Hairs To Kristen

I’ve never been the kind of guy to go to a “hair dresser” to get my hair cut. As long back as I can remember I’ve been going to old Fred the barber when- ever I needed to have my mop trimmed up. Then old Fred decided to retire about a month or so back, and the guy who bought the barber shop went and nicked Charlie’s ear. I sure as hell wasn’t going to give him the same opportunity with my ears!

My hair was starting to get really ragged looking though, and I was seriously contemplating cutting it myself when I spotted an ad in our local paper announcing that Kristen had joined the staff of one of the local beauty salons, and that she was welcoming new customers. The ad went on to say that she had trained for two years at a fancy school in New York and that she had won an award for excellence in men’s styling. There was a picture of Kristen right beside the ad, but I don’t trust newspaper pictures too much since they could have been taken years ago. The face in the picture looked real appealing though, and I did need a hair cut, so I called up and made an appointment.

I got to the place a little bit early the next day, and had to wait a little before Kristen was ready to take care of me. This gave me a chance to really check her out. I lit a smoke and relaxed in one of the big overstuffed chairs while I checked everything out. It was only five o’clock, but the place seemed nearly deserted. A couple of other girls were working on some women, but it was obvious from the conversation that they were getting ready to call it quits for the night. Kristen however was the one that my eyes kept searching out. The picture in the paper did her no justice. She looked to be about twenty years old with a face as smooth as silk. She stood about five foot four, and had dark blond hair that she wore short and curly. The white smock that she wore hid most of her figure from my view, but it couldn’t hide the fact that she had a pair of big boobs, and terrific legs!

Kristen’s voice shook me awake from my day dream- ing, and as I stared into her crystal blue eyes I felt the blood pulsing in my crotch. She led me to a chair at the back and announced that she was going to wash my hair. I started to protest saying that I had just washed it that morning; but she insisted and told me that hair cut better when it was wet.

I settled back in the chair as Kristen adjusted the towel and cape around my neck. Every time she leaned forward to check the water temperature, her boobs came close enough to my face for me to kiss them, and I was really tempted!

Finally, she was satisfied with the water and pro- ceeded to wet my hair down. She had adjusted the water so well I could hardly feel it as it ran through my hair. Then she squeezed out some shampoo and started to lather up my head.

What a glorious feeling!

Kristen went to work on my scalp with two hands, firmly massaging the soap in. I started to feel so good and mellow that I closed my eyes to enjoy this luxurious experience forgetting all about those delicious tits dangling just inches from my face. I was really getting into this now, and my breathing was getting slower and deeper when Kristen surprised me by starting to rinse my head off! I was even more sur- prised to find that my cock had swollen to a dangerous size during her ministrations.

“Is that it” I managed to mumble, to which she replied, “No, I still have to put cream rinse on and conditioner.” Then she glanced down and saw the bulge I was making in the cape. She continued to rinse the last of the shampoo out of my hair and started to rub the cream rinse on when she whispered close to my ear, “Take it out honey, no-one can see us back here, just keep it under the cape.” Oh, man! I didn’t know what to think or do. I’m not used to women being so aggres- sive or so daring. I wanted to relieve the pressure in my jeans, but I wasn’t too sure about taking my rod out in public. “Come on,” Kristen said, “Take it out while I’ve still got you lathered up!” I glanced around to make sure that no one else could see what I was about to do, and hesitantly pulled my throbbing prick free from its confines.

Kristen didn’t waste a minute. Seeing that I was agreeable to a little soapy fun, she put more of the cream rinse into her hand and then slid her hand under the cape in search of my hard on. I felt the coolness of the cream and the warmth of her soft hand reach my cock, and I heard Kristen sigh with satisfaction as she explored the length. Slowly she jerked my twitch- ing prick, and I felt the cream sliding along with her hand. It felt so fucking good, I thought that I would explode.

My cock head felt like it had reached monstrous proportions under her careful ministrations, and my balls were aching with the desire to blow their load. Kristen must have sensed my distress, because just when I thought I was reaching my critical point she started to slide her thumb back and forth over my slit. That did it for me!

Stifling a scream, I shot my hot load all over her hand and the underside of the cape!

I nearly passed out from the pure pleasure! Kristen removed her hand from my cock and rinsed it off with the rest of my hair. Then she said to me that if I wasn’t in too big a rush, that she would clean up the other mess she had made. “Maybe I can convince you to let me trim your pubic hair” she said. Well, I sure as hell wasn’t going to say no, and was about to tell her when we heard somebody shouting to Kristen that since she was the last one there, she would have to close up the shop.

