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Fertility Doctor

My wife and I had been trying to get pregnant for nearly a year before we decided to get checked for fertility. Well my wife went to her doctor and was told that she was in complete working order so it was my turn to go get my seed tested.

What a dismal place that doctor’s office was. As I sat in the waiting room I was afraid I’d catch something just sitting there.

Finally after an hour the doctor was ready for me. When I saw the doctor it definitely lifted my spirits after sitting around so long in the drab little waiting room.

“Hello, I’m Dr. Emily Wilson. If you’ll come with me I’ll take you back and we can get started.” Emily said.

Dr. Emily Wilson is in her early 30’s with long blonde hair, long legs, and a great figure accentuated by the short skirt and tight blouse she was wearing. She was really sexy, and I couldn’t help thinking that I wouldn’t mind playing doctor with her.

Emily led me back to a small room.

“Okay, it says here that you’re here for a fertility check. To do a sperm count and viability test I’ll need you to give a semen sample.” Emily said.

“I pretty much knew that doc.” I said.

“Well, I’ve taken to saying it because you would not believe the number of men that come in here and fill the specimen jar with urine. Speaking of which, you’ll need this.” Emily said.

She gave me a little cup to catch my sample in.

“There are some magazines in there for…inspiration. I’ll be back to see how you’re doing in a little while.” Emily said.

She then left me to do my thing.

I thumbed through the magazines one by one trying to find something that would arouse me, but nothing worked.

After nearly an hour Emily knocked on the door and entered.

“Are you having problems?” Dr. Wilson asked.

“I’m afraid so. These magazines just aren’t working. I should have known they wouldn’t; I have never been able to become aroused from just pictures before.” I said.

“We have a room with a TV and some adult videos; would a video help?” Emily asked.

“I’m afraid not doc. Videos have just as little affect as pictures.” I said.

“Well it appears as if something is having the desired affect.” Emily said.

Sure enough my cock was starting to wake up.