Her Wicked Past

My name is Jason and I’m 34 years old and I am married to a wonderful woman named Beth. We have been married for 3 years and everything has been wonderful. Beth is 5’7” inches tall, has brown hair, gorgeous brown eyes, and great soft skin. She’s very thin and has a small cute chest, but has a killer ass. I mean killer. In fact shortly after I met her, she revealed to me that she was in a Playboy college girls issue. And after a few dates she finally showed it to me (her ass and the issue!). Although she seemed to be pretty open and honest about herself throughout our dating and since our wedding, I’ve always avoiding discussing her college days with her, the Playboy shoot, and her past. We get along great though and I felt like at least I could tell her anything.

Her college was having a reunion weekend so we drove there for the weekend. It was at a hotel on her campus and all of the other people attending stayed there too. The reunion was fun, we got there Friday night and there were tons of functions scheduled for the different classes that were there and she introduced me to a lot of her old sorority friends on the first night, a few of which were very very hot.

We walked around campus and hung out on Saturday with her old roommate and friend Diane and her husband Thomas, who both graduated with my wife. There were really cool people and I hit it off well with Thomas while my wife gabbed away with Diane. We went into a clothing store that the girls wanted to go into and Thomas and I waited and chatted while the girls tried on clothes. I was talking to Thomas about all of them in their college days and wasn’t really paying attention to the girls until Beth stepped out of the dressing room to look in the mirror. I think mine and Thomas’s heart’s stopped. Beth was wearing the tightest and smallest pair of white cotton shorts I’ve ever seen. They didn’t even completely cover the bottom of her ass cheeks, and her long tan legs came out of them and contrasted with the white. The name of her school was written across the back in black block letters.

“Holy shit” I said out loud without even realizing it.

I looked at Thomas who had an ear to ear grin across his face.

He said “Now that’s the ass I remember!” under his breath.

He then came back down to earth it seemed and realized that he was talking to her husband, and started apologizing.

“Oh man, sorry, I didn’t mean to say that, its just…” he stammered trying to take both of his feet out of his mouth.

“It’s ok” I said half giggling, “I understand, I know better than anybody that she does have a great butt.”

Thomas responded under his breath again “I’m not sure better then anybody” He said it more as a wisecrack than anything and I figured he meant it in a harmless way.

Beth was oblivious to our gawking and went back into the dressing room and her and Diane tried on a few more things and we left. For the rest of the day, Thomas’s wisecrack kept reverberating in my mind, and I guess seeing Beth back at her old school and stirred up an intense curiosity in me. What did Thomas mean by that? Did Beth hook up with Thomas? His friend? Had he ever seen her ass or her naked before? Why hadn’t she introduced me to any of her guy friends? A million questions bounced around my head. Were any guys from school there when they did the shoot? The picture of her in Playboy, a young innocent Beth smiling proudly and showing her beautiful ass kept burning in my mind. Did she moon them once? The questions wouldn’t stop.

We went back to our hotel room and took a nap. When we woke up I told her what Thomas had said and asked her if she ever hooked up with him. Big mistake!!!

Beth turned bright red and said “Listen, I really don’t want to talk about that stuff.”

I responded and pleaded back “But I think I have a right to know.”

“No you don’t” she snapped, “Stuff that happened before I met you is really none of your business!”

“Did he ever see your ass? In real life I mean?” I blurted out.

She stood up and yelled “Fuck you!” and went angrily to the bathroom to shower.

My mind was still racing but I figured I’d better drop it for the rest of the weekend and bring it up another time.

We both showered without talking much and went down to one of the hotel ballrooms where they had a huge buffet dinner set up. We bumped into Thomas and Diane and I went with Thomas to the bar to get a few drinks.

When we were alone Thomas said “Listen, I’m sorry again for what I said earlier, about Beth and everything, its just that its been a while and I guess we are all acting a little like stupid college boys cause we we are back here.”

I looked down at my drink and said “Oh don’t worry about it, its not a big deal, I actually asked Beth about her days at college and she got really mad and we’re kinda in a fight.”

Thomas looked concerned and quickly said “Well we all have done stupid things in the past, but its all on good fun and no big deal in the long run right?”

“Yeah you’re right” I nodded and we ordered a few shots before rejoining the ladies.

Dinner was good and we basically hung out with Diane and Thomas. Beth occasionally introduced me to her old girlfriends whenever someone she knew wandered by us. Thomas and I kept drinking steadily and by the end of the night, we were starting to get pretty hammered. Right after dinner a woman and what looked to be her husband and a small boy, maybe about 5 years old, walked over screaming “Beth!!!!?”

Beth and the woman started hugging and giggling uncontrollably.

Beth turned to me and said, “Jason I want you to meet Nicole! Nicole was my roommate senior year, after Diane.”

