Fertility Doctor

My wife and I had been trying to get pregnant for nearly a year before we decided to get checked for fertility. Well my wife went to her doctor and was told that she was in complete working order so it was my turn to go get my seed tested.

What a dismal place that doctor’s office was. As I sat in the waiting room I was afraid I’d catch something just sitting there.

Finally after an hour the doctor was ready for me. When I saw the doctor it definitely lifted my spirits after sitting around so long in the drab little waiting room.

“Hello, I’m Dr. Emily Wilson. If you’ll come with me I’ll take you back and we can get started.” Emily said.

Dr. Emily Wilson is in her early 30’s with long blonde hair, long legs, and a great figure accentuated by the short skirt and tight blouse she was wearing. She was really sexy, and I couldn’t help thinking that I wouldn’t mind playing doctor with her.

Emily led me back to a small room.

“Okay, it says here that you’re here for a fertility check. To do a sperm count and viability test I’ll need you to give a semen sample.” Emily said.

“I pretty much knew that doc.” I said.

“Well, I’ve taken to saying it because you would not believe the number of men that come in here and fill the specimen jar with urine. Speaking of which, you’ll need this.” Emily said.

She gave me a little cup to catch my sample in.

“There are some magazines in there for…inspiration. I’ll be back to see how you’re doing in a little while.” Emily said.

She then left me to do my thing.

I thumbed through the magazines one by one trying to find something that would arouse me, but nothing worked.

After nearly an hour Emily knocked on the door and entered.

“Are you having problems?” Dr. Wilson asked.

“I’m afraid so. These magazines just aren’t working. I should have known they wouldn’t; I have never been able to become aroused from just pictures before.” I said.

“We have a room with a TV and some adult videos; would a video help?” Emily asked.

“I’m afraid not doc. Videos have just as little affect as pictures.” I said.

“Well it appears as if something is having the desired affect.” Emily said.

Sure enough my cock was starting to wake up.

“If the pictures didn’t work; what do you suppose is getting that reaction?” Emily asked.

“It’s got to be you doctor. I’ve always been this way; only the real thing can get me aroused.” I said.

“I see. Well we need your sample. Wait here for just another minute, I’ll be right back.” Emily said.

“Whatever you say; I can’t go home without giving a sample.” I said.

For a few minutes I sat there wondering what she was going to do, but then I got my answer when she walked in with a girl who couldn’t have been much more than 21.

“Gina this is the patient that’s been having trouble. Oh, sir this is Gina my new assistant. Gina is going to help us out with your little problem.” Emily said.

I was a little unsure about things sitting with my pants off in a room with a female doctor and her young assistant.

“You’re the expert here, but what can she do that you can’t?” I asked.

“Gina has just the kind of skills that can help us with this situation.” Emily said.

“What kind of skills?” I asked.

“Obedience.” Emily said.

“Obedience?” I asked.

“Yes, obedience. Observe. Gina please remove your blouse” Emily said.

“Yes doctor.” Gina said.

The young girl lifted her fingers to her buttons and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, removed it, and placed it on the counter. She had very nice breasts confined in a lacy white bra. It seemed that Dr. Wilson was planning on filling my need for live stimulation through the use of her young assistant.

“Very good Gina; please remove your skirt now.” Emily said.

“Yes doctor.” Gina said.

Gina unzipped and slid her skirt down over her hips, down to the floor, and she squatted down to pick it up. She straightened it up and placed it on the counter as well.

“Excellent Gina; now remove your bra.” Emily said.

“Yes doctor.” Gina said.

Gina reached behind her back and released the clasp on her bra. She slowly pulled the straps down her shoulders; then finally pulled the bra away from her chest. She placed her bra on the counter as well and stood there in front of us in nothing but a pair of lacy white panties.

“Okay Gina; now I need you to remove your panties. Please remove them for me.” Emily said.

“Yes doctor.” Gina said.

I couldn’t believe how totally obedient this girl was being. I looked on as Gina hooked her thumbs in her panties. I was blown away as she pushed her panties down her hips, past her knees, and let them fall around her ankles in front of a strange man without protest. She crouched down, picked them up, and placed them on the counter with the rest of her clothes.

Gina then stood there, completely indifferent to being naked. Her legs were parted enough that I could see her shaved pussy easily.

“Very good Gina, now how are we doing?” Emily asked.

She looked my way and saw that my cock was still only partially erect.

“I see we need to further stimulate the patient. Gina, you’re now going to undress me.” Emily said.

“Yes doctor.” Gina said.

“Remove my blouse.” Emily said.

“Yes doctor.” Gina said.

On command the young girl reached up and began unbuttoning the doctor’s blouse, she removed it, folded it carefully, and placed it on the counter.

“Now remove my skirt.” Emily said.

“Yes doctor.” Gina said.

Gina unzipped the tight skirt that Emily was wearing and wiggled it down over her hips and to the floor. Gina picked the skirt up, straightened it and put it on the counter.

“Now I want you to remove my bra Gina.” Emily said.

“Yes doctor.” Gina said.

Gina reached around behind Emily and unclasped her bra and pulled the garment off of her arms revealing the Emily’s luscious DD tits. Gina took the bra and placed it on the counter.

“Very good. Now get down on your knees and remove my panties.” Emily said.

“Yes doctor.” Gina said.

