Wife and Friend Have a Night Out

My wife was scheduled to go out with her cousin for the evening. Her cousin, Gina, had flown in for the week and they were going to a local hangout that was by one of the marinas. There was a large Tiki Bar where bands played every Saturday night. I was to watch the kids while she had her girls’ night out.

They were both dressed to kill. My lovely wife was wearing a black mini skirt with a halter top and new bra that accentuated her 38 DD’s very nicely along with a pair of 4 in black leather boots. Her cousin was built very similar to my wife except she was about 5’7″ where Christine is 5’2″. Gina was in a pair of leather pants and tank top also with the “girls” up and out for everyone to see followed by high heeled platform shoes. Gina had just finished going through a long drawn out divorce and needed some fun time and my wife was all too happy to oblige. With Christine being a stay at home mom, I had no problem taking the kids for her to get out for some excitement and all around adult time.

The ladies left and I told them to enjoy themselves. They giggled a response of, “We sure will!!!” and off they went. I had arranged for a car to take them and bring them to Gina’s parent’s house after the night was over since they lived closer to the marina and it would allow them more time together.

Needless to say I did not find out what happened until the next evening. Christine and I were lying in bed and she started stroking my cock and looking at me with a mischievous grin and gleam in her eyes.

“You’re in a horny mood tonight?” I asked.

“UMM UMM, I am,” Christine replied.

“Does it have anything to do with last night?”


“Care to fill me in as to how much fun you had?”

“Sure, if you promise to not get jealous.”

“You know better than that! We’ve done enough together for you to know that I will get excited long before I get jealous.”

Christine’s response to my question and my anticipation for what she was about to tell me had me hard as a rock, and from here on the events that transpired will be from Christine’s point of view.

Well, Gina and I got to the Tiki Bar about 10:00 pm. We ordered our drinks and settled onto a couple of bar stools facing the band. It didn’t take long before several guys came over and started talking to us. I recognized them from the previous times you and I were there and they remembered me as well. After about an hour of chit chat and dancing one of the guys, Mike invited us upstairs to his condo to continue the party.

Since you and I both knew Mike from our previous occasions, I felt safe enough to go upstairs with him and his friends. By this point I was horny as hell and I know Gina was too. Every time we danced with them I could feel their hard cocks through their clothes and my pussy was soaked. I was starting to crave having one of them fuck me. Gina and I talked about how hot we were when we went to the ladies room after their invite upstairs to discuss going. She asked if you would have any issue with it. I told her how we were open as long as we told each other everything and that you would be jealous only for the fact you were not here to participate in the fun was well. Gina was even more excited, with it being a long while since she had any male company, so we decided to go ahead upstairs.

With all of the sexual energy surrounding us we all knew what was about to happen when we got up there. In the elevator ride the guys were feeling each of us up, and the two of us were getting to know who had the biggest cock. There were five of them and two of us and no one minded the tightness of everyone in the elevator. Once on the floor we stepped out and entered through the door directly in front of us. When we entered the condo, it was huge! There was a large great room that had a balcony, and that allowed us to hear the music from down stairs as well as providing a beautiful view of the marina.

There were some others there already and the party was in full swing. Some people were dancing and rubbing each other while other couples were in various corners throughout the room, kissing and feeling each other up. Someone came up behind me and started to move to the music with me and I could feel his hard dick on my ass through his pants. I caught I glimpse of Gina who was dancing and kissing one of the other guys as they felt each other all over.

I went back to concentrating on Chris, who was the guy with his hands now on my waist moving them up to cup my tits. He started kissing my neck and I closed my eyes and swayed to the music enjoying all of the attention. When the song changed Chris and Mike each grabbed me by the hand and led me down the hall toward the other rooms in the house. I was very willing to do whatever they wanted and could feel how wet my pussy was. I was sure Chris felt it too when he reached under my skirt as we were dancing.

As they were leading me to the room at the end of the hall, I could hear moans coming from every room we passed. There were about three or four of them. Inside all, were either a couple or several people fucking. In the last room I passed I saw Gina in the center of the bed with her huge tits swaying as she was getting fucked very hard doggie style. The last thing I saw before passing the room was another guy about to stick his dick in her mouth. The first thought I had was, “Lucky girl,” then remembered that I was about to have the same thing done to me, I hoped.