I shook her and she introduced me to her husband and son. While they were chatting I looked Nicole up and down. Although she had a kid, she looked damn hot. She had straight blonde hair, and wonderful big bright blue eyes, and it looked like she had a tight body still. Her and my wife must have been one pair of hot roommates I thought to myself. I looked at Thomas as he kissed Nicole hello, looking very happy to see her. We chatted a little with them and then we went back to our own table for desert.

After desert and coffee, the jazz band that had been playing stopped and were packing up and people were gradually filing out. Beth said she was tired and wanted to go back to the room and turn in. Thomas and I both still wanted to drink and walk around so I asked her if she would mind if I hung out for a little while.

Beth said “Fine, I’ll meet you upstairs”

Then she looked at Thomas, smiled and in a cute way added “Now don’t you keep him out too late!”

“Yes ma’am!!” Thomas said, and Beth and Diane headed out towards the elevators.

We wandered over the bar and had another two drinks before they closed up. I asked Thomas if he had ever hooked up with Nicole.

He grew and ear to ear grin again and said “Oh yeah, you could say that!”

Not wanting to sound uncouth I didn’t pry for the details. It was now about 2 a.m. and we were dismayed to learn that the hotel bar was closed. We wandered around and got a little lost in the hotel and wound up talking a different set of elevators up to our floor. Looking at the room numbers we realized we were on the other side of the hotel so we started stumbling down the hallway back towards the other wing. About 20 feet later we started to hear some voices and ruckus going on.

“Nice!” I said, “Somebody is having a party in their room.”

“Awesome” Thomas said, “lets find it.”

We came to the room and the door was open a tiny crack. It sounded like mostly guys in there drinking. Thomas boldly opened the door and we walked in. There were about 7 or 8 guys in the room, drinking beers and smoking cigarettes and want smelled to me like weed. The room was a large suite that had a separate living room area and a large couch, TV, and bar.

One of the guys noticed us and said “Hey Thomas!, come on in, have a beer.

Thomas said “Ok cool,” and introduced me to his friend Ron, who was obviously the owner of the room. I went to the bar and grabbed two beers and walked back over to Thomas and Ron. The other guys barely acknowledged us and were crowed around the TV.

“We were just about to watch the tape” said Ron smiling. “Rick still has it!”

He walked over to the couch and sat down in an empty seat and took a joint from the guy sitting next to him.

Thomas shot me and extremely nervous look and said, “Listen, we shouldn’t hang out here, let’s go back downstairs and try to find some other people.”

Thinking he was nervous about what I would think about the pot smoking I said “Don’t be a wus, I’m cool with this, It’s ok really. I smoked a little in college too.”

I walked over and stood behind the couch facing the TV just as a guy who I assumed was Rick pushed play on a camcorder that he had hooked up to the hotel TV.

The screen lit up and after some static, the video came on. It looked like and amateur video and it was obviously taken by Rick. Rick holding the camera was walking down a dark hallway.

“Jason, man, really, lets go!” Thomas blurted.

“No way man” I said “This looks like its about to get good!”

“Oh yeah it is! Rick exploded, “Check this shit out.”

The camera had entered what looked like a bedroom suite of a fraternity house. It was pretty messy and there were paddles with fraternity letters on the wall, and I could see a bong in the corner. There were about 6 or 7 guys standing in a circle wearing t-shirts mostly. They each had their pants and boxers down. “There I am!” a the guy on the couch said, and I could clearly see that he was one of the guys standing up at the far end of the circle looking at the camera as it entered the room. The camera jerked suddenly and you could hear the camera man say “SHHHH!” to the two guys in the circle who could see him.

“Ah man!” I said, “Who wants to see your guys butts!” I said jokingly, because as the guys in the foreground of the circle came into view as the camera panned down, it showed two or three pale white asses.

“Don’t worry” the guy on the couch said, “Its about to get better, check out that ass!”

As the camera panned down and around you could see there were two girls in the middle of the circle, on their knees. It looked like they were each blowing one of the guys in the circle. We saw a glimpse of the girl on the far end of the circle. The camera stopped and zoomed in on her ass for a second, and it did look amazing. But then the camera moved in closer and zoomed in on the girl in the foreground.

“Are these girls hookers?” I asked Rick.

“No better!” said Rick, “these girls went to school with us.” I thought to myself how awesome this was, and how great it would be to have a tape of a girl from college blowing you, and I was immediately jealous.

I could now clearly see the girl in the foreground from the side of her head as the camera zoomed in on her mouth, she was blowing the guy furiously, with her eyes closed. As the camera zoomed out a little and got a better shot of her face, I almost dropped my beer. It was Nicole!

“Holy shit,” I whispered to Thomas, “That’s Nicole.”

“Oh I know” he said, half smiling but still looking worried.

