Debi at the Car Wash

My wife and I had been messing around in bed on a Saturday morning, she sucking on my cock, me playing with her pussy, that kind of thing. She told me not to make her come, that she had plans for later; she didn’t explain any further but had a very evil grin. “You’ll thank me later,” was all she said.

We had talked in the past about her showing off in public, and I told her I would really get off on guys or whoever watching her. I had even mentioned maybe allowing physical contact, if the person and the situation were right and we were both OK with it. She’d always call me “pervert” when we had these discussions.

We had planned on going out to the mall later, and when we went to leave, I was a bit shocked on what she was wearing. She wore a sexy, thin sundress and I could tell she had no bra on, and she wore sexy high-heel wedges. Just for fun, she lifted up her dress and showed me her naked pussy! She wasn’t wearing anything under the dress at all!

As we started driving, she hiked up her dress, reclined her seat and played with her pussy. “Drive around a little bit,” she said. “I’m not ready to shop yet.”

She started rubbing on her clit with her right hand and fingered her cunt with her left hand. As she worked her fingers in and out of her trimmed snatch, I could see they were wet with her pussy juice. I reached over as I drove and pulled down the top of her dress, exposing her left breast. I pinched on her nipple which made her growl with lust.

After about 10 minutes, she came really hard working on her clit. My cock was absolutely rock hard by then.

“Was that as good as it looked?” I asked her when she calmed down a bit.

“Yeah,” she replied, “but I want more!”

At a stoplight I unzipped my shorts and pulled out my cock. She reached over and started stroking me. Then she leaned over into my lap and took my cock into her mouth, and started working it really good. She stopped a few minutes later and said, “you’re not finishing yet!”

I groaned in frustration as my aching cock bobbed in the air, searching in futility for her hot mouth.

“I think the truck needs washing,” she said, out of the blue. “Go to the car wash place and give it a good hosing.” There was a local car wash, one of those wash- it-yourself places with the individual bays you pull into and wash your vehicle with a high-pressure hose.

“Excuse me?” I asked. “Where did that come from??”

“I dunno, I just think it’s looking dirty.”

“Well,” I replied, thinking there weren’t many less sexy things to do at this point than wash the truck, “OK, if that’s what you want to do!” I felt a little let down that that’s what she came up with.

I pulled into the car wash place and found the last empty bay. I pulled out a few bills and climbed out of the Expedition to get quarters from the change machine around the front. When I got back, Debi wasn’t in the passenger seat anymore. As I got closer, I could see she had moved to the rear bench seat. She was all the way over on the driver’s side, and had her dress pulled up and her legs spread and was working on her pussy again.

I opened the passenger side door and watched for a few moments. “Fuck, looks good enough to eat! Mind if I join you in there?” I asked.

“Yep, I do mind, you have to wash the truck!”

At this point, I was getting a little frustrated with getting cock-blocked by her! But, I did as I was told and popped in some quarters and started washing the truck. Probably 5 minutes passed and I had soaped and rinsed. Debi was still playing with her pussy and it had been very difficult to do the task at hand. I would stop every so often to peek in a watch her. She had her dress top pulled down and was rubbing her tits while fingering herself.

By the time I was doing a last rinse, a guy had pulled up to our bay waiting for me to finish so he could have his turn in the wash. He was a good-looking middle-aged guy and was driving a beautiful classic Camaro. I could see Debi inside the truck checking the guy out.

When I was over on the driver’s side of the truck, she knocked on the window to get my attention. I stopped the pressure hose and she lowered the rear window.

“Were you really serious those times you told me you wanted to show me off, to have a stranger watch me? Or were you just saying that because I usually had your hard cock in my mouth?”

I laughed, then stopped short when I realized what she was saying. She totally caught me off guard!

“Well,” I stammered, “yeah, I was serious. I never thought you’d want to do it!”

“So, it’s just a fantasy for you? Or do you really want to do it?”

After a few moments of thinking, I realized my cock was growing hard in my shorts just thinking about it. “Fuck, yeah, I want to do it!”

“OK then,” she replied. “Go get that guy’s attention and bring him over to the rear passenger side door and let him have a look.” Then she rolled her window back up.

I’d never approached a total stranger to ask him to watch my wife before, so didn’t quite know what to say! I just decided to wing it.

“Hey, that’s a beautiful car,” I called to him.

“Thanks,” he said. “It’s all original. I was really lucky to stumble onto this. It rides like a dream.”

I walked over to his car and looked inside. He opened the driver’s door to show off his beauty. (I’d return the favor in a minute!) It was immaculate inside, and I made a comment about the beautiful interior. He replied that that’s what he was especially proud of.

I answered, “I’m pretty pleased with my interior, too. Wanna have a look?”

“Sure,” he said.