The room that Chris and Mike lead me into was a large bedroom that had a king size bed in it and another door that I guessed led to the bathroom. This bedroom must have been the master bedroom since it had a balcony as well with a large lounge chair on it.

They must have sensed how excited I was for once in the room they did not even worry about shutting the door and proceeded to remove my clothes. They took everything off except my boots; they said it made me look even hotter. Both remarked how great my tits looked as they couldn’t keep their hands off of me as they proceeded to remove all of their clothes. I was licking my lips with anticipation of seeing their hard cocks. With their clothes off they had outrageously hot bodies and Chris’s cock was about 7 inches while Mike’s was even longer and thicker. My guess was about 9 inches long and I wanted to taste it soo bad.

At this point in our festivities they picked my up and threw me onto the bed. Chris said, “Now you are our slut for the night. I remember talking to your husband the last time we saw you and remember how both of you were upset you could’t stay that evening to party. I also remember how you told us how you liked being used and now that is exactly what’s going to happen to you.”

On hearing them talk to me that way I almost came right on the spot. My nipples were so hard and I just wanted to be their slut and have them do whatever they wanted. Mike was the first to climb on the bed. He grabbed me by my hair and told me to suck his cock, which I did without hesitation. It tasted and felt so fucking good in my mouth; I could not wait to feel it in my pussy. I felt the bed move, and out of the corner of my eye saw Chris putting a condom on his rock hard cock. He moved me onto all fours, lined up his cock and slammed it into my waiting pussy. There was noting gentle about it; he started fucking me like a wild animal. It felt incredible, sucking on Mike’s huge cock while Chris slammed his into me!!! We all knew there was nothing gentle about this evening. Tonight was about pure animalistic sex. I only wish you were there to watch and have fun as well.

I could hear them calling me their slut and whore and I really felt like that. The more names they called me the more turned on I became that I started to come all over Chris’s dick. Feeling my pussy contracting as I came must have been too much for him because his grunting became more frequent and louder. I knew he was about to come and I could not wait to feel his cock pulsating inside of me. With one last thrust he proceeded to empty his balls into me. Feeling his cock pulsating inside me made me start to come again and all I could do was moan into Mike’s cock as I continued to suck him.

After Chris pulled out of me I moaned due to wanting more cock. Mike pulled out of my mouth, grabbed me by my arm and said, “Get off the bed bitch, and move to the balcony.”

I moved on wobbly feet and opened the door to the balcony and stepped out. The cool night air felt incredible on my nakedness. Mike brushed past me placing a condom on, and layed down on the lounge chair with his huge dick sticking up in the air.

“Get over here, sit on my dick and fuck me like the slut you are. I know you’ve been wanting this now show me how much. Fuck me you sexy, big titted whore.”

Without a second to lose I walked over to him, straddled his cock and proceeded to ride him like I was in a bronco riding contest. I felt his chest and shoulders as I continued to ride for all I was worth. Mike grabbed my tits and I winced a little as he pinched my nipples but it felt so fucking good. The coolness of the night along with the heat from our bodies was exhilarating. There were no words spoken at this point. The only sound was of two people locked in a furious display of wanton sexual excitement. I could feel his cock growing inside of me and knew he was going to come. I wanted to come first, so I started rubbing my clit to get there faster. I sensed my impending orgasm and started to feel my juices flowing out of me and all over Mike’s cock. I started to scream like I was possessed. It felt so fucking good!!!! Mike could not hold out any longer, I felt his huge cock start to pulsate and knew he was starting to come too for he let out a loud scream as well.

After we settled down I stood up carefully, making sure to have my balance before moving inside. Once back in the bedroom I moved through the door that I assumed was the bathroom. I was right, it was the master bath, and inside was Chris sitting in a large Jacuzzi tub with a drink in his hand. He motioned for me to join him, which I did removing my last article of clothing, my boots and climbed in. The water felt great, especially after the activity I just participated in.

After Christine finished telling me about her adventure from last evening we fucked like animals. I came soo hard I nearly passed out. Hopefully, next time we will be invited to another of Mike’s famous parties. We’ll just have to wait and see.