Watching My Sweet Wife

My wife and I have been married for almost 7 years. She’s 31, blonde with blue eyes, with a terrific, curvy body and fantastic 36c tits. She’s shy and conservative, which makes the fantasy of seeing her with another guy just that much more erotic! I love seeing other guys checking her out, and I know that they’re wondering what those tits would look like naked! I just wish she’d show them off sometime!

I like the idea of going to a party with my wife where the lights are fairly dim, and after a few drinks I convince her to remove her bra so she can tease the guys who are checking her out. Hopefully, it would be crowded there, with lots of touching, and I’d see some guy sneaking a quick feel of her as we roamed through the crowd.

Meanwhile I’d be doing the same for any girls that happened to bump into me, enjoying knowing that my wife is watching me and the girls who let themselves be touched and groped.

She’d see me grabbing a girl’s tit or ass and smile, and let some stranger grab her in return. At some point I’d see a guy’s hand caressing her tits, not just going for a quick grab, but holding them and squeezing them… I’d see her hand reach down to his crotch, rubbing over his obviously hard cock.

As we mingle a little more, have another drink, she tells me that he’s asked her to check with her husband to see if it’s OK if he slides his hand up under her shirt. Even in the dim lights, I can see that her face is flushed, and she’s excited. I tell her to let him if she wants…. the next thing I know is the guy is standing behind her, reaching around her front, his hand caressing just under her braless full tits, still over her shirt. My shy little wife then holds out the bottom of her shirt, and he takes the cue to reach under it to grab her naked tits…. My lovely wife’s eyes widen as the stranger’s hand cups her warm, soft breast.

The whole time I’m standing nearby, watching, occasionally grabbing and rubbing the pretty girls who are talking with me or brushing past, but never taking my eyes off my wife, allowing the stranger to grope her tits under her shirt…

I keep watching, seeing his hands grabbing her tits under her tight shirt… I see the outline of his hands squeezing and caressing her tits, as she relaxes, leans back and smiles at me… her hand disappears behind her back and I know that she’s trying to grab his cock…..

When he finally lets her go, she comes over to me and I tell her how turned on I am from watching another guy feeling her up like that… I ask her if she enjoyed feeling a stranger’s hands on her tits, and she says she loved it, she also tells me that she reached back to grab his cock and hoped I didn’t mind! I tell her of course not, and she should reach into his pants, wouldn’t it be amazing to put her hand right on his hot, hard cock….

She wanders back over towards him, I notice several guys checking out her tits and hard nipples as she walks past them…. the guy stands behind her once again, this time both his hands are free and he doesn’t wait for an invitation. He immediately reaches under her shirt, grabbing and squeezing her soft tits in his hands… Her shirt is riding up a bit, high enough that her stomach is exposed, and the bottom curve of her breasts- when they’re not covered by his hands, that is. She winks at me and reaches behind her, grabbing for his cock…. She leans back to say something to him, and he takes his hands away, reaching down to his pants, but leaving her shirt halfway up her tits. I realize that she’s asked him to undo his pants for her. His simple task completed, he reaches around to her partly exposed tits once again, as my wife reaches back behind her, moving downwards. His hands stop squeezing her tits momentarily, as I realize that her hand has found what she was looking for… again she smiles at me, silently telling me that she has this stranger’s hard cock in her hand….

I watch as my wife allows the stranger to fondle her tits, her shirt working higher and higher until her tits are totally exposed, watching his hands massage them. Her arms disappear behind her back, and I know that she’s got his hard cock in her hands. Other people around are involved in their own things, and don’t really notice my cute little wife getting felt up so brazenly… She eventually breaks away from him again, pulling her tight shirt down and walking back over to me.

She asks me if I’m enjoying what I’m seeing, and reaches down to my cock for her answer. Grasping my cock through my pants she tells me that she will ask me the same thing she asked him: “Would you undo my pants for me, I want to feel your cock…”

“Oh my god,” I tell her, “you actually told him you wanted to feel his cock?” She nodded, and said that she was so nervous, but she couldn’t wait to get her hands on his naked cock….. I undo my pants for my wife, and she grasps my hard, pusling cock in her hand, smiling at me, saying “Do you realize that I’ve held two cocks in the last few minutes?” I moan approvingly as she squeezes it and strokes it briefly, before telling me that she wants to find a slightly more secluded corner, and I should follow them. With that, she turned and started walking back towards him….

