Eating Out

My husband and I have been married for several years and we’ve both decided that in order to keep spice in our marriage alive we’ve got to inject excitement into it whenever we can.

We are both extremely liberated when it comes to sex. We read a lot of the sex magazines, digests and websites and we try to keep up with all the new trends in sexual acts. We’ll do just about anything once, if it gives us a thrill.

One of our new games is to have sex in public. Yes, that’s just what I mean. We get each other off when there are other people around. The real trick isn’t the sex part, but not letting anyone catch us while we’re at it.

Sometimes we plan it all out and sometimes it just happens. That’s when I like it the best, when it’s all spontaneous and you just go with the flow. You don’t know what’s going to happen and that’s the main part of the excitement.

The other night for instance, we went out to an expensive French restaurant in the city. Both of us were in a frisky mood and even before we got to the parking lot so hot I was weak at the knees. I wanted to get fucked, or at least get eaten out.

But my husband kept putting me off. He said we had to get to the restaurant before they gave our reservation to somebody else.

I told him, “If you knew how wet my cunt is right now, you wouldn’t torture me like this.”

But my husband just shushed me and put the car in the lot. But I didn’t let him forget about my wet and hot pussy all during the meal.

Once we were seated at our table, sitting side by side, I took his hand and moved it under the tablecloth and up my skirt. I wasn’t wearing panties and I let his fingers slide into my juicy slit.

“Wow, you’re really wet,” my husband said, laughing.

“See, I told you. Now, are you going to do something about it?” I challenged him.

He fingered me for a bit, and then asked, “What do you expect me to do in front of all these people? You want to cause a scandal or something?”

Well, I didn’t let him off that easily. I kept pressing his hand to my pussy and then at one point I put two of my own fingers into my cunt and then put them against his lips, making him suck off my pussy juice.

Finally he gave in. He waited till no one was looking and then pretended to drop his spoon and slipped under the table. I shivered with excitement as I felt him going between my legs.

I opened wide and let him stick his face against my sopping pussy. I twitched and squirmed with excitement as his tongue lapped my wet snatch. He licked me and sucked me hard, pulling my clit into his lips and nibbling on it.

It was all I could do to keep from screaming out and jumping in the air. My hands gripped the tablecloth until I nearly pulled it up and spilled the glasses from the table.

I came as quietly as I could, pressing my thighs against his head, biting my lip so I wouldn’t moan.

Then my husband quickly slipped back beside me, a grin on his lips, as well as my frothy cunt juice on his chin. It was wonderful. He was wonderful.


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