Stats Guy

Dave entered the bus after the late girl’s basketball game at Waynesboro. He found a seat near the front, close to the coaches and prepared to nap on the ride back to the quad. With getting back to the university around midnight, he would not be done with figuring out the statistics until two or three in the morning. So he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to sleep when he could.

The girls filed onto the bus and when Kim went past, he noticed that she gave him a strange look that he could not identify. Well, that could wait, he thought. He would ask her about it at the next game. After everyone had settled down, the trip home began.

Shortly after the bus began to move, Kim called toward the front of the bus, “Dave, we want to see you about some statistics.”

“Yeah, we want you to come back here,” her close friend Diane added.

“Oh, all right,” Dave replied sullenly and got the stat books together and headed back to where the girls were. He found Kim and Diane seated together about three seats from the back.

When he prepared to sit across the aisle from them, Diane said, “No, Dave, sit between us,” and moved into the aisle to allow him to sit down. He slid onto the seat and she squeezed in beside him.

He started to open the stat book and asked, “Well girls, what stats did you want to discuss?” “No, not those, silly,” Diane laughed as she took the books from his hand and placed them on the seat across the aisle. He looked bewildered and queried, “Then what ones do you mean?”

“We meant some performance statistics of yours,” Kim quietly answered, sliding her hand up along his leg to his crotch.

“Yes,” Diane whispered, “We’ve been hoping to get acquainted with that little friend of yours.” Her hand joined Kim’s in caressing between his legs.

He did not know what to do when his pants began to bulge and feelings of arousal penetrated his brain, much to his embarrassment. The girls, however, seemed to enjoy this as they directed the attention of their fingers to the increasing swelling.

“Let’s get it out so we can ‘really’ play with it,” Kim cooed. She grabbed his belt, unbuckled it, unsnapped his pants and pulled down the zipper. When she opened his pants and carefully freed his throbbing member from his underwear, he started to object.

Seeing this, Diane purred, “Now Dave, you wouldn’t want us to tell your girlfriend Lola that you misbehaved with us, would you?”

At the resulting look of fear on his face, she continued, “I didn’t think you would. You just let us have some fun, now, and we won’t tell her a thing. Right girls?” When the many whispered replies reached his ear, he realized that almost all of the girls on the bus knew what was going on.

His mind previewed the punishment that Lola would inflict on him if a question of his behavior seized her. He realized that if he did not go along with them, Diane could easily cause him major problems with Lola. He swallowed his harsh feelings of indignation toward the girls and partially surrendered to the strong urging that began to overwhelm him as both Kim and Diane caressed his now exposed shaft.

“What the…?” he gasped when he felt a warm moistness engulf his raging desire. He looked down at his lap to discover that Kim had gone down on him when he barely discerned her head bobbing amid the darkness.

Hearing the slurping sound of Kim’s mouth, Diane exclaimed, “I gotta see this!” She pulled a flashlight from her purse, turned it on and shined it on Kim’s mouth as it was sliding up and down along his length.

From the front of the bus, one of the coaches asked in loud voice, “What’s that light? Is that a cigarette lighter I see back there?”

Diane, raising her voice, replied, “No, no, just a flashlight. We’re just checking out some stats back here.”

“Oh, Okay. Just making sure you’re behaving,” he responded then returned to the private world that coaches inhabit.

Diane, watching Kim, moaned, “Boy, that really turns me on!” The sounds of unsnapping and unzipping from her direction barely made an impression on his brain among the sensuous feelings Kim’s lips were generating. “I just gotta get off,” Diane panted. “Wait. I just thought of a better way,” she whispered. She grabbed Dave’s hand and gently glided his finger into the moist tender slit between her legs.

The dual sensations of the swirling tongue and the quivering flesh writhing around his probing finger were too much for him to bear. With great effort he suppressed the grunt that threatened to explode from his throat as he shot off into Kim’s sucking mouth.

His body contorted in exquisite pleasure that continued while Kim swallowed his spurting salvos. He felt Diane’s body arch and the muscles surrounding his finger erupt when she climaxed shortly after him. While the pleasing aftermath was still sweeping through his body, he noticed that Kim removed her head from his lap and sat up in her seat.

“Now it’s my turn,” Diane smirked after she had recovered.

“What is going on?” Dave exclaimed when Diane lowered her face and he felt her tongue exploring his groin.

“This is the stat we were interested in,” Kim explained. “We wanted to see how many times we could get you off on the trip back. We set three or four times as the goal. It’s her turn at it now. And I think it’s my turn to find a use for your hand.”

She found his hand and lowered it to her lap. “Next trip, let’s see how many times he can get ‘us’ off, okay Diane?” Diane purred in reply.