I do up my pants and follow her. She leans into him again, and then takes him by the hand, heading off to the edge of the room. I follow. She leans back against a wall, and pulls her shirt up over her tits, exposing them to him, almost displaying them for him. He wastes no time going for them, grabbing and fondling them. She reaches down to his pants to pull down his zipper and pull out his hard cock…. I watch as she grasps it with both hands, slowly pumping it, staring at it. She cups his balls, and fondles them the same way his hands were working over her tits…. again she smiles at me as I watch her stroking another man’s cock…..

She continutes to pump and stroke his cock, enjoying how hard and thick it is in her hands… he says something to her and she smiles at him, then licks her finger and runs her wet finger over his cockhead… After a few minutes teasing him like this, she tells him to wait for just a second, and walks over to me, her shirt still pulled up over her tits…. She tells me that he wants her to suck him, and what should she do…. I ask her if it turns her on to have a stranger ask her to suck his cock, and she nods… I push my hand down her pants to touch her pussy, which is soaking wet and so hot….. She moans and says that it turns her on so much to think about sucking another man’s cock…. I tell her that I’ll be right here, watching…..

She walks back over to him, as another girl comes up beside me, a cute brunette, who has been watching all of this and asked me who the blonde is… I told her she’s my wife…. she whispers to me that it looks like I’m about to see my wife give another man a blow job…. mmmm, I said, I certainly hope so…..

My wife positions her friend so his back is to the wall, and pulls his pants right down, crouching down in front of him…. My cock thobs in my pants as I drink in the sight of my gorgeous wife so consumed with the beautiful, hard cock in front of her. She keeps stroking and fondling his cock and balls, which are now positioned directly in front of her face…. Me and my new friend move a little to the side, and my wife sees us and winks, as she extends her tongue and flicks it lightly over the tip of his cock…. mmmmm, seeing my wife’s face so close to his cock….

The brunette asks if I mind if she stays and watchs too, and I tell her the price of admission is going to be at least her shirt… she grins and says no problem, peeling off her shirt, exposing her beautiful tits…. my wife saw all of this and winks at me again, approvingly, as she opens her mouth to accept the tip of the stranger’s cock into it…..

This time I move around behind the brunette so I can reach around her and grab her tits, as I watch my wife permit another man to press his cock into her mouth… the brunette leaned back and asked me if this was the first time my wife had sucked another cock, and I told her yes…..

I reach down to undo my pants once again, and my sexy little brunette took the hint and thrusts her hands down to grasp my very hard, throbbing cock…. Mmmm, she whispers…. it seems like you quite enjoy seeing your wife offering her mouth to a stranger’s cock…… I keep squeezing her tits as my wife looks over at me, the stranger’s cock inching its way deeper into her mouth…. she takes his balls in her hand, as she allows him to gently pull her mouth deeper and deeper onto his cock….. My cock throbs in the girl’s hand…. my hands moved down her body, to her waist and I start pulling up her skirt….. oh yes, she whispers…. feel my pussy…. feel it right here so your wife can see…..

With several inches of a stranger’s cock already deep inside my wife’s mouth, she watched as my fingers spread the pretty young brunette’s pussy exposing her wetness…. I push a finger into her wet, slippery hole as my wife takes the entire length of his cock into her mouth in one fluid stroke…. holding it deep in her mouth and throat….. I hear him moan as he feels my wife’s mouth take his entire shaft…. the brunette moaned too, saying that my wife looks so good with his cock in her mouth… my cock throbs and the brunette squeezes it back, saying it’s obvious how much I like seeing my wife suck another guy…. mmmmm…. there was my pretty wife, crouching in front of another guy, his cock buried in her wet mouth….

Mmmm, pump my cock, I tell the brunette…. she starts jacking me with her hands…. as I push a second finger into her slippery pussy….. oh yes, she moaned, although I wasn’t sure if she was expressing her approval of my fingers in her, or the show my wife and the stranger was putting on….

