Birthday Bang

It was a boring evening. All I was doing was stare at the television in a blue funk. The Mets were losing; crime was up, and much like my love life, the stock market sucked. Nothing new or exciting. And then the telephone rang.

I answered it to a woman on the other end. “Hello,” she said, “This is Mary. Is Kevin there?”

How nice! I thought, a sweet sexy sounding woman’s voice to talk to. But she was asking for another guy.

“Sorry, ma’am,” I answered, “but you’ve got the wrong number.” I hung up. But that voice stayed on my mind and I wondered what she looked like.

Minutes later the phone rang again. When I answered it I was surprised and pleased to hear her voice again. She asked the same question. Only this time, I thought I would be a bit flirtatious, and see what happened.

“No, Mary…. Kevin isn’t here but if you don’t mind my saying, I truly love your voice and I’d love to entertain you even though I’m not Kevin.”

She laughed at my response and asked my name.

“I’m Roger. But you can Rog.”

She giggled a little and said, “Well, Rog. Your voice sounds pretty sexy.”

We ended up talking for hours that evening. We learned a lot about each other. Mary told me that she was a 39- year-old office assistant and part-time personal trainer at a gym franchise. She explained that she just had her divorce of 5 years finalized and that she was looking for her friend, Kevin, to spend a few hours with to relieve her of her misery.

However, our telephone conversation managed to do the trick. I kept Mary laughing and in a good mood. That one evening turned into a daily, 2-hour telephone conversation between Mary and I.

Two weeks after our first conversation, Mary called feeling depressed because it was her birthday and she didn’t have her husband or friend to spend it with. I suggested to her that I would be happy to take her out for her birthday. But she said, “Rog, I am a bit older than you baby. I doubt that we would have anything in common.”

I am 25 and work as a department store manager. I explained to her, “But Mary, this doesn’t have to be a romantic thing if you don’t want. This is a simple Happy Birthday ‘get together’ to bring in your 40th birthday.”

She was somehow convinced so we agreed to meet at a public location and celebrate her birthday. But I had a great surprise for her.

Upon arriving at the location, I saw this beautiful, sexy dark chocolate black woman approach me and ask, “Are you Rog?”

I responded, “Yeah, are you Mary?”

She seemed pissed and upset. “You never told me that you were white, Rog. I’m sorry but I don’t usually date white men. It’s not that I’m prejudiced or anything. I just don’t.”

“No problem, Mary. Just think of it as a friendly acquaintance. Just look at me as your blonde hair/blue eyed birthday acquaintance. That’s all.”

She broke out in laughter. “You always know how to get my mood changed, don’t you? Okay, where are you taking me for my birthday, young man?”

I then took her by the hand and led her to my car. “I will give you a night of dinner and dancing, Mary,” I explained. “Hopefully, we can bring your birthday out with a bang.”

So, I drove us back to my place.

To my surprise, she didn’t question the fact that we were going to my apartment. She just commented, “I hope that there is a cook, waiter, and a band in there for that dinner and dance that you promised me.”

We entered the apartment and I had everything well planned. All of the lights were out and I had set up several candles around the dining room area and in the middle of the table. I sat her down at the table and lit the candles one by one.

She told me that she was impressed. And then, I reached for the remote control to the stereo system and on came the music. And the most perfect of all music, “Turn Off The Lights” by Teddy Pendergrass.

I excused myself to the kitchen to return with her dinner that was displayed on exotic flatware. She was shocked that I spent a few hours to prepare her favorite, Chicken Cordon Blue and fettuccini. She was so amazed that I had remembered our first telephone conversation. The evening went great for her. I even had chilled wine to go with the supper. She enjoyed the supper and we later continued sitting at the table to talk.

“Thank you so much for that birthday dinner, Rog. It was very sweet that you went so much out of your way for me and this is our first time meeting in person,” she said. Then with a cute, spoiled girl type pout, Mary said, “But you said that you were going to take me dancing.”

I stood up and extended my hand to her and asked, “Would you like to dance, birthday girl?”

She reached for my hand and stood up. I led her to the living room area and we proceeded to dance to the music that was playing. It was a sweet, slow song that I’ve always loved and began singing it into her ear. It was Barry White singing, “Just The Way You Are”.

She seemed to really enjoy that, though I am not a very good singer. She laid her head on my shoulder and I felt her hands slide down from my back to my butt. I parted our heads and stared into her beautiful brown ebony eyes and sang the last few verses to the song. Then the song faded into the next song, “How Could I Live Without You”, by Leann Rimes.

