Hot Tub Party

It was just a normal night out. I night filled with drinking and dancing and socializing. Little did I know that it had been worth my while to wear the nice black lace bra and panties that my lover had bought for me as he had quite the night planned out for me. I didn’t have a clue.

As the night wore on I became tipsier and flirtier. I was shamelessly flirting with most of my lover’s friends until one of them half jokingly said if I didn’t stop teasing, he would follow me up on my innuendoes. I laughed him off telling him only in his wildest, hottest, steamiest fantasies. He just gave me a look that melted my pussy and made my knees weak. If I had known at that time what they had planned and what lay in store for me, I would have acted on that right then and there.

It was time to leave the bar as it was almost closing time. The guys had decided to go back to John’s to drink more beer and order pizza. I was game. I was also wishing for some lounge wear if we were hanging around. Bar clothes are great for being out, but not for hanging out. John assured me he would definitely make me comfortable when we got to his house.

The cars pulled up to the house and we all piled out. I realized that my sweet and darling lover was not in the first to cars that were at the house, he was in the beer run vehicle. I didn’t think anything of it. We headed in and as I explored the house, I discovered John was holding out on us, as there was a hot tub in the back. I gleefully cried out ‘Hot Tub Party’ and we all headed out the back. Now when you take a bunch of good-looking mid-20 early 30-year-olds add alcohol and mix in a hot tub, things can get very interesting.

I wasn’t even thinking about Jake’s early threats of revenge, I was just concerned with relaxing in the tub and having some laughs and a few more drinks. That is until I felt a hand on my thigh. Above the water, you wouldn’t know what was happening, and beneath the concealment of the bubbles and darkness of the back yard I started to receive some caresses which were working their way up my thigh. I was hiding that there was anything goin on uder the water, continuing the conversation with Mark who was on my other side. I finally realized that it wasn’t my lover beside but his buddy Jake. He whispered that the revenge had just begun. I realized that during my intense conversation that the other girls had disappeared into the house with their respective guys and that it was only Mark, Dave and Jake in the tub with me.

Jake leaned over and kissed me deeply with took my breath away and started the dampness in my pussy all over again. He found my wrists and pinned my arms to the by head, gently pushing my head back so my body could float for easier access for the other two. They didn’t waste a moment. As Jake kissed me Dave started working his way from my toes up. He was taking his time, licking and caressing my legs. Teasing me horribly. Driving my crazy. Mark meantime, pulled up my wet T shirt and was paying most of his attention to my nipples, licking and sucking and teasing them. Pinching and rolling them with his fingers than his lips. He massaged my ass with his other hand, supporting me so Dave would have easy access. Jake had moved to my ears by now. His breath, his darting tongue the words all drove me crazy. He told me how they were all going to tease me and fuck me. That they all had Troy’s permission to make love with me. To tease me. To fuck me silly. I moaned in response to what he was saying and to Dave’s fingers having found my pussy and more importantly, my clit. I opened my eyes to see the stars in the heavens above and then realized we were being watched. Troy was sitting in the shadows, stoking himself as he watched these men torment me with pleasure. I closed my eyes again and smiled, as I knew I could fully relax as I truly had his blessing.

By this point, Dave was moving in between my legs as Mark held me up. Mark who seems to have a fascination with my ass and my breasts is supporting me at the right height for Dave to slowly slide his cock into me. Jake had moved so that I could suck his cock. Lick and sucking and teasing his head. Working my way down the shaft. The bubbles of the tubs continue to caress all of my body like a hundred little tongues.

I look over again to see Troy is no longer alone. Alicia is kneeling between his legs giving him a very energetic blowjob. His hands are buried in her long auburn hair. His head is thrown back as he moans softly with pleasure as she works her lips up and down his shaft. My attention snaps back to the men who are pleasuring me as Jake floods my mouth with cum. I feel his whole body shake as he slides back into the water with a dreamy look on his face. Now I have two cocks left.

Dave and mark suddenly have plans of their own. Mark lets me go as Dave pulls out from my pussy. Mark moves over to the highest lounge bench and lounges back, pulling me on top of him. “Ride me, ride my cock, take your orgasm from me.” He pants into my ear. Not waiting for a second invite, I slide down him. He fills me complete as I take all of him into my dripping pussy. “We’ve gotten you too wet and too loose. Jake, you wanted revenge, help tighten things up here. Fill her up with me” Jake has fully recovered his hard on at this point and he roughly pushes me forward on to Mark, spreads me a little wider. I tense slightly, expecting his cock to force its way into my ass. Instead, My pussy is stretched even more as he slowly slides into my pussy beside Mark. I groan in ecstasy as I’m filled beyond my wildest dreams. I start cumming. My body bucks and twitches as I scream uncontrollably. Dave comes and shoves his cock in my mouth to shut me up. I keep screaming as I suck him. Three cocks all at once as the love of my life watches. I can feel Mark’s cock throb as he unloads his cum into me. Jake doesn’t slow down or miss a beat or let Mark pull out. He just keeps pumping his cock in and out of me until he too comes in me. Two cocks at once and a very full pussy. Full of cum. Dave must havr really enjoyed watching all of this as he fills my mouth with his load. I wildly think that Troy must be loving this spectecal of sex and cum. He must be coming as he is watching.

