. The vixen moaned in passion between her two studs as they rubbed and pinched her ample breasts. “Too bad you can’t be back here to enjoy Suzi with us!” Nick exclaimed to Michael, who drove the van. “Shut the hell up…” he grumbled in return. Michael was still very unhappy that Nick and James got to play with Suzi while he drove the van. It just wasn’t fair… Nick laughed at Michael’s response but then felt Suzi’s right hand rubbing against his crotch. Realizing that there was an erection in his jeans, Nick looked over and watched Suzi and James as they continued to kiss each other. Suzi kept rubbing Nick’s crotch as he planted a kiss on her exposed neck and cheek. Meanwhile, both men continued to grope and fondle her breasts with their hands. Wanting to keep both guys equally happy, Suzi broke the kiss with James and re-attached her lips to Nick’s. Both sighed as their tongues came into contact and slid together inside Nick’s mouth. Meanwhile, James started to unbutton the front of Suzi’s flower-print blouse. The young woman moaned with passion as she felt one of James’ hands slip inside her open blouse and squeeze one of her bra-covered breasts. Still kissing her, Nick also slid a hand underneath Suzi’s thin blouse and squeezed away at a full, luscious melon. Her passions igniting, Suzi writhed between the two men as they continued to feel her up. Next, she slipped her left hand into James’ lap and then rubbed his crotch. With her right hand working on Nick’s crotch, the 24-year-old female now rubbed a different male erection with each hand. Nick slid his hand from inside Suzi’s blouse down to her hips. He squeezed her ass for a moment, then ran his strong palm over her firm upper thigh. Suzi squealed in lust as both guys continued to work her over.

Michael shook his head in the front seat, listening to the sounds of passion coming from the back of the van. Why couldn’t he be back there, to enjoy the fun himself?

The vivacious blonde sighed as James slipped her blouse off. She responded to that action by first breaking her kiss with Nick, then smashing James’ mouth her own. Nick smiled, admiring Suzi’s large, plump breasts and the tiny white bra which concealed them. Then he opened his hand, and rubbed his palm against Suzi’s jeans-clad crotch. As a result, the woman’s pussy tingled with pure excitement. “I want one of your cocks,” Suzi sighed as she broke the kiss with James. “I don’t care which.” Both men looked at one another. Nick conceded, “She can give you a blowjob, James. I got something else in mind.” James smiled as he scooted over to the mattress on the van’s floor and laid down upon it. Suzi got onto her hands and knees, then crawled over to James and started tugging away at his jeans. She giggled while doing so, and finally ripped open James’ denims then unlooped his belt. The slut growled with desire as she reached into James’ briefs and pulled out his massive erection. On her hands and knees, hunched over his cock, Suzi took its full length between her pouty red lips and began eagerly sucking away. At the same time, she frigged his hard cock with her right hand, stroking its base up and down at a feverish pace. Meanwhile, Nick was rubbing and groping Suzi’s upturned ass, as she was hunched on her hands and knees over James. “Little Suzi FuckSlut,” he grinned while pawing her bottom. In response, the slut giggled and twitched her ass at Nick, enjoying the feel of his strong hands upon her. Nick loved the sight of Suzi’s blonde head as it bobbed up and down over James’ cock, her right hand busily frigging its thick base. Nick gave Suzi’s cute ass a hard slap with his own hand, which brought forth an excited squeal from her. She twitched her bottom at him again, which only caused his erection to become stronger and thicker. “Oh yeah…. Oh yeah, baby…” James moaned as his cock received a magnificant workout from Suzi’s mouth. “Yeah… That’s it… Just the way I like it…” Encouraged by his words, the young woman increased her tempo and sucked his cock even harder. In fact, she tried to swallow the fat instrument down her hungry little throat. “Little Suzi ButtSlut,” Nick smirked as he continued to paw and grope her jeans-clad bottom.

Still bitter in the front seat, Michael stole occasional glances of the heated action as he continued to drive along.