I had just met her husband! Her son! And here she was on video giving a blow job. I had never seen anything like this. She was wearing her hair in pigtails and had on nothing but white thigh high stockings. She looked like one of the hottest little things I’d ever seen. She moved from blowing him to licking his balls and then back to sucking several times, moaning every once in a while. One of the guys turned up the TV volume a bit so we could hear her better. I could now hear that there was music playing in the room and it seemed that Nicole was blowing him to the rhythm of the music, just bobbing up and down.

The camera panned up to show the guy that Nicole was blowing. Oh man! It was Thomas. A young 20 year old Thomas gave a grin and a wicked thumbs up to the camera and he put his finger to his lips also and did the “Shhh” sign.

I looked at him and said, “Man, you lucky dog you!” He smiled but then averted his eyes from mine.

The camera panned back around and now and we could see the other girl. She had her back to the camera and was blowing a guy on the opposite side of the circle. The guy she was blowing was the guy who was sitting on the couch next to Rick making all the comments.

Getting into this and being drunk, I said “Damn you’re a lucky dog too!” to the guy on the couch.

The girl had brown hair and was also wearing her hair in pigtails and also had nothing on but thigh high white stockings. Her ass had a thong tanline, but she had no tanline across her back. Yummy I thought, I love thong tan lines. The camera zoomed in on her ass and all the guys erupted. Whistles and cat calls went up all round the room.

“Oh yeah” “There’s that ass!” “I fucking loved that ass of hers” and stuff like that.

As the camera zoomed in closer somebody entered the circle with what looked like a black magic marker and bent down on his hands and knees behind the brunette haired girl. He opened the marker and on her left cheek wrote the word “Zeta” and on her right check wrote “Slut” while she ignored him and kept bobbing up and down. I couldn’t believe it!

The guy next to Rick who was the one getting the blow job said “Damn these girls were awesome!”

“Hell yeah!” he said Rick “Remember she fucked John in the bathroom at our formal while her date was outside looking for her?” The guys all giggled again and one them high-fived a guy who I assumed was John.

“You used a condom right?” One of the guys asked John.

“With her? Yeah, she wasn’t on the pill yet!” John answered, “But anyway, I would never have fucked her without a condom.”

The camera stayed where it was because it seemed the camera man didn’t want to walk around and circle the circle and draw the attention of the girls. The brunette girl also appeared to be bobbing her head to the rhythm of the music, which was now playing a different song. Thomas looked at me again and quickly turned away.

The camera stayed focused on the brunette girl. She looked amazing from behind. After about a minute she opened her knees up and moved her head lower and turned it upwards. We couldn’t see very well but she was obviously licking his balls. Them we saw it, it was amazing, the camera zoomed back in for a second and you could see her long tongue flicking very quickly back and forth on his balls.

The guy getting the good treatment said “I’m never throwing out this tape Rick! Thanks for sending me that copy! My wife better never find this!”

The guys laughed again and one added “Oh no way, I’d get divorced my wife saw this!”

On the video, the guy next to the guy getting blown by the brunette girl said “Come on, that’s enough, I’m dying over here” The girl looked up at him and you could hear her giggle and say, “Ok big boy, lets see what you have” She stopped blowing the guy and shuffled on her knees sideways and around, as the camera man moved around the outside toward them to get a better view.

As she shuffled over, her face came into view. This time I did drop my beer. Kneeling there, wearing nothing but bright red lipstick and white thigh high stockings, was my wife Beth. She was smiling and oblivious to the camera.

One guy noticed I dropped my beer and said “She’s hot right! This chick was in the Playboy college girls issue the year before this too!”

Thomas looked over at me and picked up my spilling beer and walked to the bar to get me another one. He handed it to me and said “You better have another drink for this, I tried to tell you we shouldn’t stay.”

I was mesmerized and shocked at the same time. I couldn’t speak. I heard the rap music blaring away in the background of the video, as Beth looked up at the guy in front of her and took his dick in her mouth. My wife, of three years! Blowing guys in a frat house! She barely ever gives me a blow job! She immediately started bobbing to the music. After a about a minute she took one hand and started rubbing his balls and took the other hand and put it between her legs. Her eyes were closed, and although she had the guy in her mouth, you could tell she was smiling and enjoying herself. My wife! The camera jerked back to the other side of the circle and showed Thomas pulling out of Nicole’s mouth and starting to cum all over her face and chest. Her tits were amazing and she had the sexiest tan lines on them. The guys, all cheered at the TV as Thomas came on her face, and even me, swept up in it al,l found myself clapping my hands for a second. Thomas turned bright red next to me.