And out of nowhere, just as my singing ceased, Mary closed her eyes and kissed me. When I felt those thick, soft lips on her tongue and mine enter into my mouth; I lost all control of my emotions. I slid my hands down from her back to her butt and pulled her closer. I could feel her squeezing mine. But I began feeling embarrassed when my cock began to get hard from that kiss.

Hell, this is an older woman who wants no kind of romance with a younger white man. So I tried to ease my waist back a little. Instead, Mary pulled my waist back to her and gyrated her hips. Damn, she was getting my cock rock hard now. I could, literally, feel her crotch grinding my cock and she was letting out some low moans as we continued to kiss.

Finally, what seemed liked hours; she parted her lips from mine and began licking my earlobes and neck. Then she began unbuttoning my shirt and kissed my chest. She continued to lower her head down my chest, then to my stomach. I felt like I was in some sort of dream. This lovely woman was devouring me with her warm and sexy mouth. She then fell to her knees and practically tore at my belt and pants snaps.

Once my pants fell to the floor, my stiff cock popped out and nearly hit Mary in the face. Mary wrapped her fist around it and began stroking it; first gently and then fast. She looked up at me and said, “Watch me blow out this hot birthday candle and make your wish come true.”

Then without anything else said, Mary opened her mouth and put my entire cock in it. Her mouth was so warm and slippery with her saliva. She was such a damn expert at this. Several times, she would deep throat me to feel my cock respond and it would jump in her mouth.

As she continued to suck my cock, Mary quickly removed her skirt and blouse. She then released my cock from her mouth and suggested that we move to the bedroom. I walked behind her as we proceeded to the bedroom and was pleased to see that Mary had an extraordinarily beautiful body. Her breasts were beautifully round (she told me that she had salines done a year ago), nice round ass, and my favorite, a beautiful dark chocolate shaved pussy.

Once in bed, it was my turn to tear at her body. I licked and sucked her nipples gently as she ran her fingers through my hair. Before I could lower my head to tease her clit with my tongue, Mary grabbed my head and laid a monster kiss on me. Her tongue licked every inch inside my mouth. Then she parted the kiss and whispered to me, “Fuck me, Rog. I can’t wait any more.”

With that, I placed my body on top of hers and rested my cock between her fine, beautiful legs. Then I began kissing her again. I kissed her neck and then her mouth. As we kissed, I raised my hips and guided my cock into her pussy. She was so tight, I was only able to get the head in. I heard her moan as I continued trying to push it in further.

Then I reached for my cock again and began sliding the head back and forth along her slit until I could hear the wetness. Then I pushed my hard cock into her pussy without any problem. Mary moaned and said, “Oh, Rog.” I began fucking Mary slowly at first but I looked down between our bodies and could see my white cock sliding in and out of that smooth, bald dark pussy and I started pumping my cock faster. She bucked up for every one of my pushes. Mary wrapped her arms around my shoulders and her fine, black legs around my waist and squeezed my body onto hers as she convulsed into a massive orgasm.

Sounding as if she had difficulty breathing, Mary looked at me and said, “Fuck, Rog. I can’t stop cumming,” she continued to buck her hips into mine. Then I could feel my cum boiling in my balls and didn’t know how much longer I could last. I told her that I was about to cum and she urged me on.

“Cum with me, Rog. Come on and fill me with your white cum, baby,” she said.

And that was all that I needed to hear escape her lovely lips. I pumped my cock in Mary’s sweet pussy about three more times and I felt my balls release its juices into her. I could swear that it felt like Mary’s pussy was sucking every ounce of cum from my cock. I groaned in ecstasy as I watched and heard Mary yell out her latest and greatest orgasm. When I shot the last of my cum from my cock, I laid aside Mary and began kissing her face and neck.

She turned to me and told me that she used to always get a “birthday fuck” from her friend, Kevin, but this one was better. We continued to kiss until the both of us drifted into sleep. We awoke the next morning with her lying on my chest and her hand resting on my cock.

When it came back to life, she sat on top and slipped my cock back into her pussy. It was such a thrill to see that beautiful woman gyrating on top on me with her bald pussy sucking my cock off. Within minutes, I was blasting another cum shot into Mary and she was going crazy with orgasms. We would end up calling in sick at our jobs and staying at my place just to fuck the day away.

That was one birthday celebration that I will remember a lifetime. I think Mary will too. We continued being friends and occasionally providing “celebrations” for one another. I am just so glad that Kevin moved or changed his number without telling Mary.