Naughty Time

I can never forget the most naughtiest fuck of my life. I think it’s because It was also one of my best as well….

I was at one of my best friends wedding reception. We had known each other for years and we had grown up and learnt everything together. And I mean EVERYTHING! I was wearing quite a revealing dress for the occasion as it was mid summer and very hot. The combination of the dress and the heat was really starting to turn me on and I couldn’t help but discreetly sneak my fingers up my dress underneath the table. After a while of pleasing myself, my glance briefly came in line with the groom, Tony. He was staring right at me with a very mischievious grin on his face. I had always thought he was quite attractive and knowing he had caught me out just turned me on even more. I had also heard that he had quite a lot in a certain department and that he knew how to use it.

Without thinking, I got up from the table and slowly walked past where he was sitting. As I past him, I turned around slightly and mouthed out “room 14” really slowly. I detected a slight nod from him and he mouthed back “5 minutes.” I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but sure enough I was on my way to my room, number 14 and getting more and more excited by the second.

I had just gone inside when I heard a knock on the door. Starting to breathe heavily, I spun around and opened it. It was Tony, who immediately grabbed me and threw me on the bed. He slammed the door shut and took off his jacket shirt and tie straight away staring at me all the time. He then told me how he had always wanted to fuck me hard ever since he had first met me and that because it was his wedding day to someone else, just turned him on so much.

He grabbed the back of my neck and pulled the zip on my dress down while I started to loosen his belt. As we did this, my tits popped out right in front of his face and Tony just burried his head in them. He then stripped my dress and panties off me and took a step back. By now I was getting extremely wet, and there was only one thing I wanted: COCK!

I lent over to him, pulled out his belt, and ripped off his trousers and boxers. I couldn’t believe it. Right in front of me was the biggest cock I ever seen. It was already 12 inches, and incredibly thick. Tony grabbed my head and thrusted my face onto his giant piece of meat. I could feel my pussy juices trickling down my thighs as I attempted to suck on his cock.

Then he jumped on the bed, laid on his back and ordered me to mount him. It was incredible to see him there, with this massive erection standing to attention, throbbing for a cunt to fuck. I climbed on top of him and gently eased his dick into my pussy. As he slid inside me, I looked down when he had filled me and could see he was only half way in! Slowly, I took all of him in and then grabbed my tits as I felt the power of him go straight through my body.

This was amazing! Here I was mounted on Tony’s dick, just 2 hours after he had got married to my best friend! He hadn’t even fucked his new wife yet! Now I know why she wanted to get married to him! I then started riding him as I felt his hands clasp my arse. He was pumping me harder now as I felt myself starting to cum. I cried out for him to keep fucking me harder and started to lean back.

Pumping harder and harder, he started talking dirty to me which only loosened my juices further! He cried out that he wanted to fuck a whore like me all his life and that I would make quite a good living out of it! I could then feel the urge in his cock to cum at the same time as I did. He gave me one massive thrust and could feel his cock exploding inside of me. He must have shot a load of cum into me about 14 or 15 times as it seemed to go on forever. We both cried out as both of our bodies cummed together.

About 5 seconds later, he grabbed me and threw onto the bed face down. Straight away he pulled my legs slightly apart and just pounded my arse in one go. I couldn’t believe this either. He had only just cum and what to fuck me again already! Whats more he went straight up my arse in one go. He grabbed my head in one hand and forced me into the pillow. This meant I could hardly breathe but only did more to turn me on.

He then proceeded to pound my ass pump after pump while keeping my head burried in the pillow. I couldn’t escape even if I wanted to. At one point, he was pumping me so hard and deep that cried out in pain. It just made him fuck me even harder. He shouted that he was going to cum so hard in my ass, that it would seep through my eyes. I almost literally believed him! After a short while he started to cum again even harder then last time. It hurt so much that it reminded me of my first anal experience but turned me on just as much.