Someone outside the circle I couldn’t see handed Nicole a towel and she wiped herself off. Thomas stepped out of the circle and another guy from the side stepped in and took his place. Nicole shuffled over to the next guy on her right. The camera panned back over to Beth who was now rubbing the guys dick against her nipples. I started to feel a little sick. My wife’s nipples, her cute nipples that I loved, and a guy was rubbing his dick all over them. She resumed blowing him and after about 30 seconds, he too pulled himself out of her mouth and started to cum. I had to hold my beer tightly for this one. The first shot hit her forehead, then her left cheek. Then she went nuts. She opened her eyes and opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out and tried to catch the shooting cum in her mouth, snapping at the air. Realizing what she was trying to, the guy she was blowing put his dick against her outstretched tongue and started rubbing the last of his cum onto it. When he was apparently finished, she held her tongue out for a second, looked up at him and put her tongue back in her mouth and swallowed it.

The room erupted again and one of the guys said “That is the best part!”

I felt strange, I didn’t know if I should leave or stay. The guys obviously had no idea who I was, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear or see anymore. I felt sick but at the same time I suddenly realized I had a huge boner. After all, it wasn’t like she was cheating on me. I walked over the bar and grabbed me and Thomas another two beers.

When I got back to him he said “Are you ok? Seriously, are you?”

I nodded I was. “What else happens?” I asked him.

“Well it gets better, ummm, I’m sorry, I mean a little worse. Dude, you’re not gonna be mad and hit me are you?” I shook my head no and continued to watch.

The camera went back to Nicole who was blowing another lucky guy. It seemed like he came in her mouth cause he started shuddering and then she gulped a little and then shuffled over to her right again. Meanwhile, the camera panned back to Beth who had now moved around closer into the foreground and was now almost facing Rick with the camera. The guy who she had just blown was sitting off to the side, and was replaced by another guy.

“How many guys were in that room” I said to Thomas. “About 7 or 8 I think, maybe 9.”

Apparently the guys that were still waiting were getting antsy. You could here them joking to each other. The guy next to Beth urged the guy she was blowing to hurry up. Beth reached up with her right and started jerking him off while she continued her blow job.

Then it all changed. Thomas who I guess had been hanging out off to the side entered the middle of the circle and crept up behind Beth. He was hard again and had a condom on his dick. He inched up behind her and grabbed her back and slowly pulled her hips back and nudged her forwards a little. She stopped jerking off the guy and stopped blowing and turned around and looked at Thomas. She smirked when she realized who it was and then resumed blowing the guy. Getting what he took to be approval, he took his dick and slowly started rubbing it up and down against her ass crack. The guys in our room went nuts.

Someone started chanting “Go Thomas! Go Thomas, Go! Go! Go! Thomas!”

You could see him fumble a little, and Beth took her now free right hand and reached back and grabbed his dick and put it inside her. Thomas thrust forward, and just like that, he was fucking my wife. He started pounding her really fast and slapped at her ass playfully. The rhythm of his fucking changed the rhythm of her blow job so now every time his thrust forward, she would thrust forward on the guy she was blowing.

Someone else entered the circle and the camera panned back and we could see that someone was about to fuck Nicole. The scene pretty much went into chaos after that. The circle broke up and Beth and Nicole moved next to each other, on all fours facing opposite directions. Guys moved in and out getting blow jobs. Thomas let out a yelp as he grabbed my wife’s ass with both hands and was obviously cumming inside of her.

When Thomas finished be pulled out and bent over and gave Beth a kiss on her ass, and patted it and said, “Good little doggy”

All the guys went nuts with laughter again and even I found myself shaking my head and laughing.

Rick holding the camera jerked around, and still holding the camera, he moved in behind Beth.

She turned around and saw who it was.

She saw the camera and everything stopped for a second. “I want that tape back after this” was all she said.

Rick must have nodded and aimed the camera down at his dick and zoomed in as he moved closer towards her ass. She reached back and helped him put himself in. As she did, it became obvious he wasn’t wearing a condom.

A guy on the couch yelled out, “Fucking Beth bareback! Oh yeah!”

I got slightly dizzy as I watched the angle from about two feet, as his dick went in and out of my wife. In almost no time he pulled out and started cumming all over her ass. It was an amazing sight, as cum dripped down my wife’s ass over the words Zeta and Slut and onto the floor a little. The tape went to static and stopped as Rick must have shut the camcorder off. The guys in the room started reminiscing about other things and giving an occasional high five like they were 20 year old frat boys once again. I looked at Thomas and said I better go. He said he was going too and we said goodbye to the other guys and walked into the hallway.

“I’m really sorry you had to see that” said Thomas.

“I’m not taking it personally don’t’ worry,” I said, “I’m just a little shocked right now.

He shook his head like he understood and we walked in silence back to our rooms. When I got to my room and went in. The lights were out and Beth was lying there on the bed on her stomach, naked, sleeping. It looked like she had been waiting for me but fell asleep. Confused, angry, and turned on, I slipped out of my clothes and woke her up by jabbing my dick into her from behind. We fucked like rabbits for about an hour and fell asleep. I would have to talk to her about the tape another time.