Wife Helps My Black Buddy

I stared having fantasies about seeing my wife with a black man during a trip to Jamaica to celebrate out fifth wedding anniversary. Every time we went swimming or snorkeling, she would take off her top. Then, when we were done playing in the water, we would walk back from the beach to the hotel with her top still off, letting all the Jamaicans working at the resort stare openly at her bouncing, 38DD breasts.

She would act like she didn’t notice all the eyes on her, but when we got back to the room she would be wet as hell. When I explained to her in detail how all these men were looking at her bare titties and how their big black cocks were getting hard because of it, she actually tried to act surprised. Little Miss Innocence! The sex that followed these episodes was anything but innocent, I can tell you.

As a result of all this, I think she has had fantasies about black guys for some time now. She thinks her tits don’t look good unless they are tan, so she takes every opportunity, sometimes in semi-public places, to expose her beautiful beasts to the sun – and whoever else happens to be watching. I agree with her, not because I think they don’t look good, but because I get incredibly turned on seeing other men, and sometimes women, ogle her on the beach! The men usually get hot and the women mostly get envious.

Until a couple of weeks ago, the only dick my wife had ever had was my skinny, five inch tool. She was a virgin when met in high school and while the sex was alright, it was usually fairly conservative. Nothing that you might call kinky at all. Hell, she wouldn’t even watch porn with me!

So I was pleasantly surprised when one day she agreed to let me take pictures of her in soft core poses. When she decided to go topless on the beach during our trip, I was honestly shocked. And more than a little aroused. Something seemed to have changed in her, but I wasn’t about to question anything.

For the last few years I have been hinting to my wife that it would really be a turn on for me to watch her with another guy. But nothing ever came of it; even though she was becoming more adventurous, I think that was a line she wasn’t prepared to cross.

A few weeks ago all that changed. A good friend of ours, a black guy named Marcus, had been grousing to me at work that he hadn’t had any sex in weeks because his wife was very pregnant and just not receptive. One night I mentioned this to my wife and decided to try subtly guilt tripping her just to see how she would react. Nothing had worked before, so I figured I didn’t have anything to loose.

I was a little blunter about my request this time. I told her who it was (a friend of ours), how hard up the poor guy was and how much he was hurting and needed sex and his wife wouldn’t help him and it was starting to hurt their marriage and on and on. I tried to appeal to any part of her emotions that I thought might work.

When I sensed her resistance might be slipping, I also mentioned that Marcus really liked her and had secretly had the hots for her going way back. I told her I knew she cared for him and how she would be helping both of us at once; Marcus would get the sex he desperately needed and I’d be able to fulfill my fantasies of seeing her with another man. It was the perfect setup.

I had to ask her about it three or four times, but I guess I wore her down because she finally gave in and agreed to do it. Marcus has known my wife and I for years so that removed the fear she might have had if he had been a stranger. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her. Also, he was married and otherwise monogamous, so she wasn’t afraid of getting any diseases and agreed to do him without a condom.

When the deal finally went down, it was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. It was her first time with another man. As I mentioned, Marcus is black and, to my secret delight, it turned out that he was hung like a bull. It was kind of funny (and very hot) to watch because she had absolutely no idea there were cocks that big. None. Hey, I told you she doesn’t watch porn!

She sat meekly on the edge of the bed and he stood in front of her while she undid his pants and slid them down. There was a look of total shock on her pretty face as she gingerly reached into the fly of his boxer shorts and pulled out his thick, nearly erect black co

ck. She put her small hand around it and looked up at me wide-eyed. “You really want me to fuck him,” she asked. She seemed to be having second thoughts. “God, I can hardly get my hand all the way around it.”

I was sanding a few feet away, camera in hand. “Of course I do honey, you promised you would. You can’t come this far and leave him frustrated.”

After some foreplay (mostly to get her ready) he finally put the wood to her big time. He fucked her hard in several different positions. She came at least three or four times and I was so turned on watching them that I only managed to get a few pictures of her fucking him. I wish I could have gotten more.

Once it was over and Marcus had gone, I talked to her about it. She didn’t come out and quite say so, but I think she was feeling some guilt about how much she got off on his huge dick, how much she enjoyed the whole thing. She was worried that I might feel jealous about Marcus, even though I assured her that I wasn’t, that it was a big turn on for me to just to watch them.

All that said, she was pissed off that when he was ready to cum he pulled out of her pussy and shot his huge load all over her face. And I mean huge. She said that it made her feel bad, like she was just a slut. Now it was my turn to feel guilty. I didn’t have the heart to tell her, of course, but I had asked Marcus to do it just that way beforehand. Although I got several great pictures of her cum-drenched face, I’m thinking maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all. Damn.

As I mentioned, I only got a few pictures of her fucking him and now I wish I had taken more. I’m working hard on her, trying to break her down, to convince her to fuck him just one more time so I can get some more pictures. I know she enjoyed it, but I don’t think she will do him again.

She said she thought she was just being nice, helping out a friend because his wife wouldn’t give him the sex he needed. And that it was totally rude of him to ride her pussy so hard and then treat her like a whore by cumming on her face. I did my best sales job, trying to explain to her that the poor guy hadn’t had a woman for so long and she was so hot that she had just gotten him overexcited and that was why he went a little crazy.

Anyway, I sure hope I can talk her into a repeat performance because there is so much more I want to see, like her tits wrapped tight around his big black dick. My buddy tells me he’s still not getting any from his wife, so I know he has to be building up another load of thick, gooey cum in his big, black balls! Next time I want him to shoot some of it up her tight little pussy and then pump the rest of it all over her titties.

Man, I want him to fuck her again so bad! What should I do?


  1. We had a threesome with a black friend. it wasn’t planned we were sitting around drinking.

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