Would Never Have Believed It

It was a typical Monday morning, or so I thought. I was at my desk at about 9:30 when my boss walked over and said she needed to see me in her office immediately. She quickly turned and headed back toward her office.

I had kind of a thing for my boss since she had joined the company a few months ago. She really wasn’t what most guys would consider “hot”. She wasn’t killer- beautiful, but she was cute. She didn’t have a smoking- hot body; she was a little curvy but rarely wore clothes that “did” anything for her, like low-cut tops or tight skirts. She had kind of a librarian thing going, I guess; she dressed very plainly, wore geeky glasses, had normal brown hair usually worn in an unassuming “up do”, I’m sure you know the type.

Simply put, you probably wouldn’t notice her in a group of people, like at a party; that is, if she ever went to a party. I didn’t recall that she had ever attended an after-work thing whenever one was organized in our department. We had something to celebrate or observe every couple of weeks and would usually just meet up in the bar in the lobby of our building, so it wasn’t like she had to go out of her way or anything. She just seemed… boring? uninterested? I dunno honestly.

But, there was something I found alluring about her, something intangible. She did wear some kind of perfume that could make my cock hard instantly! So that might have been it. Seriously, I don’t like most perfumes at all. What she wears is very faint, very soft, hard to categorize, kinda like her. It’s not floral, it’s not musky, it’s just… stunningly attractive.

The first time I got close enough to smell it on her was at her first day with the company, and my cock got hard right away. It really shocked me, had never happened before in my life. We were in a group meeting and luckily I was wearing relatively loose-fitting pants. That would have made a hell of a first impression. I probably would have been cited for inappropriate sexual conduct or something, I’m sure!

I jumped up from my desk and found myself trailing closely behind her, taking in her perfume’s scent. I could have walked behind her for miles if I had to.

I followed her into her office, and she closed the door behind me. “Please, sit,” she said. There was nothing out of the ordinary with our interactions to that point, nothing that stood out to let me know something was wrong.

She looked very uncomfortable sitting at her desk, and it was a few moments before she composed herself to speak. I was starting to get a little worried. Finally, she picked up a stack of printouts from her desk and handed them across to me. They were highlighted and it took me a moment to figure out what I was looking at.

“Recognize any of those websites, Tim?” she asked me.

These were internet traffic logs from our company’s IT department. Sure enough, I did recognize the websites. Shit! Those were all porn sites I had browsed from here at work. But — but, I had brought in my laptop from home and used the wi-fi connection, figuring anything I did would be untraceable! I figured wrong. But I played dumb; nothing to lose, right?

“Tracie,” I started, “I don’t know anything about–”

“Tim,” she interrupted, “please don’t insult me. Please don’t compound this with lying.”

I looked down again at the logs. These went back starting about a month ago, and the timestamps were mostly in the evening, after 6. And it had my browser information, including the website logins, and my home e-mail address with my name plain to see.

“Anything else you want to say?” she asked me.

I set the stack of papers on her desk and sort of shrugged my shoulders. “If you’re going to fire me, it really doesn’t make any difference, does it?”

“If I was going to fire you now, I’d have security waiting in here to escort you out. You’re not stupid, and I don’t guess you’re a simple pervert. Of course, you may prove me wrong on both counts. I want an honest explanation, plain and simple.”

I sat back in my chair and exhaled, considering what I should do. This wasn’t going to be easy.

“Tracie,” I said, “I’m not comfortable explaining a personal situation like I have with you in this context.”

“Well, what does that mean exactly?” she asked. “Would you like to get the HR staff in here, too, and we can include them in this conversation?”

No, I thought, if anything was worse, THAT would be worse. So, I told her my story.

My wife had had back surgery 9 months ago. Ever since then, her mobility and a lot of otherwise “normal” functioning had been reduced to at least some extent, such that she certainly didn’t have a normal life yet. Her recovery period was going to be very protracted.

“OK,” Tracie said, “I’m sorry to hear that, but what does that have to do with this?”