As she continued to suck away on James’ cock, Suzi’s hand was frigging its thick base so fast that it was almost a blur. The slut felt James’ cock pulsate in her mouth – she knew that he was very close to an orgasm. Meanwhile, Nick had unbuttoned Suzi’s jeans and then slid the skintight denims down her shapely hips and thighs. He got rid of her pink sneakers first, then whipped off her jeans and silk panties as well. With the exception of a skimpy white bra, Suzi was now nude in the back of the van. Nick grinned as he prodded her tight, puckered anus with his fingertip. “Little Suzi CockSlut… Oh, how she loves to take one up the butt.” Delighted, the nymphomaniac giggled at the nasty reference to anal sex as she continued to suck away at James’ cock. Nick spread her asscheeks with both hands and then licked her tiny anus with his tongue. In response, Suzi wailed out in passion/surprise – she did not expect that from him. Nick’s finger replaced his tongue on her anus, then his mouth moved lower and started to feast upon her sweet pussy. Suzi writhed in passionate approval at all of this great attention – she was sucking a fat cock while getting her pussy eaten and anus fingered, all at the very same time. Not for long, though… James screamed as his cock erupted like a volcano in Suzi’s hot mouth. The young woman clamped her lips tight around his pulsating erection, wanting to make sure that none of his sweet cum escaped. Suzi gagged for a short second, as her mouth nearly overflowed with all the tasty fuck-juice. But she recovered, and eventually guzzled the entire batch of sperm down her hungry little throat. Much to Suzi’s delight, not a single drop leaked from her mouth. James moaned passionately in the aftermath as Suzi’s lips finally detracted from his shaft. Not to be forgotten was Nick though, as he continued to feast upon the slut’s pussy and finger her anus at the same time. Up and down, side to side, Nick’s wet tongue traced every single recess of Suzi’s succulent pussy. She moaned and winced at the heated pleasure that Nick brought her.

In the front seat, Michael’s cock was so hard and erect in his jeans that it actually hurt. The sounds of hot passion coming from the back of the van was really turning him on. It was difficult for him to adequately concentrate on the road, but he somehow managed to do so.

James unsnapped Suzi’s bra and nearly ripped it off as the slut continued to moan and wail under Nick’s finger prodding and tongue. With Suzi’s breasts free now, each globe shimmered and shook in a most erotic way while she writhed and panted – still on her hands and knees. “OHHHHH…” Suzi exclaimed, in pure lust. “OH NICK! OHHHH I need you to fuck me… FUCK ME NOW!” Not able to ignore such a request from a beautiful woman, Nick tore off all of his clothing and flipped Suzi onto her back. He positioned himself between her widespread thighs and almost immediately, thrusted his cock between the tight confines of her intoxicating pussy. “FUUUUUUCK!” Suzi screamed at the very top of her lungs as Nick started to hammer himself in and out of her. A temporary voyuer, James felt his own cock getting hard again. Watching Suzi get fucked like the true slut that she was definitely registered as a major turn-on for him. The young woman continued to scream and moan under the intense assault of Nick’s massive shaft as it pistoned in and out of her slit. He was pounding her with all of his strength, as his body slapped violently against hers. That is just how Suzi liked her sex – hard, and physical.

Unfortunately for Suzi, however, Nick suddenly withdrew his cock from her pussy. In response, she looked up at him, a mixture of dissapointment and confusion upon her lovely face. That expression soon faded away though, as Nick quickly scooted himself forward until he was standing on his knees, astride Suzi’s flat stomach. Nick fisted his shaft and aimed it at her pair of large, firm breasts. Suzi squealed in glee and cupped her melons, thinking that Nick was going to whack himself off above her until he reached an orgasm. That, of course, would result in a very pleasurable cum shower for her.

However, that was not the exact thing on Nick’s mind.

“I’m gonna tit-fuck you,” he told her in a raging tone. “I’m gonna fuck your breasts and cum all over you.” Suzi squealed again, even more happy now. She definitely preferred this to him simply whacking off above her. But at the same time, that wouldn’t be too bad, either. Nick squatted down while Suzi sat up at a very slight angle. Still fisting his shaft, Nick aimed its tip directly at Suzi’s cleavage. At the same time, the young woman grabbed hold of the outer sides of her breasts. Nick smiled while placing his cock directly into her cleavage. Suzi squeezed her breasts together, which trapped Nick’s stiff member between them. Sensations swirled through Nick as luscious breast flesh powerfully squeezed his cock. “OH YEAH,” the man said, enjoying this activity. Suzi giggled and tilted her head all the way forward, then extended her tongue. Nick responded by thrusting his hips forward, sliding the tip of his fat erection from her mashed-together cleavage to her mouth. Suzi smiled while giving his cockhead a long and sweeping lick. Over the next minute or so, Suzi kept her tongue out while Nick thrusted his cock back and forth between her sweet cleavage. Still pressing her breasts together, Suzi would give his prick a big swipe with her tongue on each forward upstroke. The amount of pressure on Nick’s massive tool as he stroked it between her mashed-together breasts was too intense to even try and describe.

