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Hairs To Kristen

I’ve never been the kind of guy to go to a “hair dresser” to get my hair cut. As long back as I can remember I’ve been going to old Fred the barber when- ever I needed to have my mop trimmed up. Then old Fred decided to retire about a month or so back, and the guy who bought the barber shop went and nicked Charlie’s ear. I sure as hell wasn’t going to give him the same opportunity with my ears!

My hair was starting to get really ragged looking though, and I was seriously contemplating cutting it myself when I spotted an ad in our local paper announcing that Kristen had joined the staff of one of the local beauty salons, and that she was welcoming new customers. The ad went on to say that she had trained for two years at a fancy school in New York and that she had won an award for excellence in men’s styling. There was a picture of Kristen right beside the ad, but I don’t trust newspaper pictures too much since they could have been taken years ago. The face in the picture looked real appealing though, and I did need a hair cut, so I called up and made an appointment.

I got to the place a little bit early the next day, and had to wait a little before Kristen was ready to take care of me. This gave me a chance to really check her out. I lit a smoke and relaxed in one of the big overstuffed chairs while I checked everything out. It was only five o’clock, but the place seemed nearly deserted. A couple of other girls were working on some women, but it was obvious from the conversation that they were getting ready to call it quits for the night. Kristen however was the one that my eyes kept searching out. The picture in the paper did her no justice. She looked to be about twenty years old with a face as smooth as silk. She stood about five foot four, and had dark blond hair that she wore short and curly. The white smock that she wore hid most of her figure from my view, but it couldn’t hide the fact that she had a pair of big boobs, and terrific legs!