My wife pulld back from his cock, letting it slide out of her mouth, caressing his hot, wet cock with her hand as she leaned back to admire it…. she turns to look over at me and I smile, she could see that the brunette was pumping my cock with her hands… my wife pulled the stranger’s cock down to her mouth and swallowed the entire length of it in one motion… he moaned again, and I knew that his cock was pulsing in my wife’s sweet mouth… he reached down to her head, grabbing her hair and guiding her mouth on him, in and out, letting her know that husband or no, she was not going to get away from him…. She moaned, letting him know that she wasn’t going anywhere…..

Suddenly the brunette turns around, and tells me that I need a better viewpoint to watch my wife from… she pushes me back against the wall, right beside the stranger, and drops to her knees in front of me, right beside my wife….. she pulls my pants right down as well, and looked over at my wife sucking the stranger… my wife nodded as best she could with her mouth full of him, and my brunette opened her mouth to take my cock in…..

Leaning back against the wall, I look down at the pretty brunette kneeling in front of me, with her mouth open, ready for my cock…. she tells me just watch your wife… sucking another man for the first time…. I look over at my wife, and from this angle I can see her pretty face and mouth open for his cock, sliding it in and out of her lips…. then it’s my turn to moan as the brunette lowers her warm, wet mouth onto my cock, sucking it deep into her throat….

Seeing another woman sucking her husband, my wife moans her approval. Twisting her head slightly, she can see her husband’s cock disappearing into another woman’s mouth, as she eagerly sucked on her new friend…. with one hand my wife reaches up to fondle the stranger’s balls, and then she reaches up to do the same to mine…. squeezing them as my cock works in and out of the brunette’s mouth, her lips bumping against my wife’s fingers occasionally….

Being right beside him, I also hear everything he says to my wife…. telling her what an amazing cocksucker she is, and how good her mouth feels on his cock….. hearing him moan from the pleasure my wife was giving him….. then he tells her that he wants to fuck her tits, they felt so good earlier, he needs to slide his cock between them….. he allows her to pull back, and reposition herself up a little on her knees, so her tits are now aligned with his hard, wet cock. She lookd up at him and demurely invites him to slide his cock between her tits, telling him that her husband absolutely loves fucking her tits….. squeezing them together, she allows his cock to press in between them, as he starts thrusting it up through her big, soft tits….

Oh yeah, he groans, they feel so good…. I watch the head of his cock thrusting up in between her tits, to be met with my wife’s mouth and tounge as she licks and sucks his cock each time it came within range….

mmmmm…. the brunette sucks me deeper and faster as I watch my gorgeous wife being tit-fucked and loving it….. my cock fills her mouth as she takes all of me, moaning, letting my wife right beside her know how much she was enjoying her husband’s cock….

The stranger beside me tells my wife that he is close to cumming, and tells her to give him her mouth again…. she looks up at me, and asks me if she should let him cum in her mouth…. I nod, and she looks up at him, opening her mouth wide, and placing it just under his cockhead… he tells her how good she looks, waiting for his cum like that…..

She sucks on his cock again and strokes it with her hand, looking up at me, then him, telling him to please cum for her…. I keep thrusting my cock in and out of the cute young brunette’s mouth, watching my wife begging another guy to cum for her…. I knew that he was only seconds away from exploding, and the thought of another man’s cock about to cum in my beautiful wife’s mouth made me delirious… suddenly he groaned that he was cumming, and my wife covered his cockhead with her mouth…. I could see his cock pulsing as his cum erupted in my wife’s mouth, hearing him moan as she holds his throbbing cock in her mouth, still stroking his shaft with her hand…. she pulls back, directing his cock down at her tits, asking him to cover her tits too…. I watch as he spurts cum several more times onto my wife’s big, soft tits….

She looked up at him, smiling and asks if he enjoyed it… He groaned “Oh fuck, yes…..”

She then looks over at me, and asks what about you, did you enjoy that? It was my turn to groan, as my brunette pulls my cock from her mouth, looks over at my wife, her wet mouth and her cum-covered tits…. “Are you ready to show her,” she challenged me, “are you ready to show your wife how turned on she made you? Cum on… let her see…. let her see you cum on another girl…… mmmm, show your wife how horny you are……”