Suzi screamed in passionate surprise as she felt James manuever himself between her outstretched thighs. She had almost forgotten about him! Suzi could not see because Nick’s body was directly in front of her, but James nonetheless flipped her legs up and then pressed his full erection against the heated entrance of her pussy. James punched himself into her, and both individuals let out a wild moan in response. He held her legs high and wide apart, then started to thrust himself in and out of her at a steady speed. Suzi was in heaven! As one man squatted over her midriff and fucked her breasts with his cock, another took care of her pussy with his own cock! Her body rumbled and vibrated under the double assault, as she still pressed her breasts together, mashing them against Nick’s erection.

Once all three started to scream and moan in unison, Michael could not help but to take another glance at the action from the front seat of the van. His cock was in pain! It hurt so much in his jeans! If Michael could have had one wish at this point in time, it would have been that someone else was driving the van. That way, he could be in the back with Suzi. He could not wait to get his hands on her. One thing was for sure, though. Once they reached the cabin, Michael was going to give his naughty girlfriend a good, hard fucking. There was no doubt about it. Meanwhile, as Suzi continued to have her breasts and pussy fucked by two different men, she thought of what it would be like if the van had glass walls. Wouldn’t that be cool?, the slut thought to herself. If the van had glass walls, all of the other motorists on the interstate could watch Suzi as she got hammered by two guys at the same time. They could drive along and masturbate to the sight of her. The mere idea of being a “slut on display” like that really appealed to Suzi. If she had one wish, that would be it…

Nick screamed in passion as he suddenly pulled his cock from Suzi’s cleavage and then aimed it blindly at her. His eyes closed, a torrid spurt of cum shot out and splattered over Suzi’s neck and shoulders. The slut opened her mouth wide and extended her tongue, wanting to taste his release. The next jet of sperm, another huge one, splashed out and soaked her large pair of breasts and upper chest. Nick then simply released the flood gates. Gobs of sperm flew in all different directions as the man furiously pumped it out of his cock. The gooey juice landed all over Suzi’s upper body – especially her face and hair. The nymphomaniac giggled in total lust beneath him, while she smeared his thick seed onto her skin with her hands.

Once Nick rolled away, James knew that he had Suzi all for himself – at least for the time being. He had continued to pump himself in and out of her pussy, even during the heated cum shower upon her from Nick. James leaned forward slightly, still pumping into her, but then gasped once he got a good look at her. Suzi’s upper body was completely satuarated with sperm. That was an understatement. Her long blonde hair, usually very nice and stylish, was stuck together in messy, sticky clumps. Gobs of cum hung from her chin and dripped down onto her neck and shoulders, and the mattress below. Her 36d-sized breasts glistened with sperm, as did her midriff. “KEEP FUCKING ME!” Suzi demanded. His desire fueled even more by the nasty sight beneath him, James moved into the missionary position and resumed his thrusting motion. This time, he hammered Suzi for all he was worth. In response, the slut’s body twitched under him, bolts of pleasure shooting throughout her entire being. “CUMMING!” Suzi screamed at James, who immediately told her the very same thing. Both individuals rocked together in mutual orgasm, James’ cock buried in Suzi’s pussy. He flooded her insides with his own sperm. With her own passionate release, a mixture of both fluids seaped and oozed out from within her pussy. It slid down into the crack of her ass, coating it, and eventually pooled beneath her on the mattress. “Hmmmm…” the 24-year-old woman moaned seconds later, as she pressed her lips hard against James’. The two shared a very deep and sloppy kiss together.

“You’re fucking incredible…” James moaned at her, as he hugged her body close to his a few seconds later. “So are you,” Suzi chirped, kissing him again. “You too,” she added, reaching out and grasping Nick’s semi-hard cock. Nick smiled at her lustily. “Little Suzi Sleaze… she NEVER FAILS to please!” The slut giggled at his words while she continued to hold and embrace James. “You’re such a poet, Nick,” she giggled. “HEY MICHAEL!” came her scream, seconds later. “Let’s hurry and get up to the cabin! I can’t wait to fuck you!”

In the front seat, Michael’s body trembled with utter anticipation as he pressed his foot on the gas pedal a bit harder. Yes… he could not make it to the cabin soon enough. Michael couldn’t contain his lust much longer…