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Her Wicked Past

My name is Jason and I’m 34 years old and I am married to a wonderful woman named Beth. We have been married for 3 years and everything has been wonderful. Beth is 5’7” inches tall, has brown hair, gorgeous brown eyes, and great soft skin. She’s very thin and has a small cute chest, but has a killer ass. I mean killer. In fact shortly after I met her, she revealed to me that she was in a Playboy college girls issue. And after a few dates she finally showed it to me (her ass and the issue!). Although she seemed to be pretty open and honest about herself throughout our dating and since our wedding, I’ve always avoiding discussing her college days with her, the Playboy shoot, and her past. We get along great though and I felt like at least I could tell her anything.

Her college was having a reunion weekend so we drove there for the weekend. It was at a hotel on her campus and all of the other people attending stayed there too. The reunion was fun, we got there Friday night and there were tons of functions scheduled for the different classes that were there and she introduced me to a lot of her old sorority friends on the first night, a few of which were very very hot.

We walked around campus and hung out on Saturday with her old roommate and friend Diane and her husband Thomas, who both graduated with my wife. There were really cool people and I hit it off well with Thomas while my wife gabbed away with Diane. We went into a clothing store that the girls wanted to go into and Thomas and I waited and chatted while the girls tried on clothes. I was talking to Thomas about all of them in their college days and wasn’t really paying attention to the girls until Beth stepped out of the dressing room to look in the mirror. I think mine and Thomas’s heart’s stopped. Beth was wearing the tightest and smallest pair of white cotton shorts I’ve ever seen. They didn’t even completely cover the bottom of her ass cheeks, and her long tan legs came out of them and contrasted with the white. The name of her school was written across the back in black block letters.

“Holy shit” I said out loud without even realizing it.

I looked at Thomas who had an ear to ear grin across his face.

He said “Now that’s the ass I remember!” under his breath.

He then came back down to earth it seemed and realized that he was talking to her husband, and started apologizing.

“Oh man, sorry, I didn’t mean to say that, its just…” he stammered trying to take both of his feet out of his mouth.

“It’s ok” I said half giggling, “I understand, I know better than anybody that she does have a great butt.”

Thomas responded under his breath again “I’m not sure better then anybody” He said it more as a wisecrack than anything and I figured he meant it in a harmless way.