Gina got on her knees in front of Emily, hooked her fingers into the waist band of Emily’s panties, and slowly peeled down the last stitch of clothing that either of them had on. Emily stepped out of her panties and Gina picked them up and placed them on the counter neatly.

“Okay Gina, to help the patient reach the required level of stimulation we will have to display ourselves for him. Do exactly as I do.” Emily said.

“Yes doctor.” Gina said.

Emily began moving her hands all over her body in a very sexy fashion; as instructed Gina did the same. Emily pinched and flicked her nipples; Gina did the same. Emily lifted one of her breasts and flicked at her nipple with her tongue; Gina did the same. Emily flicked her other nipple with her tongue; Gina, the ever obedient assistant, did the same.

“I see that this will take more than I thought. Gina, continue to do as I do.” Emily said.

“Yes doctor.” Gina said.

Emily walked over close to me, turned away from me, bent down and grabbed her ankles. Her shaved pussy was just two feet from me. She reached between her legs and inserted her middle finger into her pussy, then spread her pussy open with two fingers. After about two minutes Emily stood up and Gina repeated the same action.

“Still not there I see. Very well.” Emily said.

Emily walked over to where I was sitting, pressed my head between her breasts, pushed her breasts tightly together around my face and slowly pulled back. I got a great close up view of her breasts. As soon as she backed away Gina pulled my head between her breasts and did the same thing.

“My goodness, this is a very unusual case. Gina, if you would join me on the table.” Emily said.

“Yes doctor.” Gina said.

The two of them got up on the table side by side.

“Gina you are to use whatever motions you need to employ to give yourself an orgasm. It is my hope that watching us have orgasms will bring the patient to the required level of arousal.” Emily said.

“Yes doctor.” Gina said.

For the next 20 minutes they both rubbed and fingered themselves until they each had an orgasm.

“Gina, if you would be so kind, check our patient’s stimulation level now.” Emily said.

“Yes doctor.” Gina said.

Gina surprised me by hopping off of the table, moving over close to me, grabbing my cock and giving it a good squeeze.

“How is the patient’s stimulation level?” Emily asked.

“Stimulation level is improving, but still below required levels doctor.” Gina said.

“Very well, we will just have to increase the stimulation level even more. Gina please get up on the table and lie on your back.” Emily said.

“Yes doctor.” Gina said.

Gina’s little pussy was pointed right at me as she lay on the table.

“Gina, we are going to use stimulation procedure 69 to help our patient, are you familiar with that procedure?” Emily asked.

“Yes doctor, I am familiar with that procedure, but I have never put it into practice.” Gina said.

“Well then, this is going to be a good learning experience for you.” Emily said.

Emily got up on the table and mounted Gina in the 69 position. She began licking Gina’s pussy and I could hear Gina licking hers.

After a few minutes of licking Emily looked up at me from the dripping little pussy she was slurping on.

“Feel free to move around the table to get a more stimulating view.” Emily said.

I was amazed by what I was seeing, but with Emily’s suggestion I moved in close to get a good look at Emily’s fingers deeply probing and spreading Gina’s pussy as her tongue worked her clit.

I wanted a closer look at Emily’s pussy so I went around to the other end of the table and watched as Gina’s tongue and fingers worked on Emily’s dripping snatch.

For the next half an hour I moved back and forth from one end of the table to the other. Both women built slowly towards another orgasm.

Gina came first and I was right there as her juices squirted all over the Emily’s beautiful face.

When Emily finally came, Gina had all of her pussy covered by her mouth and only a few beads of Emily’s cum ran out the corner of Gina’s mouth.

The two women then sat up on the table and caressed each other’s breasts as they licked their own cum from the other’s face.

“Well I’ll be damned, the patient has shown much improvement, but maximum stimulation has not yet been achieved. I have never seen such a severe case. Extreme circumstances call for extreme measures. Gina, please bring me a flexible semen collection device.” Emily said.

“Yes doctor; right away.” Gina said.

Gina hopped off the table, and retrieved something that I couldn’t see from the cabinet.

“Now if this method doesn’t result in successful collection of a sample nothing will. Gina, please assume the collection position while I apply the collection apparatus.” Emily said.

“Yes doctor, collection position coming right up.” Gina said.

Gina got on the edge of the table, lay back, and spread her legs. Meanwhile the doctor took the item Gina had gotten for her, which turned out to be a condom, and put it in her mouth. She then proceeded to use her mouth to place the condom on the end of my cock and roll it down to the base with her lips and hands.

“Okay, since normal methods of stimulation have yielded no sample, we will have to use this extreme method.” Emily said.

She stood me up, and pulled me by the cock to Gina and then pushed the head of my cock into Gina’s waiting pussy. She then used her hands on my hips to begin a rhythmic thrusting when she removed her hands and I kept rocking my cock in and out of Gina’s pussy.

“Good, very good, we’ll no doubt have a sample in no time.” Emily said.

Well she was wrong; I was fucking Gina for 45 minutes before I finally came.

“There now, now we have a sample, I’ll just take this to the lab to be tested” Emily said.

Emily removed the condom and up ended it into her mouth, then handed it to Gina who turned it inside out and licked out the remaining contents.

“Sir, I’m afraid we lost your sample; you’ll have to come in and give another sample tomorrow.” Emily said.

Who knew going to the doctor was so much fun.