Kristen started cutting my hair, and was nearly done when we heard the door close for the final time. Kristen told me that she was going to check the shop and would return just as soon as she had locked the front door. I saw some of the lights go off, then I heard the door being locked. Kristen came back around the corner and proceeded to finish my hair. I thought that she had forgotten all about cleaning me up, but I was to learn that Kristen is very fussy about finishing what she starts!

Kristen finished my hair quickly, then asked if I was still interested in a pubic trim. I said “Sure, why not.” Kristen then removed the cape and asked me to lower my jeans so that she could shampoo the pubic area first. I was all too willing to comply! As I undid my jeans, my eyes were locked on Kristen as she removed her smock and blouse! “I don’t want to get it all wet” she explained. I was right about her having big tits! They were fantastic! About a 38-DD cup I’d say, with big brown nipples that were just starting to stiffen! She led me by the hand back to the sink, and I found that the part where you normally rest your neck was just the right size for me to rest my balls. I tried to kiss Kristen and feel her boobs, but she would have none of it!

Kristen adjusted the water temperature again, then ran the water all over my cock and balls. I could feel the excess water running down my legs, but I didn’t care! My cock was twitching with anticipation of the lathering it was going to get! She shut off the water and squeezed a good amount of shampoo into her hand and started to suds me up. She hefted my bag with one soapy hand and stroked my hardness with the other! I could feel the cum boiling again, as she continued to squish the lather into my bag and under my foreskin. I watched my cock head turn purple with desire, and was amazed that even through the soap I could see a glistening drop of pre-cum! Just as I thought I would explode again, Kristen turned me slightly away from the sink and knelt down in front of me! She took my soapy cock and pressed it into those big soft tits of hers! She told me to hold her tits and fuck them! I didn’t need to be told twice!

With a hand on each boob, I slid my soapy shaft up and down in that fleshy crevice. My thumbs were flick- ing her nipples and she was moaning. Kristen really liked to have her tits fucked! I felt her wet hands on the cheeks of my ass pulling me forward, then one of her hands slipped around to cup my nuts. She used the hand on them to show me that she wanted me to spread my legs a bit. Her idea of groping a bag meant she wanted it all! Just as I was reaching climax, Kristen slipped one soapy finger straight up my asshole!

Fuck, I started to holler and my cum shot up and out of me like it never had before! Gobs of thick white cream sprayed out of me and splattered against Kristen’s face, neck and chest!

Scalding white cream erupted from my twitching tool! My breath caught in my throat and my knees were shaking and bucking so hard that I thought that they would collapse under me. Kristen gently guided me to the chair which I thankfully sank into. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back. That was the best orgasm of my life!

Kristen took some wet rags and wiped herself up, then she wiped me and toweled me dry. I couldn’t speak. Still topless, Kristen started to trim my pubic hair. When she had it down to less than a quarter of an inch, she brushed away the loose hair and turned the blow dryer on low. It sure felt good, having that warm air rushing over my cock and balls, but I told Kristen that if she was hoping that I’d get hard again she was out of luck. After that last climax, I was sure that I was all in but the shoestrings. Kristen surprised me though, and lowered her head down to my soft prick and sucked it into her mouth. Slowly, I felt those familiar stirrings again.

One of her hands undid the top of her slacks and snaked in to play with her pussy. I offered to do it for her, but she just shook her head while she con- tinued to suck my rod. She dropped to her knees while my cock was growing in her mouth, and the hand frigging her snatch was keeping pace with the bobbing of her head. Kristen could suck like a pro, and before too long I was holding her blond head with both my hands, my fingers entwined in her tresses.

Kristen was moaning now, and her hand was a blur in her slacks. I could feel my own orgasm building, my cock responding to the vibrations of her moans and her hot, wet slurping on my shaft. Kristen reached her climax just before I did. Her groans coaxed my twitch- ing cock to let loose with its own torrent of juice which she gulped down like a kitten after cream. Al- though I had cum three times, it didn’t stop me from trying to convince Kristen to let me fuck her. She looked at me shocked and said “Oh, I couldn’t do that. Fucking is cheating, and I would never cheat on my boy- friend!”

Well, I didn’t see any reason to tell Kristen that what she had done to me would be considered cheating by most people, so I did the proper thing and made another appointment for the following week. I told Kristen that I was sure my pubic hair would need another trim by then!