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Debi at the Car Wash

My wife and I had been messing around in bed on a Saturday morning, she sucking on my cock, me playing with her pussy, that kind of thing. She told me not to make her come, that she had plans for later; she didn’t explain any further but had a very evil grin. “You’ll thank me later,” was all she said.

We had talked in the past about her showing off in public, and I told her I would really get off on guys or whoever watching her. I had even mentioned maybe allowing physical contact, if the person and the situation were right and we were both OK with it. She’d always call me “pervert” when we had these discussions.

We had planned on going out to the mall later, and when we went to leave, I was a bit shocked on what she was wearing. She wore a sexy, thin sundress and I could tell she had no bra on, and she wore sexy high-heel wedges. Just for fun, she lifted up her dress and showed me her naked pussy! She wasn’t wearing anything under the dress at all!

As we started driving, she hiked up her dress, reclined her seat and played with her pussy. “Drive around a little bit,” she said. “I’m not ready to shop yet.”

She started rubbing on her clit with her right hand and fingered her cunt with her left hand. As she worked her fingers in and out of her trimmed snatch, I could see they were wet with her pussy juice. I reached over as I drove and pulled down the top of her dress, exposing her left breast. I pinched on her nipple which made her growl with lust.