He closed his door and we walked over to the passenger side and I opened the rear passenger door. My hand was shaking I was so excited. There was my gorgeous wife, leaning back all the way over against the opposite door, her legs spread wide, and her naked dripping pussy exposed for another man. She had her C-cup breasts pulled out of her sundress and was pinching her nipple while she slowly rubbed her clit.

The guy’s jaw dropped open. “What the… fuck!” he finally said. “Shit, I’m a happily married man! I couldn’t touch her… as much as I want to, believe me!”

“No touching,” Debi told him, “but there’s no harm in a little looking, is there?”

The guy looked around quickly, I didn’t know what he expected to see; maybe a hidden camera? My wife motioned for him to climb up into the rear seat, which he did. “Fuck,” he said a couple of times as he ate her up with his eyes. I climbed into the front passenger seat and turned toward them to watch. I wasn’t going to miss a second of this!

“I’m so fucking wet with you watching me,” Debi whispered hoarsely. “You like my pussy?”

“Fuck, yeah!” he stammered.

“My name’s Debi. What’s yours?”

“Marty,” the guy answered. “Fuck.”

“You like my tits, Marty?”

“You have beautiful tits, Debi.” I could see the effect it had on her when he said her name, a complete stranger talking dirty to her like that. Her eyes were absolutely glazed over with lust. Her right leg had been flexed and pulled close to her up on the rear bench seat, but then she stretched it out and laid her bare foot (she had taken her shoes off) in his lap.

“You can touch my leg if you want to, Marty,” she told him. He reached down and gently caressed her ankle and worked his way up her shin and calf. She rubbed the sole of her foot against cock, which was quite obviously growing hard and very big in his shorts. She was staring at his cock and was pleased with the effect she was having on him.

“I can feel your hard cock, Marty.”

“I can smell your beautiful cunt, Debi,” he replied. She gasped loudly and bit her lower lip. He was doing a great job getting her going.

“I want to see your big cock, Marty.”

Instead of opening his fly which is what I expected, he reached inside his shorts through the loose leg opening and pulled his cock out that way. He pushed the material of his shorts back to fully expose his thick cock. I’m no cock expert but I guessed it was at least 8 inched. Whatever it was, it was bigger and thicker than mine!

“Fuck!” Debi exclaimed. “Jesus, that’s nice, Marty.”

“I’ve never had any complaints, Debi.” He began rubbing his cock with his right hand and continued to caress her leg with his left. The head of his cock was dripping precome. He rubbed his finger in it and then smeared it around and down his shaft.

“Marty, I’m gonna come really hard. Rub your cock for me. Stroke that fucking cock for me, Marty!”

As he started pumping faster, I watched Debi exploded in a huge orgasm. She flexed her body forward and loudly shrieked, “oh, fuck!” about 5 times. She came harder than I’d ever seen her come before. After about 30 seconds she leaned back against the door looking exhausted and incredibly satisfied.

“That was fucking beautiful to watch,” Marty said. “Debi…” he paused. “Debi, can I feel your tits?”

She was shocked by his question, and she turned to me as if asking what she should do. I gestured my head over towards Marty, letting her know it was OK with me. She slid over towards him, about halfway across the seat, within arm’s reach of him. Marty reached out with his left hand and started caressing her breasts. Debi looked down and enjoyed watching him touch her. She obviously was enjoying the feeling as well, her nipples were popping out and she started rubbing her clit again.

I had been rubbing my cock through my shorts while watching, but with that I opened my fly and started stroking madly.

Marty was now directly rubbing roughly on her nipples, moving from left to right and back again. She instinctively leaned forward so he could better manipulate her. He then began firmly pinching and twisting just the very tips of her hard nipples. Somehow, he must have known that that totally drives Debi crazy when I do it. In fact, she can come with doing just that and no other stimulation.

“Oh, fuck!” she said. “Oh, fuck, Marty, that’s good.”

“Debi,” Marty said after a minute, “I’m going to fucking come.”

“I wanna see it, Marty, I’m gonna come too,” she answered.

Marty jerked hard on his shaft and started spurting thick jets of come. The first went all the way to the back of the front seat, which was a good two feet in front of him. Several more spurts went nearly as far, firing down the length of his thigh, and landing on his thigh and the seat.

That sent Debi over the edge and she started coming again, her upper body jerking violently. Marty, still coming himself, continued roughly pinching and pulling on her nipples; I was pretty impressed with his composure! Debi screamed, “fuuuuuuuuuuuck!!” And at that, I started coming too, my jizz covering my lap.

Afterwards, we were three exhausted and very pleased people! Debi was panting trying to catch her breath. In between breaths, she gasped, “fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Marty said, “I come here to wash my Camaro every week around this time. I gotta tell you, I wouldn’t mind meeting up again if circumstances would allow it.”

As I wiped up my come with a box of tissues from the glovebox, I replied, “I think this was a one-time thing, Marty, as great as it was.”

Debi had a mischievous look and said, “Every week, huh?”


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