They Helped Themselves

Beth and I were not into swinging. Neither of us had ever had a sex partner other than each other but Beth did like for me to play with her tits and pussy in public places. Not to be watched, just for me to secretly finger fuck her without anyone noticing. The fact that it was in a public place with us surrounded by people really turned her on. One of our favourite places for doing this was in crowded bars. On these occasions Beth would only wear shoes, mini skirt and tee shirt. This was so I could get easy access to her body. We had been playing these games for about a year when things took a dramatic change.

We had gone into this bar, not one of our regular places. We liked it immediately as it was very crowded. We pushed our way up to the bar. I ordered drinks and whilst the black barman was getting them I turned to Beth who had placed one foot on the foot-rail of the bar and leaned slightly forward. I slid my hand down her tummy and under her very short skirt and began to rub her pantiless shaved pussy. I began sliding my finger in and out of her wet pussy. Being in the midst of this noisy crowd was very exciting for both of us. Beth had her eyes closed and was doing that little murmuring hum she does when she is turned on.

The barman returned with the drinks so I had to remove my hand from her pussy to pay him. I took a sip of my drink and when I put my hand back under her skirt there was another guy’s hand fingering her pussy. I was temporarily stunned. I couldn’t believe that one of these guys would have the guts to do something so brazen. He just looked at me and smiled. I looked at Beth; she hadn’t opened her eyes and was still murmuring away. She either didn’t know or didn’t care whose finger was up her just so long as she was getting pleasure.

I nudged her to get her attention, as she looked at me I nodded in the direction of the man next to her. She smiled at me and said “It’s alright Dear I know.” Then closed her eyes again and went back to her quiet moaning.

Another guy was looking over the first guys shoulder. Then he came around and stood behind Beth. He slid his hands around her waist then upward and cupped her breasts.

“Oh Yes!” Beth moaned. The barman came over and said to the two guys.

“Hey! Take that outside!”

Before I knew what was happening the two guys were heading for the door with my Beth between them. By the time I caught up with them in the car park, the first guy was opening the back doors of a van.

“Hey just a minute!” I shouted. Beth turned to me and said.

“It”s OK Hunny! I want this.”

What could I say! Our games had suddenly taken on a new dimension. I was standing there somewhat dazed when the black barman brushed passed me.

“If there”s any going, I aims to get me some of it!”

As I said, Beth was only wearing a tee shirt and mini skirt so they had her stripped naked in seconds. One of the guys was already between her legs and inserting his cock into her. The other guy had his cock in her mouth. Now this really surprised me as I could never get Beth to suck me and here she was sucking away on this stranger”s dick like it was something she did every day.

I watched the guy between her legs. His arse was going up and down as he fucked my Beth. She was obviously enjoying it from the noises she was making. Just then the guy started going faster and I could hear his grunts as he started shooting his cum inside my sweet Beth”s pussy. I had never been so turned on in my life; my dick was going to explode.

As the guy got from between Beth”s legs, I scrambled into the van to take his place. As I was getting positioned and had my dick in hand ready to plunge it into Beth”s lovely pussy, she opened her eyes. When she saw it was me she pulled the dick from her mouth and shouted.

“No! No! Not you! I want him!” She said pointing at the black barman. On hearing this, he just pushed me out of the way.

“The lady knows a good thing when she sees it!” He said with a smirk.

I sat on the wheel arch and watched them using her. The guy who had fucked her first said to me. “Don”t take it too hard, she just wants a bit of fun from some real cocks.”

He started laughing as he pointed at my dick. I had never felt under endowed with 6 inches but I must say, these 3 guys did have a lot bigger.

When the black guy started to pour his cum inside her cunt, Beth really started to scream in pleasure but her screams were somewhat cut off by the other guy cumming in her mouth.

As the 3 guys started to leave the van, the first guy said, “You can have a turn now!”

There was more sniggering at my expense but as I got between Beth”s legs again to take my turn, she said, “No not yet Darling! Do that thing you know I like so much!”

“What thing?

“You know! The way you suck on my clit, it makes me just cum and cum.”

I was about to protest as her pussy was covered in cum and lots more oozing out of it.

“Oh please! I need to cum some more. Please!”

“Go on! Suck her sloppy cunt!” shouted the black guy. “You know you want to!”

He was right, I did want to. Without anymore hesitation I dived into that sloppy mess, burying my face in all her loveliness. The laughs from the three men faded from my hearing as Beth’s thighs clamped the sides of my head, locking me into sheer bliss.



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