“Well, since her surgery, among the things that were adversely affected is her ability for intimacy, both physically and psychologically. Basically, she can’t and doesn’t want to have any sexual contact with me at all.”

“OK… Still doesn’t connect to this situation for me,” she said, pointing to the printouts.

“Um… I don’t know quite how to put this,” I answered. “Um… I have a very active libido, if I can say it that way. And, I have no means of getting satisfaction at home. I mean, my wife feels really bad at not being there for me, you know, in ‘that way.’ With all the other stuff she’s been through, she was getting depressed at not being able to have a sex life with me, which was very active before her surgery. It’s all taking a lot longer than what the doctors had thought.”

“So… what — you’d stay here at work late, alone, and watch porn at your desk and masturbate?”

What she said really shocked me! Of course, that was exactly what I was doing; it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out, but how she had said it! Just kind of smacked me in the face with it.

It was a few seconds before I could respond. “Yeah, I guess you’d describe it that way. Sounds a lot worse when you say it out loud, but yes.”

“And this is something you couldn’t do at home — like normal people do — why?” she asked.

“I told you, my wife was depressed at not being able to be intimate with me, and so I didn’t want to do anything to show the fact that it was so sexually frustrating for me. I didn’t want to make it worse for her emotionally.”

“So, you turn to porn? How would that make her feel, do you think?”

“She normally has no problem with it; we use it pretty regularly — or did, anyhow — in our relationship.”

“How so?” Tracie asked me very matter-of-factly. This was getting into uncharted territory; I was definitely getting uncomfortable with where this was going, especially since I really didn’t know Tracie at all on a personal level.”

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“Like what kind of things? What do you do, or look at, or read? Is it this kind of stuff?” she asked, gesturing toward the printouts.

“Um… sometimes, yes. There are websites for couples, or we’ll read stories that we find online together (like at this site!). Or we buy pay-per-view adult movies, or whatever. I dunno, normal kinds of… perverted… stuff, I guess.” I found myself getting aroused talking about this with a woman I was so attracted to, but still realized this situation was more than a little odd.

“Hm, well, that’s healthy that you enjoyed it together,” she said. Then, Tracie swung her LCD computer monitor around on her desk to face me, picked up her keyboard and set it on the desk in front of me. “Can you show me where you go online?”

I was stunned momentarily. “Excuse me??”

“I’d like you to show me; show me the websites you go to, what you like looking at. It’s OK,” she said, “my desktop’s IP is exempted from IT’s traffic list so it won’t go outside this room.” She leaned back in her chair and folded her hands behind her head, grinning like the cat that ate the canary. “I won’t tell if you don’t.” And I realized I was the canary.

I wanted to believe it was happening, but it was too bizarre to be happening in real life; in MY real life!

“I don’t think I’m comfortable with where this is going, Tracie,” I told her, not really believing my own words.

“Tim, we’re both consenting adults,” she answered. “And we both already know the truth, that you’ve been pleasuring yourself on company property, using company resources… I certainly don’t have to tell you that normally, that would be sufficient grounds for termination. But, I feel compassion for your situation. I understand what you’re going through. And I have to say, if I was in your situation, I can’t honestly say that I would have done any differently!”

Well, so much for the “librarian” thing, huh? I suddenly saw her in an entirely different light; as a passionate, empathetic, and really sexy woman I seriously wanted to fuck!!

“So,” she continued, “go ahead.”

I moved my chair forward so I could reach the keyboard on her desk. I typed in this website’s address, looking for a good story; not that I knew what I was gonna do exactly when I got there!! I navigated further into the section with wife stories and clicked on a good one I knew from previous visits. It was written from a woman’s perspective, about the woman and her husband and their being in a threesome with another guy for the first time, about how she’s reluctant at first, and how she seduces the guy.

“OK, now what?” I asked Tracie.

“Here,” she said, turning the monitor back towards her, “let me see.” She started reading the first couple of paragraphs and smiled, then turned the monitor back to face me. “Tell me about this. Is this what your wife likes?”

“Um… yes?”

