Trim With All The Options

It’s so hard for woman when she’s horny. Especially when she’s married. Sonya had been married for three years and had given birth will baby boy six months earlier. Since she had gotten pregnant her husband had been no longer interested in having sex with her, even if she tried to turn him on anyway she could think. They had sex a couple of times but it had not been very enjoyable. Her husband just didn’t seem interested.

So as a result, she often walked around thinking dirty thoughts. Looking at man’s asses and wondering if they were firm or flabby. She often wished she could just reach out a grabbed them. However she controlled herself, and the instead played with herself when her husband wasn’t home.

All of this changed one faithful day when she visited her hairdresser. She was particular horny that day, having spent to dreamy hours watching a muscled young man unload firewood into the neighbors driveway earlier that morning.

She went to the hairdresser to get her monthly trim. She like to keep her here short, it was much more comfortable. The shop was only about half full, it being a weekday and all. Her hair dresser was ready for her right away, hanging her coat up for her, and leading her towards the back of the shop. Step 1 was to wash her hair to get it ready the for the trim.

She sat down on the chair, and leaned her head back into the cut out in the sink. She closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of the warm water and his fingers on her head. She opened one of all I a little bit, and realized that her hairdresser was checking out her body while he thought Her eyes were closed. She didn’t really have a curvy body; she had never really had any tits except when she was pregnant. Often as a result she did not wear a bra, her tiny AA cup breasts didn’t really need one. However, lying on her back meant to that her top was pulled tight across her chest. Her hard nipples were visible through the material. He was really checking out the hardened points of her tiny tits.

She was really enjoying being looked at, and was in no rush for him to finish washing her hair. His hands felt so good rubbing her head and washing her hair. Slowly, his hands started to rub her neck and then her shoulders. The feels were very tentative moves to start with but as he realized she was not re-acting negatively, he started to let his hands roam a little bit. Sonya just lay their, enjoying the attention and the feelings that were starting to make her wet.

Finally, he started to rub her further down towards her breasts. His hand was getting closer and closer, but he seemed nervous to actually touch them. Sonya realized this, and reached up, covering his hand with hers. He tried to pull a way, scared that she was upset. She held his hand firmly and guided it on to her firm nubs. And with that, he started to rub them gently.

She was so horny. Nobody about her husband had touched her in over five years and here she was in a public place getting her tits rubbed by a man she barely knew. She was sure that a wet spot would show through her jeans anytime now. She was starting to squirm in her chair trying to satisfy herself without touching herself.

He was getting braver. He undid two buttons on her shirt and slipped his hand inside. The feeling of his fingers on her tiny breasts almost took her breath away. She reached out and started to rub his crotch through he is pants. He was already hard, his penis straining his underwear to escape.

Sonya didn’t waste anytime pulling down his zipper and reaching in to play with his manhood. She wrapped her hand around it pulling it out of his pants and into plain view. This was a very risky; someone could come in anytime and see them playing with each other. She could tell him he was very horny, because he started to move his hips in time with her hand almost immediately, and he started to pinch her nipple quite hard. She knew he wasn’t going to last long.

She leaned over, pulled him towards her, taking the entire length of his shaft in her mouth in one shot. She started to bob up and down on his cock, with a very fast pace. She knew she didn’t have long, and she wanted to taste his cum.

His hand had left her tits now and he was starting to rubber her pussy through her jeans. He could feel how wet she was, everything felt so squishy and ready. He also felt ready, ready to come that is. Her sucking and her hand rubbing his balls had brought him to the point of no return. He was going to blow load and he was going to blow it now.

Sonya could feel that he was about to come, and she could feel her own orgasm coming on. She couldn’t believe that she was doing this, in public she could get caught! Just then, he started to come, the juice filling her mouth with a salty flavor. This triggered her own orgasm, she was bucking against his hand, banging her clit up against his palm repeatedly.

She swallowed twice, and his Dick slipped from her mouth, shooting a small load out come into her open shirt. She reached down, and rubbed his juice onto her tit and her nipple, the waves of orgasm still going through her body, a feeling she had not had for months.

Her hairdresser stepped back; looking a little shocked and satisfied at the same time. He reached down and stuffed his shrinking penis him back into it is underwear and zipped himself up. He was enjoying the view of this horny woman rubbing her tiny tits and coming all by herself.

A banging from the front of the shop startled them both. Sonya quickly did up the loose buttons on her shirt, and her hairdresser started to wash her hair again. He finished at the job quickly, and they moved back up to the front of the salon. Not a word had been spoken between them.

Maybe next time, she would let him go a little further!


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