Or is he watching?

When I recover I look over the side of the tub with a spent, cum-dripping grin…expecting to see him smiling back. Instead, I see that his face is buried in Alicia’s pussy, his head bobbing up and down. Obviously he has found the right buttons, because Alicia is fighting a scream in the throes of her orgasm. Her back is arched, and as I watch my lover, face still buried in Alicia’s cunt, reaches up with one arm and roughly rips the light cotton shirt off of Alicia’s chest. Her slim, muscular Latin body is small and toned, making her ample breasts look almost ridiculously large in her black bra. My lover lifts his face from between her legs. I see his glistening chin rise up to meet her face as they begin french kissing. He reaches behind her with one hand and undoes her bra in one quick move. Her breasts spring forth, and he leans back a bit to get a better view of their softly curving outline in the starlight. Alicia takes this opportunity to seize upon his belt buckle, roughly, desperately undoing it as if her life depended upon it. She again pulls his pants them down as far she can. This isn’t very far considering he is on his knees in front of her, but she doesn’t seem to care as she leaps upon his cock and begins licking and sucking, her hands alternately scraping through the hairs on his chest and groping his tight, muscular ass. The man who is normally my lover reaches out with one hand and half-caresses, half-man handles Alicia’s long hair, hair that is currently swinging and bouncing wildly as she consumes my man’s cock.

Suddenly, my boyfriend roughly pushes her away from him. He stands up and drags Alicia to her feet. Roughly caressing her ample tits, he pushes her up against the nearby brick wall on the side of the house. He lifts and pins her against the wall as he finally slides his ramrod hard cock into her and she moans in ecstasy as he fills her. The moonlight glistens on their sweaty bodies as he drives into her pressing her harder and harder into the bricks of the wall. She seems to enjoy the bite of the coarse bricks on her smooth skin. She returns the pain by biting his neck – which he rarely likes- and he pulls her hair, pulling her from his neck. She just moans and wraps her legs around him cumming harder and harder. I can see her cum running down his balls and legs. I just want to lick him clean, taste her off of him.

I come over to them my body naked and glistening in the moon light, every curve highlighted. I don’t pay attention to my lover. Instead, I kiss her. I run my hands up and down her body and caress and squeeze her breasts. She’s getting crazier again. Winding up for another orgasm. I start to kiss Troy’s neck where she bit him and I too playfully nip him before I work my say down his back until I am kneeling behind him, between his legs so I can lick her cum from his balls as he continues to fuck her hard. My hands are running up and down her legs, caressing the silky smoothness. I move to her feet and I kiss her toes as they curl in delight from the attention and from being made love to so skillfully by my Troy. As I continue to pay attention to her feet and her sexily painted toes, my hands wander to Troy’s balls. I cup them lovingly, gently tug them. Rolling them in my hands, which I know he loves. I feel them tighten, as he gets ready to unload a wad of cum deep into her. As his cock twitches while he unloads the last of his creamy white juice into her. I move away slightly so he can let her down off the wall. She half sits down half falls down in satisfied exhaustion. I’m not through with her yet. I push her on to her back and spread her legs. I lower my head to her crotch to inhale the heady perfume of her scent mixing with the aroma of my lover’s cum. Gently, I open her lips like a flower to taste the honey of her and Troy’s cum mixed together. Jake can’t resist this sight. He climbs out of tub and stumbles over on sex weakened legs to kneel between my legs and raise my hips to his. He slides his cock into me as lick Troy’s cum from Alicia’s dripping pussy. Every one of Jake’s thrusts drives my face and more importantly my tongue deeper into Alicia. I moan into her as I feel my pussy tighten around Jake’s cock. I’m so aroused by having watched my lover fuck this little Latin miss that I am cumming already. I can’t help but to throw my head back and nearly howl in ecstasy.

When I regain awareness of where I am, I lying on a blanket on the grass between Troy and Jake and Alicia, Mark and Dave are within reach if I want them. The guys are discussing the stars and constellations. They are renaming them – Labia major, labia minor, two girls fucking. I raise my head to see how Alicia’s doing. She’s curled up on the other side of Troy and she looks sound asleep. I realize that sleep is a wonderful idea and I too, close my eyes to get some rest after such a rambunctious night.