Tracie laughed. “There’s no right or wrong answer, Tim, I’m just asking.”

“Yeah, she likes stories of couples finding a third person to be with them; to have sex with them. Usually guys. She mostly likes stories told from the woman’s point of view. She thinks they’re empowering or something. I just think they’re hot.”

“How do you use the stories? What do you do?”

“I’m… not sure what you’re asking,” I replied tentatively. I did, but wanted to her to tell me specifically.

“You know, you get to the site, there’s the story, what next? Does she read it or do you?”

“Well, she would usually read it, and I might go down on her or something.” I saw Tracie’s eyes widen for a moment. This was getting increasingly weird and sexy. I could feel my cock growing hard in my pants. “Or,” I continued, “I might read it aloud, and depending on her mood, she would masturbate herself until she came or she might masturbate me.”

“Mmm!” Tracie squealed. “What would happen when you were here at the office? When you were alone?”

I figured I knew where she was leading me, and I gladly followed along. “I’d find a story, one I knew already or a new one just posted, and I’d read it. And I’d get aroused and I’d reach inside my pants and rub my cock until I came.”

“Will you now?” Tracie asked. “I mean, will you do it now? I just want to watch, nothing more.”

My cock was already 110% with the plan, but my head was spinning. Was I really going to do this? I thought back to what Tracie had said about my previous activities being grounds for termination, and decided as long as I was in, I was all in.

I sat back in the chair, reached down and unzipped my pants. I didn’t have to reach in for my cock at all because it had already pushed through the fly opening of my boxers, and there it was waiting for me. I was already dripping precome from our talking leading up to this. I ran my fingers through my slick juice and rubbed it up and down my shaft. It felt great, and I knew that being in this situation, in front of this sexy woman who ASKED me to jerk off for her, it wouldn’t take me long to finish.

After a few moments, Tracie told me, “read. Read the story, don’t look at me.” She moved the monitor closer to the edge of her desk so I could see it better. She moved her chair sideways so she could still watch me. “I want you to read the story.”

I looked at the monitor and began reading. Shit, I thought, this was a really hot story, bad choice. I probably wouldn’t make it halfway through.

As I stroked my cock, I could see Tracie intently watching me in my peripheral vision. I thought it was odd; she didn’t do anything — play with herself, for example, or show me her tits, like I hoped — just watched me.

I could feel myself getting close to coming and I’m sure she could tell too. My breathing was getting very fast and shallow and I was sweating. I saw a tissue box appear on the desk in front of the monitor, and I looked and Tracie was leaning forward in her chair so she could see into my lap better.

Finally, I couldn’t hold back any longer. As I pumped my cock with my left hand, I cupped my right hand in front of my throbbing cock to catch my come so it wouldn’t get all over my pants. The first shot of jizz flew past my hand and hit the front of Tracie’s desk. I managed to catch most of it in my hand, but it was a huge load and some dribbled over and between my fingers.

I reached my left hand out and took several tissues to wipe the come off my hand and some that had run onto the chair between my legs. I squeezed just below the purple head of my cock and a large glob oozed down the my shaft, which I also wiped up. I kinda made a show of it.

Tracie took her waste can from near her chair and put it on top of her desk, and I deposited the tissues inside. She picked up the can and put it back down on the floor.

“Better?” Tracie asked me.

“Um… well, yeah!”

“OK, good,” she continued. “Now, going forward, I don’t want any more after-hours stuff going on, is that 100% clear?”

“Yeah. Yes, absolutely, 100%,” I answered, still trying to get my head around what had just happened, and thinking I’d have to find another outlet for my oversized libido.

“Any time there’s something you need to take care of, don’t do what you did before. That was really stupid of you, I hope you realize.”

“Yes, believe me, Tracie, I do.”

“Good. Just give me a head’s up, and you can come on in here if I’m free.”

I was stunned — again. “Wait: you mean, come into your office? While you’re in here?? And jerk off?? Again??”

“Yes, exactly,” she answered. “Will that be a problem?”