Hot Tub Party

[ Story by Whodlru ([email protected]) ]

(I’ll probably get around to adding other stories, on how we got into the lifestyle, and some of our other adventures later… We are a real couple, and I’ve changed the names to protect the participants…)

We were just about all set to go out for the night to a local swing club, when Yuki saw a friend of ours on her messenger list. Seems they were having a quiet little party at their house, and we were more than welcome.

It didn’t take long for us to agree that we’d probably have just as much, if not more, fun at their party than if we went to the club. Tom & Tammy have been friends of ours for almost 3 years, and their pool & hot tub parties are some of our best memories as far as swing parties go.

After taking the kids to a sitter who didn’t mind watching them overnight, we went out to dinner, then drove the 45 minutes out to Tom & Tammy’s house. When we arrived, Tim and Julie, another couple who we knew pretty well had already arrived, and they were all out on the back deck.

We went straight out to the back, which has a nice 10 ft. privacy fence all around the deck, pool, and hot tub. Yuki, as always, was nude and in the hot tub within 10 minutes of arriving. Japanese people don’t have much of a nudity taboo, and Yuki is also one of the wildest women I’ve ever met.

We were all in and out of the hot tub pretty regularly for the first hour or so until Tom invited Julie inside to check out the love swing in their bedroom. The rest of us sat outside enjoying one of the last warm days of the summer, while we listened to Julie express her appreciation of Tom’s “craftsmanship”. Julie is an extremely vocal lady, and she was in fine form tonight… If they hadn’t been inside, I’m sure we could have heard her a block away at least.

An hour later, when Tom and Julie had returned, I told Yuki she should satisfy her curiosity about Tim’s pride and joy. Yuki had passed up an opportunity to play with Tim last year at a party, because when he removed his underwear she saw the size of his member and didn’t think she was ready for him. Tim has about 7-8 inches, but he is about as big around as a beer bottle…

Tim knew she was nervous, so he didn’t press the issue of trying again, but Yuki surprised all of us when she looked across the deck and called out “Tim…. wanna fuck?” Needless to say, he didn’t take more than the 5 seconds of stunned silence that her surprising question had caused, to answer “of course, if you’re sure…”

While Yuki and Tim were otherwise engaged, Tom and Julie were sitting in the hot tub relaxing, I sat on the deck with Tammy, and tried to make her feel better by massaging her feet. Tammy is a nurse in a local hospital, and works all sorts of odd hours. Tonight she wasn’t really in a mood to play so much as just relax and enjoy the company of some friends.

Yuki returned after about 45 minutes with a very smug satisfied smile on her face, and Tim walked out just behind her with a slightly glazed expression, and a smile like a kid on Christmas morning. Sadly, Tim and Julie had to go home early because their teenaged neighbor couldn’t baby-sit past midnight.

Tammy dozed off while I was massaging her, and decide she needed sleep more than she needed sex, so she headed for the bedroom just after Tim and Julie left. That left just Tom, Yuki, and I out on the deck. Tom seemed slightly chagrinned that Tammy had gone to bed so early, but I knew that Yuki was more than willing to stay and play a little more.

Yuki now had an opportunity to indulge in one of her favorite activities, she loves having 2 men working on her at the same time. We went into the family room, and since we were already nude, it took her no time at all to lie down on the couch between Tom and I and start sucking him to full strength, while I enjoyed my favorite Asian meal.

When Yuki is being eaten, or fucked, it almost seems that she can suck a cock twice as deep as she usually can, and she had no trouble making Tom’s cock disappear right down her throat. Tom knew he wouldn’t be able to last very long with Yuki using her talented mouth on him, so after about 10 minutes, right after Yuki came for the first time, he asked if we could switch.

Tom began eating Yuki, while I enjoyed the benefits of her being in such a great mood, there is something about a petite Asian lady who looks even smaller when between 2 American men, that is exciting as hell just to watch.

After about 10 minutes of eating her out, Tom was more than ready to fuck Yuki, and she was more than ready to get fucked again. So after grabbing a condom, (we only participate in safe sex) Tom eased himself into her. Yuki started sucking on me like a wild woman as soon as Tom started fucking her hard and deep. Her large nipples were standing up like cherries on a sundae as I started caressing them.

Tom soon realized he wouldn’t last long like this, and asked to switch places once again, I was more than willing to oblige. Yuki got up on her hands and knees so she could have me in her favorite position, doggy- style.

Tom sat back and got another excellent oral treat as I slid into my wild little wife from behind. In less than a minute Yuki was having her second orgasm, moaning and groaning around Tom’s cock. As her pussy contracted and tightened, I couldn’t hold back any longer, and came inside her as deep as I could go.

I sat back to watch the 2 of them finish up. Tom put on a fresh condom, and easily slid back into Yuki’s well lubricated entrance. This time, Tom wasn’t holding back, he began pounding into her pussy enjoying the sight of this tiny Asian delight lying under him.

In just a few minutes, Tom began grunting and groaning, as he finally allowed himself the climax he’d been trying to hold back for so long. As he slid out, Yuki kissed him softly and whispered thank you into his ear. It’s always nice to feel appreciated, and Tom grinned and said thank you right back.

After another soak in the hot tub, it was time for us to head back home, Tom asked that we stop by again for another hot tub party soon, and we quickly agreed.


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